Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 71

“I call you Barty. It’s not like you.”

Batilde laughed first, and the Duke laughed aloud.

“My mother was the torch. I’ve found a few Eastern language teachers you asked for the other day. You can use an interpreter as an envoy, why do you want to learn? What did the Emperor say?”

“I just… wanted to learn from a long time ago.”

Sounds like an excuse but that was really the only reason.

At one time, foreign countries were considered paradise. Now I know it’s a girl’s fantasy. Still, I was attracted to the strange world.

He resigned because he thought he couldn’t go anyway. Now that I think about it, there was no reason not to learn to say so.

“If you’re disappointed, you should learn something new.」

Juju may have said it without much thought, but Batilde had a echo.

Fortunately, peacocks are not the sort to dig into people’s minds because they doubt. Easily convinced, I began to stroll slowly.

“Then I’ll send it when it’s right, so you figure out who’s right. Did you call me here to ask me this? “Did you see your father on vacationing?”

“Yes, I’ll go down and see if you’ll come to the palace…… you’re old. Brando was here, too. I think it’s worth going to college.”

“All we have to do is get along. I wish my mother had gone. They’re asking who’s going to take care of my meal if you’re not here. Of course the kitchen maid takes care of that.”

The Duke laughed as if it were a delightful joke. Batilde smiled only bittersweetly.

The current Duke of Karnstein is a good man. He has a soft impression, is tall and polite, so he is quite popular privately.

That’s it.

Batilde felt a sense of distance every time he had this conversation. My brother is relaxed. He is a person who has never lived fiercely in his life.

Even though she was a brother and sister, she had a completely different life from Batilde. Parents and their eldest son did not run wild on the wedding table. It was because he was the body to inherit his family and title in the future.The emperor would have chosen the Batilde by adding extra points to that part. The judgment that he is a great man who can easily be dismissed even if he believes in the authority of his family and has vain ambition. A life to spend quietly doing investment business or doing chores, depending on your sister’s halo.

It may be an ideal life in a sense.

But Batilde has lived differently, and decided to live differently.

“I enjoyed this vacation. Because Juju is always next to me, I talked to other young kids a lot. It’s too bad we’re back in the North.”

“Oh, by the way, I said I’d go check on her for a second. You understand. Count Keitel must be worried about his sister.”

Batilde looked up at the Duke.

You don’t know anything about public opinion?

Even Batilde had to look around in his own way to see what was going on. Philippe filtered as much as possible and delivered it, but when he found out how disastrous the situation was, he swept his chest.

I asked to be sure.

“Well, I heard you had a story. Is it okay if I don’t know?”

“I heard bad things were going around, but I didn’t need to look it up. Miss Juju is a good friend to you, Count Keitel is not that mean. Anyway, don’t you want to take a look at your sister if she’s weak? I’ll visit you if you’re sick, too.”

There is no shaking in the smiling face. He is determined to believe only what he sees. I was a little envious of Batilde that it was okay to live that way.

But thanks to him, he is on his side.

Batilde held his hand in front of his chest as if he were worried.

“Have you heard of him? That Juju was originally a kind of granddaughter.”

“Did you?”

“In the north, they were like real sisters. Sometimes he said something to me that he misses. I’ve never seen her before, but she feels like a sister, too.”

The present duke has fewer girls among her relatives. She said, calculating carefully that it is a remarkable remark to make as a daughter of garnish.

“Karnstein, Licht, they’ve been together since the Old Kingdom. I’m sure there’s a little blood ties going back.”

“Richt is the royal guard, so he deserves it.”

“Aren’t you going to send some of my things to the north of the duchess?”

“The ones you used before marriage?”

Suddenly, when the topic went wrong, the Duke seemed to be unexpected. Batilde made his usual facial expression here.

“I know it’s a family souvenir. But you can’t live with all that stuff forever. Leave something special and send me something for that age. You can ask your fiance, Miss Magda.”

A child who will be a guardian someday.

It’s better to make a relationship from now on.

At least let the empress know she meant her existence. That was enough.

But now it wasn’t an accident like when I gave her a dress. It was politically meaningful to give something or directly as an empress. The move is seen as an attempt to push the granddaughter away from the obligation to produce the latter.

The Emperor cannot be convinced of that. And he has a lot of doubts.

Young-ae, who had been dating for a long time since childhood, was also mercilessly punished. A wife who has only been married for five years can be cleaned up more easily.

To believe in family and honor, I have literally encountered the emperor’s individual without any makeup, so I did not feel safe unconditionally.

For Batilde, he felt like a dormant volcano. Even though they seem to respect each other now, they do not know when and how they will differentiate themselves.If you send an old item in the name of the Duke of Karnstein, the meaning will be diluted.

It was once written by the Empress, but now it is not her. I was just sorting out the old tax account and passed it on to Count Keitel because he was of the right age and acquainted with Count Keitel.

That way, it’s hard to get political intentions out of the way. It is all the more effective because the Duke is no longer the man to reach complex calculations.

As expected, the Duke took it at face value and smiled coolly.

“I’ll do what you say, Barty. I had to clean it up anyway. Invite Magda to help you, and it’ll be over soon.”

“My mother must be uncomfortable. You always complain a lot to your daughter-in-law.”

