Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 61

I was just thinking it was weird.

Philippe has defended the safety of the emperor and empress who have fled to the palace every year. There was no way to enter the low-lying forests around the lakeside, but it would not have been a very strange terrain.

I would have prepared a directional sign to proceed with the competition. There will be a guard at every halfway point. But strangely enough, it was completely invisible at some point. Like a maze that lasts forever, I felt like I was spinning around the same spot.

He seemed to have lost his way. Count Keitel, who was closely chasing from the back, was not seen at some point.

To make matters worse, it was a big trouble because of the shower. I would find a way anywhere, but I was ashamed of myself thinking about the person who was looking forward to going abroad today.”…Bathilde, Your Majesty?”

But he was in front of me.

Alone, without a single maid.

Batilde, who was crouching, stood up shivering. The rose-colored hair was half untied and wet and stuck to the face.

I thought I played in the water for a moment because the place was Samga. Philippe, who quickly recovered from the shower that passed earlier, hurriedly complained.

“How dare you be here! Where are all the others and alone……!”


“Have you had any metamorphosis while I’m away? If the faction trying to harm you again has set up a hideous plot……!”

Batilde looked up at him and burst into laughter. It was not long before a clear sound rang.

Philippe blushed with embarrassment. Batilde, who had been laughing for a long time, smiled at the thought that he had gone too far.

“I’m sorry, Philippe. But then and now you’re nervous that I might be in trouble.”

“This is not the time to laugh. I’m lost, but your majesty is soaking wet!”

Philippe took off his jacket. It was intended to cover the shoulders, but it was quickly useless. Because he was also wet in the shower.

Eventually, I gave up my jacket and put it on my saddle. Taking a towel out of his saddle pocket, he knelt down in the wet soil without hesitation.

“I’m wiping the horse’s sweat, so I’ll wipe the dirt off my clothes. I dare you to excuse the lady’s dress.”

Batilde obediently stood there. Philippe pulled a jagged skirt slightly over the petticoat. I stole the ends with a towel and got rid of the dirt.

She looked down at Philippe with deep eyes.

“Did it get dirty?”

“The mud is dyed, but we might have to pay for it in the laundry room. Did you walk this far alone?”

“It’s all right, I lost track of time looking in the woods. So far, I’ve only walked through artificial chattels. I come here every year, and I didn’t know there would be such a dense place.”

“I understand that Mrs. Meyer will not allow it. Why don’t you tell me what happened?”

Philippe spoke seriously.

“If it’s a terrible story, I’ll take my sword and run out to bring evil to you. If it’s a fresh joke, please let Philippe know. I know you’re even hardened, but as a escort, I don’t have the face to see you.”

Philippe’s mind was replaying the day’s raid.

I thought she was an unusual princess. The girl who is scheduled to rise to the shining moon. Even though her husband was young and pure, she could hardly find the light of excitement. Rather than a bride who was about to get married, she looked like an old soldier performing her long-established duties.

Maybe it’s because you’re nervous. It’s an empty palace without a mother. The battle of succession is just over. She was born to be an empress.

Others have written it off like that. One day, when Philippe alone thought suspicious, the incident broke out.

The coachman took turns. It was a face that I had never seen before. By the time I thought it might bother me.

“Then I cried a lot because a couple of people covered my eyes as they dragged me. My face is wet today as well.”

“Your Majesty…”

“By the way, I cried in your arms after everything. Then you shook it and said, ‘However, is this man treating me like a baby?’ I was a little upset.

“Did you think so?”

Philip bowed his head in bewilderment. Batilde had an unexpected smile.”You’ve been going back and forth to the Imperial Palace worrying about me ever since, haven’t you?”

“It took me a while to compile a knight for your escort. After that, I was afraid that court news would not be delivered on time.….”


The woman called the man’s name.

Philippe got up with a hunch. Batilde took a step closer to him. One more step came as Philippe stepped back.

She looked as if her fever had gone up. I asked, clenching the towel tightly.

“Last five years, Hapgung Day and the day after. Was it a coincidence that you never came?”

“Your Majesty.”

The article has hardened. Raise one arm and extend it as if to widen the gap. He fumbled his lips.

“Your Majesty.”

“I’m not asking you to answer. I don’t want to hear stories that are forced! You asked the story first! I’ll tell you from now on, so listen!”

A towel slipped out of Batilde’s hand and fell to the ground.

His hands, shaking his luggage, covered Philip’s eyes.

She had memorized the prepared words hundreds and thousands of times while crouching alone. Even though he was confident that he would be able to recite a single survey like a congratulatory speech at a ball, the actual performance was unplanned.

His lips trembled and sounded like a wild window shaking in the wind. The order was mixed up, followed by poor sentences.

And yet.


The man understood.

There was no way I couldn’t understand. When everyone was watching the faint cry of the swan over the glass, he heard a lively voice.

She was bored of New Year’s protocol, most interested in oral matters, and was misunderstood as liking dogs and cats because of her gentle personality, but she was actually afraid of dogs and cats, and wanted to read foreign books.….

“No, you can’t.

Philippe’s lips trembled, too. The red face crumpled like a sheet of paper.

Among the confessions she has now broached are phrases she never even made to her husband. I was afraid that someone would hear it in my dream. I was afraid that injustice would be used against her.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.….”

