Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 51

Act 7 – Each Scale

The state tax reform bill has been passed.

It was an instant when the long-term problem made progress. Emperor Albert declared an edict of reform at a meeting of the royal court.

Ruslan had a chance to say a few words to the emperor just before the meeting in question. The next day, when Juju was curious about the circumstances, he stopped reading and answered.

“It wasn’t a big deal. He said let’s put a hundred gammons over tea. I just advised you to hang out with it.”

“Albert, you don’t seem to be having fun with Dietrich anymore. What did he say?”

Ruslan slowly recounted the time.

“The other day, I gave my guests ram cutlets at the dinner party. I watched him bring meat into the ship, and no matter how experienced a butcher is, he can’t be sure of his muscle mass by eye measurement. It is said that you must use the scale to reveal how many roots you have, so you must sweeten it yourself.」

“….” That was the best I could do. The reform plan had a long way to go. If you push ahead, the demand for high-end liquor will be uncomfortable. But ordinary citizens would rather welcome it.”

“However, it would be difficult for the southern rulers to lose their momentum to maintain the status quo by scuttling the reorganization plan……, it’s an Albertan idea.”

The emperor decided to go ahead, judging by Juju’s guess.

This will change the liquor tax rate starting next quarter. It has become clear that the spirit of import dominance, which was slowly conquering the tongues of the upper class, will also be dampened.

Despite fluctuating market prices, brewers and top importers were quiet. The act of opposing the reorganization and driving public opinion was overshadowed.

Irene would have used her hands behind the scenes. As the top union leader, she gathers opinions from private companies and sometimes takes self-regulation.

Even a marquis is a single-winner. Born to be the eldest daughter of a slaughterhouse. A position away from court politics.Nevertheless, this is why she is called at the forefront of Young Girl. To what extent could she predict and sway the flow of money beyond her control in the Yellow Circle.

According to the trend that Ruslan explored Jongbok, under the leadership of Irene, not only breweries but also distributors and top income earners had meetings.

As a result, instead of maintaining the tax rate of the reform plan, we compromised on new terms. The government will adjust the rating standards of the mainstream of the empire and review all of them.

There was also a backlash. This is because the change in rating was also a risk for breweries. They feared the loss of existing labels during the re-examination process and falling demand for the upper class.

“But this time, a new argument has been made.Even more, “Grades are just numbers, and the whole world knows the history of the southern vineyards.” I don’t know who it is, but I’ve come up with words that would work for the southern part of the country.”

“Public opinion is Dietrich’s specialty, so Irene must have been helped by him.”

“You can’t analyze this with your head. Both of them are old institutionalized to penetrate indigenous sentiments. There’s got to be a Southern collaborator, but we didn’t find out who it was. You can’t use your servant as a secret investigator.”

It is a personnel granted by the emperor, so we don’t know when the horse will leak to you. It would have been difficult to deal with beyond the task given.

“In the near future, the palace will induce a movement to consume alcoholic beverages. You said that the preaching of the same subject increased in Daishinjeon worship. The cooperator would have won the right to supply in exchange for today. If the Minister of State intervened, it would most likely be this part.”

“……This is why brains are so troublesome.”

Juju bit her nails, which she had just trimmed.

Dietrich and Irene. Neither of them has a knack for aura.

But their brains are much more difficult to deal with than aura users who are only limited. If it’s a situation where we work together.

With the passage of the reform plan, Albert has remarkably improved his political condition. This is what Dietrich would have hoped for. Irene, who led the compromise, rose in stature.

Jonathan is still behind the veil, but the change in temple movement may be the result of his manipulation as archbishop.

Their solidarity, which had been silent for a while due to Pascalina’s death, is about to be strengthened.

“I need to find out what kind of human being I’ve attracted as a collaborator. I didn’t know and left him uninformed. It could be a source of trouble.”

* * *

It’s Mirta who’s going to turn to us at times like this.’

Juju walked through the market alley.

I heard from a ghost who visited the other day that she had already moved her address. Thanks to him, I was on a journey to visit him in person today.

The residence was much more spacious than the teahouse and liquor island nearby the other days. He didn’t even ride a wagon because he was afraid he would stand out, and decorated the lower class with a headscarf.

Bad water flowed from the fish stalls along the road. As I walked away from the dirt, a woman blocked me by asking me to buy some ugly flowers. Afraid of stalling, Juju took out coins and stole flowers.

I was going to throw it away, but I put it in Nadia’s hat because it was a waste. Nadia, who crouched her shoulders as if she were in a daze, asked quietly.

“Well, is that, uh, an errand boy for Mirta’s errand boy?”

“No, it was a common flower.”

It’s one of the jobs that poor people have in this era. In winter, I will change the sport and sell matches.

“Nadia knows it well. The truth is that even the employment position of a mansion must be lucky and environmental. You can’t be too detached from your family, and you can’t write without knowing it.””Oh, yeah. I used to go to a basic school before my father left home.Well, did you go to school before?”

Nadia rarely asked for a personal information. Was it suddenly conscious that she was also a maid?

Juju swung her arm out in front of the road.

“I’ve never been around. I was just chosen because I was pretty.”

According to the body’s memory, it was.

Charlotte had a tutor, albeit perfunctory, but Juju was really far from intelligent.

