Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 81

Dorothea moved away from her entourage. The juju was close by, supporting her.

There was a strong dry wind on the hill. Dorothea coughed weakly, then turned to the opposite direction of the wind and said.

“The empress is upside down.”

Then, he took something out from under his thick coat. Juju received the item because her eyes were wide open.

It was a rolled paper. When I opened it, I saw a sentence. He applied ink to the seal of the letter and reproduced it on a piece of paper.

It’s noteworthy that two were printed, one by the Duke of Karnstein and one by the family. Only one person came to mind to identify himself like this.

“It’s from the Duke’s fiancé. Maybe the name is Magda…….”

“Yes, the Duchess-to-be replied. I thought you wouldn’t believe me.”

It was a wise decision. Juju quickly put the evidence paper in her arms.

“Since I used a fast station horse, I was hoping that the gift would have arrived soon, but I was surprised to hear a reply from the Jeonseogu. I guess he wanted to keep up-to-date.”

Your Highness, Princess Hicht. I just handed you the old stuff and you’re sending it back in a new one. Magda is only ecstatic because she knows how valuable the northern treasure is.Originally used by Her Majesty as a girl. I must show all the gifts to His Majesty. A pair of earrings were shared between me and you, and I praised you for your beautiful friendship.

As the host of the duchess, forgive your presumptuous military rudeness in the hope that the young man of the family will have a good relationship. I accept your refusal because you are young. The cameo you sent me was posted to His Majesty.>

Listening, Juju realized that this woman was also behind the gift.

When sending the goods, he did not say anything other than hoo-ui, but Dorothea naturally accepted the intentionally mistaken message and replied.

‘I don’t know if you really shared your earrings, but leaving them on the doorstep on purpose means you’re on good terms with Batilde.’

Dorothea also added as if interpreted.

“My mother used to do that. The Duke is so carefree that he may be able to head a foreign family. From the correspondence, I think I had an eye for choosing a fiance.”

Juju nodded, too. Even when I saw the sentence earlier, I couldn’t immediately think of Magda’s family name. It would be the love of a small aristocrat who is far behind the duchess.

With this gap, it is difficult to maintain an engagement with love alone. Unless it is a special relationship like himself and Ruslan, the women should be ambitious.

Batilde would have seen through the castle and used it as a confidant of future moves. Now that you’re on a ship called Family, you’re unlikely to betray me.

Come to think of it, the Duke deserves to be married, but he’s still engaged. Maybe it’s because of the nature of the godfather. Then there’s a possibility that Batilde promised to push for marriage.’

First of all, I got to the point after figuring it out.

“And what happened to the empress?”


His Majesty Batilde was eager to have a handwritten handwriting. Please forgive me for ghostwriting because the empress is noisy now.>

The cause of the disturbance was the loss of Countess Meyer.

It is said that the forty and fifty years dedicated to the palace were insignificant retirement.

Her husband, Earl Meyer, also returned his greenhouse manager position. Originally, his office depended on his wife’s success, so it was a natural procedure. The couple emptied their respective imperial palaces and went down to their local homes.

“Mrs. Meyer was a woman who would die in the Imperial Palace. How?”

“I don’t know about this kind of thing.… they put birth control pills in a teapot.”

On Hapgung Day, the empress suddenly recalled a car she had received as a gift from a prospective Olke. I ordered Meyer to bring a tea table with the intention of giving the emperor a taste. As we handed over something in advance, we took the glass away with a bad feeling.

The emperor burned the back of his hand in the wind. When I checked the kettle, it contained the wrong tea bag instead of the original one.

Meyer’s residence was immediately searched. Not only the tea pouch that was still wet, but also the same thing that was in the kettle popped out.

The contents were medicinal herbs used by maidens to stabilize menstruation.

By the way, Meyer has already aged out of menstruation.

It is said that Yong-hoofed glue has the effect of contraception on both men and women, but it is also beneficial to dull the uterus when taken by women, but that it is often damaged by decreased energy when taken by men. Her Majesty was furious and tried to punish her for deprivation, but Her Majesty stopped her.>

“Your Majesty, please say something scary. Meyer was the one who served the empress as well as me. How could he have done such a terrible thing when he wished for Hwangson more than anyone else?」

“The Empress doesn’t know how many snake-like men there are in this court! Yeah, but I still remember four years missing their first owner, Empress Three and her resuscitation, and in their mother’s life, they even intervened in hairpins and dried them to death. Is it so upsetting that Prince II died while framing Jim?」”It’s unfair, but please don’t say that. Have you forgotten that my husband supported you?」

“I know how the palace fell into the hands of the Minister of State. I wouldn’t have left you such an old man if Mohu hadn’t died!」

There, Batilde wept to defend Meyer.

Anyway, she managed the empress with a wealth of entertainment and assisted Batilde, who became empress at an early age.

This will be a temporary mistake. He was confused with other pockets because his eyes were dark as he got older.

Took her to work too long after all. Ignoring the years of hard work for the imperial family will undermine the emperor’s prestige. Let’s retire quietly and end with a pension. Your strictness is well known, let us show mercy.

Juju roughly imagined what Batilde would look like. I would have smiled as innocent as a milky-white doll who knew nothing.

“Meyer, that’s enough.」

Meyer trembled instantly with that word.