“That’s when you first came to my escort.”

Batilde stopped talking. Philippe had no choice but to listen as long as she spoke.

“Miss Batilde, you said. There’s not much time left until it’s called that name, so I’ll call it that’s what I’ll call it. Everyone called me Princess Karnstein, and my family called me Barty.”

The woman’s hand clasped the man’s chest. Philippe’s body was lowered as the hem of the shirt was pulled.


Batilde was close. Cheeks and lips that couldn’t be approached were in front of me.

Before him, Philip suddenly reflected on his past life.

He had no title but grew up in a well-to-do family. After discovering Aura’s talent as a boy, he finished training easily, and joined the Knights after the coming of age ceremony. He was born one step away from the struggle for succession, and when he became a knight, the game was already organized and he did not experience bloody events.

It would have been that kind of life.

“Band… ..Band. I’m a substitute, Batilde…….”

Nevertheless, Philippe embraced Batilde, who could not possibly leave him alone.

Her Majesty put her finger on his lips before the title continued.

“Yes, I’m still causing a lot of trouble at the moment. And yet he came. Philippe, I’m actually a worse woman than the woman who attacked me.”

“It’s not your fault. If there’s a mistake, I’ll…….”

“The escorting knight only supported the weary empress, so where is the fault?”Batilde said so on purpose.

So a man committed a mistake that he always longed for on a woman’s lips.

* * *

Every time I take a person away, I think about his life.

At this moment, about the girl who was called number 7.

I recruited him because he had a great talent in livestock robbery in the west. Today Juju stabbed her nails in the neck the way she usually does.

The atmosphere of the forest flows into the drain. The aura runs all over the body. The sensation of flowing through the blood veins awakens the nerves like a blade.

It’s no match for Pascalina. Thanks to Ruslan’s hard work, his condition has reached its peak. The more I moved, the more aggressive pleasure I felt.

The heat that rises and evaporates from sweat in the body was mixed with the breath that vomited with the mouth. His poor breathing turned into a laugh, revealing his teeth.

“Come out.”

I walked slowly forward.

Several thick trees were bent down. It was done to drop the number five hidden above.

“Aren’t you tired of playing tag, too?”

I threw my fist to the ground. The aura that exploded in the regime shook the vein. Dust arose with a landslide-like roar.

You must have thought it was stupid. It may have been a surprise, but the reality was that it clouded my vision and created a chance to escape.

I aimed for it. Juju found a shadow running low on the other side. Ran through a blurry view toward the target.

It was in a flash. Number 5 looked back, realizing the horror approaching from the back. An expressionless face, which had completely erased the heightened breathing until earlier.

The veteran realizes at this moment. The strategy of shaking the excitement in reverse is not working.

Then all that remains is the pore. Number five gave up on the run and went into defense. Juju’s left fist, which was put in as a test, was blocked by the crossed elbow.

If you replace it with a struggle, it becomes a weight fight rather than strength. Covering the arm with an aura is inefficient for now. Juju, who gave up early, swung her leg and hit the top of her head with her heel. The opponent narrowly avoided and threw a weapon.

It’s a hook string used on a ship. The aim was accurate and caught on the wrist. Juju didn’t panic and pulled the other way around. The opponent, who had resisted for a while, finally came along. I put my right fist on the ship, which was ready.

At first, it touched me. The next moment, a man who was beaten and bounced off by the landscape rolled into the air as if he had hit a log. A real log fell on him trying to get back up in the mud.

The weight accelerated and I lost my mind and came back. A man could guess from experience. Now the rib is out with a single blow.

“Me, Chi, In……!”

I coughed out a sharp pain in the inside.

The girl who was the target walks slowly. Number five has experienced feelings of inexplicable beyond fear and embarrassment.

“Carr, Itel, Earl, where did you……!”

“It’s a little unexpected, isn’t it?”

“How can you not wear a sword?”

“You know, I’ve been lazy to carry around. The easiest way to use it is on your body.”

I clenched and straightened my stiff fist a few times because I used it a lot. His eyes were wide open and he stepped on the man’s mouth, shouting something, as if he were rubbing his shoes.

“I don’t have time to listen to your hearings. Answer me as I ask you. First of all.”

“You bite your tongue, you bite it, argh!”

I hit my front teeth with a heel. It’s not broken, but it hurts as much as it does.

“First of all, the specific reason why I was aiming for myself, who was just Chong-hui.”

“I don’t know, it’s up there! All we got was to kidnap you!”

“And second, which one of you went north to sign the assassination of Prince Licht?”The man thought for a moment and said.

“That’s me. I went and did…….”

“All right, you’re definitely not. I guess it’s one of the three left.”

After speaking, Juju broke the man’s neck and killed him.

“I could have just given you the number seven that just died, and I respect your loyalty to take the fall for yourself. I’d like to ask you why don’t you give it a try, but it would have been too much if your opponent was an emperor.”

It would have been convenient to hear the answer, but there was no time for long interrogation. On the other side, close to the road, there will be personnel searching for Batilde.

Juju pulled the body and threw it down a cliff. I checked it fell down a deep valley. It’s a place where people can’t reach, so it’ll be a grave as long as you don’t search it on purpose.

I just heard the sound of horse hooves behind me. Juju turned around thinking how to show up just in time.

“Hi?” And I faced Michael.

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