Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 91

In the afternoon, Nadia, who had finished serving, entered an employee’s restaurant for a late lunch. Linde’s eyes rounded while eating on one side of the long table.

“Oh, you, not you.”

“I’m taking care of Lady Juju. Excuse me for a moment.”

Nadia bowed and headed for the school cafeteria. In a large saucepan, scoop up a bowl of Pelmeni, slightly remaining, and sit on the other side.Linde, who was watching the scene, chewed on the carrot salad and said.

“Huh. It’s a girl. The kid who used to eat here was very happy. You’re the same commoner, and you don’t hurt your pride?”

Nadia was dumb as if she didn’t understand.

“Well, it’s a long time ago, but she’s our hostess, and she’s nice to us well……?”

“Really? You’re not going to hit me?”

“What do you mean hit me?”

Nadia put on a look that she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Looking into his gummy eyes, Linde became embarrassed and chewed on the tip of his fork. This is because I realized that if I asked more, I would look funny.

“Oh, I’m glad you didn’t hit me! You must have a very good personality. That’s true, so there’s no complaints while eating lunch at this hour.”

“Mr. Linde, you said. Mr. Linde is eating late, too.”

“Well, you don’t miss a morning reading even during the holidays. It’s this time every time I wait for lunch.”

Linde spoke in a strangely smug tone and picked up the kbas glass.

“And he’s going to the Oval Office in the afternoon. Of course I was going to take the back, but no one should have approached me. Thanks to you, I have a free lunch today’s lunch. Oh, I’m really busy taking care of your safety.”

In other words, didn’t you kick him out? Nadia, who was drinking broth, thought alone. But she was always silent and didn’t comment.

“Why did you eat so hard in your office during the holidays? Is it because of yesterday’s nature?”

“Isn’t it something like that? Commander Jofi came to visit me. He does that often when he discusses it with him.”

Then Linde suddenly struck a stern tone.

“It’s a rule not to wonder about each of these things if you’re going to serve a high-ranking person. You’re an employee of the Grand House anyway, so be aware.”

“Oh, yes……Thank you for letting me know.”

“You’re here with the Earl for lunch, aren’t you? Didn’t the Count go to the Oval Office?”

“No, I don’t know if he’s tired of picking up until dawn, but he’s gone to take a bath. Miss Juju, too.

Linde tried to put up with the Qvas in his mouth. Covering my mouth with my palm, I barely gulped it down.

“A man and a woman together? In broad daylight?”

“The lady was a little hurt yesterday, so she said it was hard to take a bath alone.”

“You’re here to help when you do! What do you take for granted?!”

Linde cried out in a hive. Nadia also understood what she was saying and was a little embarrassed. I stirred the soup and scooped up the swimming dumplings.

“But, you know, you two are lovers.”

“The count used to be a virgin. What the hell did that thing do? Oh, by the way, it’s bad for your education! Don’t go around talking!”

“I got bitten around the bathroom, so it should be fine. Maybe…….”

Nadia, who glossed over her words, split the hot dumpling skin and puffed up the lamb filling. Staring at the figure, Linde suddenly opened his mouth and meddled.

“Felmeni is dip in sour cream.”

Nadia looked at Linde with a rare straight face at the words.


“That’s how you eat it! Seriously, why don’t people downstairs know the taste!”

* * *

Then Juju was locked in a scallop-shaped bath.

I was just told that the bandage should never touch the arm because the wound could get infected.

Therefore, he gave up on being able to soak in a full-body bathtub. He leaned on his back, submerged only in shallow water on his torso and knee.”Nadia would have helped me with the bath. You didn’t have to go to the trouble.”

Juju said, gazing blankly at the wooden barrel on the floor.

There was a sound of Ruslan waking up in the bathtub in the back.

“You’d better do it all at once. I had to take a bath anyway.”

“I heard you’re angry. You don’t mind sleeping with me these days.”

Although he said he was angry, Ruslan’s attitude remained the same as usual. No, actually, he seemed to care more than usual.

It was the same when we had dinner earlier. Rather than moving with hands that I usually don’t use, I used to cut each of the troublesome dishes.

“I’m angry. I’m doing this because I’m angry.”

It was an enigmatic word. Ruslan came this way in a bathrobe. My body must have been washed, and my wet hair was pulled back and my forehead was exposed.

He folded his knees on a brick tile in front of the bathtub. Rosemary We melted soap in water and spilled over Juju’s head.

The man’s hands rolled up his long hair. The fingertips of rubbing the head were distinctly different from the maid’s. With her eyes closed, Juju stretched out far away to keep her bandaged arms from getting wet and endured the hand movement. It only stimulated the scalp, but the strange coolness gave me chills.

It was not long before warm water was poured over the top of the head. Blonde hair stuck to my body. Ruslan took out the sponge and started soaping his legs.

Somehow I felt strange. The fact that he sat still and waited for others to wash was the case itself. Juju blushed as she felt the irritation of the sponge stealing her skin.

“You can do soaping with one hand.”

Ruslan did not bother to reply. The sponge brushed the inside of the thigh. Bubbles flowed into the water and floated near the navel.

Juju unknowingly put her knees together. I deliberately brought up a serious issue.

“What are you trying to say to Lord Jofi?”

Dorothea stopped by here before going to the office. Juju was said to have been worried if she was seriously sick.