With the unannounced retirement of the maid of honor, the Imperial Palace was quickly reorganized. Batilde personally appointed a new maid and shared other positions.

Juju had a hunch with that word. Batilde is breaking her own glass garden without her help. Is it because I confirmed my love? The bold action was rather surprising to Juju.

“Why did Miss Magda tell me all this? Guess what you said overlapped, see, Cough, Kirk. That’s why I decided to tell you.”

Even though she gained strength, she couldn’t help it if her bronchial tubes were irritated by the cold wind, and Dorothea pulled her collar and coughed out a few times. I bent my back to see if my chest turned upside down.

Juju sang Angela loudly, sweeping her away. Angela brought the bottle and cup she had prepared in advance and poured the medicine.

“Eat up, Your Highness. It’s not going to taste good.”

Dorothea glared at Angela for a moment, but drank it in one gulp. After rinsing his mouth with water, he said.

“Ruslan has a strange doctor.It was you. The look is familiar with the slander. Well, if you don’t stop, you won’t be able to be under him.”

“Have you heard anything about Angela?”

“I know you didn’t send out the people who were in charge of the villa on purpose. You’re trying to spill words on me. You were the current emperor in the War of Succession, right?”

“Did the small talk from the bath go so fast?”

Angela answered half-heartedly.

Dorothea glanced to the edge of the hill. For a moment I looked down at the broad orchard below.

Juju approached her in case she fell in the wind. Dorothea pulled out a touch and slowly turned away.

Angela realized her position at that moment and fell on one knee.

Dorothea peered down at her and opened her lips slightly.

“Yes, that’s what Ruslan would have done. You will follow my brother’s will.”

“I know better than others.”

“I’ve done it once, so you’ll know. Do you think I deserve to climb?”

The object was omitted, but it was clear what it meant.

Angela, who had been lost in thought for a while, sat straight down on her knees. Her random hair was blown away by the wind.

“I was originally born in the streets of the common people of the island. I had a hard time going to medical school, too. There are many ways to earn tuition, and if you give energy to rich people, there is a big difference. You know, if a young woman sells half a penny of medicine, she dies.”Angela, say something strange to the lady.”

“He’s talking to her here, but can’t you do anything about her?”

Angela smiled significantly.

Juju was speechless.

He knows the past of Angela. Despite her near-fraud behavior, rumors spread that the efficacy of her drug was certain. I thought it was appropriate to advise on gloomy work, so I dragged it in.

So Angela’s words seemed to be indirectly conveyed to herself. It means that if Charlotte is behind you, you’ll be left with Dorothea.

Of course Dorothea doesn’t know such a line. However, there seemed to be something that touched the heart. She shut her mouth quietly and finally said.

“Since the holidays are so far away, I’m preparing a banquet in my heart.”

Then he put on a little weight on Juju’s shoulder.

“I’ll leave him to the banquet alone. The doctor here is honest. If we do it together, the accuracy will go up.”


“We’re going back to the source of the gas problem. However, since the circumstances of the Imperial Palace are consistent with your claim, I just decided that at least you didn’t intend to kill me. Then tell him not to mistake me for being obedient.”

Dorothea looked up and looked at Ruslan over there.

Same black hair. Same red eyes.

In particular, the color that should be brown is exceptionally red, which is a unique characteristic of the Grand Duke. So no one doubted that Ruslan was of the Grand Duke blood.

I sometimes heard the story of my cousin who lived in Dorothea’s villa. I thought I wanted to meet you once.

Until one day my mother carefully talked about what it would be like to be my brother.

To be honest, I didn’t like it.

I felt like I was losing my own mother. I felt uncomfortable living as a brother and sister with a boy I didn’t know. I was nervous because I was smarter and better at riding horses than most teachers. Wouldn’t the mother like the boy more after abandoning her sick self?

When I met him, he was a beautiful boy even with his young eyes.

At first, it was quiet and dark, but it gradually became brighter after a few months. Well done with the second thought joke. He taught me things that I don’t know while reading a book.

In the meantime, Ruslan turned eighteen. While the story of inheritance was slowly being talked about, he was finally officially awarded the title of Count as a gift for his 20th birthday.

I thought that was enough.

After my mother died, until I changed.

“……I don’t know. I’ve only seen my aunt as a tombstone, but I’ve never seen her in person. Ruslan is a mysterious man who never knew where he came from. Trust me, what does the juju believe in?”

Neither did Juju readily answer that question.

Ruslan’s birth is a lifelong secret. She can’t brag about this part at will.

Meanwhile, Ruslan circled the hillside and came this way. He said, calming down his words.

“Let’s go downstairs and see for ourselves. What brings you to the kiln? Would you like to ride in front of me if you could walk around?”

“I have a lot of horse-riding teachers besides you. Pick up Juju.”

Dorothea called up the sedan chair and closed the door. Then, as if he had remembered something he had forgotten, he stuck his head out of the window.

“By the way, I must tell my brother this news. If we don’t know each other and if we’re rude, we’ll be in a lot of course.”

“Have you heard anything from nature?”

“This year’s harvest feast will be organized by the Archbishop himself in the northern parish. I heard it out of the blue, so I don’t know what happened.”Dorothea just started the kiln.

Juju raised her face and made eye contact with Ruslan. His eyes also became fierce.

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