“Well, you should visit your father while you’re at it. You’ll understand if I tell you.”

The Duke still came up with a harmless solution.

Batilde smiled bitterly again. If the eldest son said so, he would die and step down.

This cleared the way for the interrupter. It won’t be a big burden. If you select diligently and send it right away, gifts will arrive by the time the procession arrives.

Where is Juju now? Batilde suddenly lifted his face and looked up at the northern sky. The understained leaves fell early.

* * *

Earlier this year, when going from the north to the island, it traveled far through the east.

There is no reason to turn this time. The route chose the shortest distance across the north central area. As the road progressed, the temperature dropped little by little and private houses became rare.

When I finally reached Mount Günt on the northern border, I was even impressed.

Due to the early departure from the Great Mountains, the mountain rose alone under the cloudy sky unique to the north.

The rest were all fields. The only thing that covers the horizon is an endless colony of coniferous trees. When it snows, the land turns white.

Although it is often referred to the Empire as East, West, South, North, South, and South for convenience, its geographical classification was more detailed. For example, the distinction between cities and villages, bureaucratic administrative districts and imperial bags was tight, just as systems and modems existed in the central part of the country.

The North was mostly a Grand Duke. As such, the population density per area was small.

Cold and rough, and the periphery of wolves and bears posing as their owners. If it is hard, immigrants and predators in the north will flourish, and some of them are grotesque like Iphenya.

However, it was a waste of huge gold vein to throw away. So it was the beginning of Licht that led the Banggye to seal the great air and rule.

The heart of nature was deep in the territory. So the journey went on a little further beyond the boundaries.

Angela complained while resting for a while in the middle of the day when the sun was good.

“The wind is dry. This is why you’ll catch a cold. I can see why you’re talking about her health.”

It’s autumn on the calendar, but the air here was already like the early winter of the system. No matter how prepared I was, I felt differently when I touched my skin.

Juju also took a cape from Nadia and wrapped it around. I had to sit in the wagon for many days and I had to loosen my joints.

Angela, who was wrapped in a coat and a scarf, spoke low as if she had suddenly realized when she saw the horizon.

“You’ve been in this land for years.”

Juju did not bother to answer. It would sound strange if someone overheard it. I don’t even want to be sad now.

I’m busy just looking ahead and getting revenge. This is the land I found for the future, not the place I came to dwell on the past.

“There are people who were born and raised here, so it’s no big deal. Ruslan, how long is it before nature?””About three days. You’ll be able to sleep in a nearby town today. By noon tomorrow, there will be news of their return to the mainland.”

“I’m glad it’s not a camp. It’s cold, so I’m going to sleep with Nadia.”

Ruslan did not react to the deliberate comment.

His abstinence continued throughout the trip. Are they trying to put an end to this forever? The host was at a loss how to take it.

But I couldn’t afford to think deeply. Nature is getting closer by the minute. I was keen to see how Dorothea would turn out.

Ruslan’s true intention, however, is the one who shadowed herself on her part. It was not strange to be blatantly uncomfortable with the return of a few months.

“He doesn’t mind being hated, does that solve everything?’

For Juju, the fact was a stumbling block.

She always thought Ruslan’s resourcefulness had a point, and it did. There was never a single occasion to take responsibility.

This alone has occasionally raised questions. It was instinctive, not as an accomplice, but as a one-time accomplice. Is it best to just leave the king at the end of the horse because he can only move one space?

Arrived in Holy Father’s City around the afternoon of the day Ruslan said.

There is a distance between the castle and the Grand Duke. It was when Ruslan naturally made his way to the mansion. The servant, who had been sent in advance, hurried back and said.

“It’s a strange situation is strange. She’s out of the house right now.”


Juju, who was listening from the opposite seat, was also surprised. It didn’t occur to me that Dorothea would somehow leave the bedroom and go out of the mansion.

Ruslan asked carefully if he felt the same way.

“You went out like that. What’s your destination like?”

“He went to Licht Castle after lunch. If you want to face me, come over there.”

“You’ve got more to hide in your complexion. Tell me everything you hear. It’s not going to work if you hide it.”

Whether Ruslan’s words were correct, the servant answered a little.

“I… will receive greetings from the castle, but don’t think about coming in, for the Grand Duke has cleared both of his houses.”

Juju interrupted in bewilderment at the words.

“Wait, if you don’t even want us to come in, what are they gonna do? In this cold land? Was that who you were?”

“He says he’s not going to help us find an official and stay or anything. I don’t think I’m saying this in a temporary mood because everyone’s eyes are the same.….”

Ruslan was calm, while the servant was stumped. I was lost in thought as I slowly put my cane head on my chin.

“Your sister is tough. The agent I planted didn’t report this sign.”

“……you purposely prevented me from delivering it.”

“This means that my sister can control the gods beyond my measurement. Anyway, I’m here to check the condition, so I should meet you. Semyon, send the cart there with courtesy and return only the manpower you need. We go to the castle.”

“I’ll follow your orders.”

Semyon turned his horse’s head and gave instructions to the procession. Meanwhile, Ruslan turned his cane and tapped Juju.

“Relax—I won’t put you to sleep outside.”

Even though he said so, he didn’t look as confident as usual. Perhaps it was because Dorothea was a part of his heart.

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