“They say they’ve dimmed the source of the gas privatization rumor. As expected, there must be a mixture of false words in the network of contacts with the system. Specifically, the rats did it yesterday.”

Ruslan let Juju raise his arm. Sweeped down from the back of the arm to the waist at once. Juju swallowed her breath casually.

“Thanks to you, this misunderstanding has been cleared up, but another question is whether the emperor is willing to accept it. As long as the emperor is alive, the gas wells in the unexplored land will continue to be blamed. The great thing about Dora is that she came up with a solution here.”

“Measures, lady?”

“You said that while you were getting dressed. All I have to do is review and agree. Before declaring it to the household gods, I will instruct Jofi to strengthen the defenses of his nature in advance.”

The sponge rubbed the chest thoroughly. Bubbles bubbled up and formed in nipples. Juju bit her lower lip.

Ruslan pretended not to know the reaction.

“Dorado… means you have a mind to do it.”

It was a meaningful remark. But now Juju can’t afford to dwell on it for a long time because her brain is so simple. Before asking what the measures were, another question came up first.

“You’re doing this on purpose.”

“Did you notice?”

Ruslan replied nonchalantly. The sponge has now rubbed against the belly. A white bubble passed over the red-hot swatter. I was clearly cautious about whether I hesitated to damage my skin more.

Ruslan said, closing his brows, as he did when he woke up earlier.

“I hope you don’t hide this from me next time.”Juju looked down at the lingering wound below the surface of the water. I sat down again, slightly leaning against the water.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in time. But it’s not like I can’t fight over this.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“So you’re afraid you’ll get a scar on your beautiful body?”

Ruslan threw a sponge in that barrel over there.

“That’s wrong, too. You don’t want me to worry about people getting hurt? We were in a relationship, weren’t we?”

Juju backed down at the unexpected words.

“What are you talking about? We just made a contract…….”

“I admit I started with a contract. But now? Why do you think I hugged you when you didn’t even need therapy? Did you accept me even though you didn’t like me? I don’t think so.”

Ruslan reached out one hand and held the back of the left bath. Juju encountered the look in his eyes. It was a more serious tone than ever before, so I was just dazed.

The bathroom suddenly became quiet. All I could hear was a drip from the tip of Ruslan’s hair. Juju looked up at him, trapped in the bathtub.

You’re mistaken.

This man seems to be confused after mixing himself up.

Don’t men tend to think that they have deeply imprinted themselves on the woman they interact with? Albert used to say the same thing. Lotte, you won’t forget tonight, luck.

Ruslan, who had been silent for a while, was discouraged by his own grass.

“…or did you force yourself to do it?”

Juju was embarrassed and answered in a hurry.

“No way. If you don’t like it, I’ll throw it. I don’t like it, I don’t hate it.”

Opposite, I like his humanity. More than that, I’m attracted to women. And if you hug him, I hope you hug him with a passionate confession.

But Juju couldn’t bring herself to say her real wish.

This man may be swept away by the horse right now. I don’t know where my heart is and I’m going wild in my first experience.

But as time goes by the way. The initial excitement will subside, and the sense of reality will return and cool down. You’ll slowly get tired of the dissonance of body and nature. He was so smart, but he couldn’t help but notice that being truly involved with a woman he brought to harm a person would be a weakness.

Anxiety that it would then be abandoned again dominated unconsciousness. His voice was sharpened by his pride.

“Hey, don’t get me wrong, you know what it takes to sleep? Talk to one of the ladies around you at the ball right now. Nine out of ten of them will be in bed! That doesn’t necessarily mean I understand what you’re talking about. I’m attracted to your face and body!”

“So you, as a man, allowed me to have a decent body?”

“Not you? Here’s your chest, your leg! Who’s the one who’s out of his mind? Even now, you’re rubbing my body to wash it, and the bottom is…….”

At that moment, Ruslan pulled his shoulder. My lips bumped. Like pressing down from the top. His tongue was pulled and sucked into his mouth.

Juju was led up by him in the left bath. Ruslan wrapped his arms around Juju at all. Juju felt both the fluffy texture of the bathrobe and the nudity underneath it.

I lifted my unbanded arm, but I couldn’t push it. A weak fist tapped him in the chest as he moved away.

“This… .. beast.”

Ruslan was the light of beating himself up for a moment. But the look was removed before Juju could spot it, and her lips twisted close to the stomach.”Maybe. I crumpled the guy who was involved in the death of the wool yesterday. Revenge can’t be done without the heart of the beast.”

“The beast doesn’t bathe.”

“Will you wash it the way the beast does?”

Ruslan dropped his lips on his chest. Sticking out his tongue and licking the nipple, Juju pressed his toes hard.

“Yes, you want to end up like this.….”

As expected, Ruslan is greedy for this body with lust. Nevertheless, Juju had a good sense of touching his tongue, so his joints relaxed. When I came to my senses, I sank into a dry tile.

Ruslan slowly tongue down the remaining marks on the ship. He spoke with a low voice, in a tone of demeanour lifted.

“Don’t get hurt.”


Juju couldn’t say anything and bit her finger. It was a place where Angela didn’t prescribe a plaster, saying she would get well soon. After a few weeks, it will be erased without a trace, but was the man so sorry for his flawless body?

Nevertheless, it was a moment when he was fascinated by the sense of licking his body and became resistant. Ruslan grabbed Juju’s leg and spread it. When I realized him, my lips touched where they were shaking.

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