She barely mastered letters in a small family. Next, I encountered crumbles of culture at the mansion where I was introduced to my grandparents and relatives.

“You’re too young. She’s a beauty, so you should see her. If you teach well, you’ll be able to serve as a servant.」

It also reminds me of the eyes of a dry butler holding his chin and praising him.

“Do you understand? This is a family that has been influential in the South for generations. If you want to work in a mansion, always keep your manners right, and don’t dare tempt…….」

It is said that the sixth sense of the soul has never been experienced, and the situation and feelings at that time are clearly floating in my head.

Every time I looked back on “Juju,” not Charlotte, it was a strange sense. It’s as if you’re so immersed in the play that you’re mistaken for what you’ve been through.

The reason why he left the mansion was unclear.

‘The young master’s name is…… what is it? I don’t think it’s long…….’

While Charlotte failed to reflect on Albert and carved it with a scar deep in her heart, Juju seemed to want to erase it from her head as soon as possible.

It’s more like what happened in my early teens. I remember the fact that the master’s attention was a threat, but the person’s name and face had already faded.

Rather, the first meeting with Prince Licht was much clearer.

One day, there was a commotion that a high aristocratic mother and daughter of a distant land visited. I heard that she was invited to recuperate for a while with her daughter, who was struggling with winter in the north.

The 15-year-old maid instinctively knew it was an opportunity. They were the first people to overwhelm her master’s status in her world. Somehow I decided to beg and volunteered to serve clothes.

“What’s wrong? Was my coat too heavy?」

I was afraid to bring it up when it came to me. It was only a glimpse of tears, but the Grand Duke quickly noticed.

“You want me to take you? You don’t want to wait on me? ……what, as a grown-up bride? Oh, I’m sorry. I laughed my head off. It’s not a joke for you, is it? Yeah, sometimes I tell scary jokes with all my heart…….」

I don’t know what negotiations went on after that. Anyway, Anelis brought Juju along the way.

After three years of safety, the young master in question must have forgotten a maid. The body had clearer memories of the last three years of waiting for Dorothea.

I don’t think I have much memories of Ruslan. I’ve been conscious of it since I was young, but I think I’ve treated it only as a family of the Grand Duke.’

A bitter smile came out. Because it reminded me of the kiss we had this morning. Now therapy is an excuse and I thought it would be good for a man to lick it.

I felt guilty that their clean relationship was ruined by themselves.

“665. Miss, I think this is it.”

He left the market and reached his residence.

Juju looked around carefully. It was a section of apartment houses with steep stairs on the outer wall.

As I climbed the stairs earlier, I found a man sitting on the stairwell and basking in the sun. He said, opening his dozing eyes.”How did you get here? I don’t think he lives here.”

Juju kicked the leg of the chair out of nowhere.

The moment he lost his balance and tilted man quickly tried to grab him by the collar. After twisting his wrist, he pulled out a pin on his head and stabbed the base of his fingernail. The moment a man clenched his molar in small but sharp pain, he punched the front of the face with his opposite fist.

The man fell down on the chair. The back of the head was safe thanks to the wall. He was down and shook one hand up.


“I didn’t wake up. Do a cold pack later.”

Nadia is no longer surprised and obediently follows suit.

When I knocked on the attic door on the top floor, a woman with a housewife-like atmosphere came out. It was an ordinary house, except for cutting and selling household tools and wood debris.

Mirta was also rooted in a rocking chair in this house. Sitting on a chair that Juju gave her in front of her, she pulled off her knitting and lowered her magnifying glass.

“You’ve been getting what you’ve been giving me. How did they find you?”

“The state tax reform bill passed. I’m here to ask if you know anything.”

Murtha laughed aloud at the direct question.

“Pump, do you think it comes out when you bite it? Whether the price of alcohol changes or not, it’s not our situation.”

“I heard it’s cheap to drink beer. Everyone’s clapping and hooray for the Emperor.”

The woman who was handing Nadia sugar water stepped in. Juju refused to drink and went on.

“There’s a partner of the top union leader on the south side. Did anyone get caught gathering news?”

“The top union leader’s house has a lot of customers. There are many Southerners.”

Mirta carefully counted her knitting nose.

“Let’s see, he whispered, ‘There’s a man who’s got nothing on him.’

“What are his details? At least a castle.”

“That’s what’s tricky now. I’ve got only heavy-mouthed people around me.”

If Mirta said so, she would have hidden it thoroughly without being seen by most employees.

“I lay on Irene……which means he didn’t own a mansion in the system.”

If so, it is highly likely that the person has an ointment only in the south. Perhaps the reason Irene stepped up to the plate and secured his position in the community.

When I paid that much, I thought, “Just in case.”

But he quickly shook his head into it.

“It’s just a coincidence. It’s amazing.

There are more than one vineyard in the South. There are several rich people who deal in brewing.

It is a long time ago even if it is related to the body.

Grand Duke Licht himself pointed it out and took it to his daughter’s body. What are you going to do now? The rich in the South are not in a position to compare with the Grand Duke.

Now even Juju is the count’s lover and has moved up to traffic with the empress. The whole society knows that this body was the body of a granddaughter, but there was no trouble because she was from there.

So Juju pushed back the possibility of an old relationship for now. She thinks it wasn’t even a risk.

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