Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 1


I should have killed him then.

On a sleepless night glimmer, she decided to put it into practice from today.

The backstreet of the system is shining in the wild again today.

There was a lot of smoke burning poisonous candles in every alley, the loud voices of parents who handed over their children at a bargain price, and the sound of lifelong fist fights between friends resonated.

Anyone who follows morality and believes in humanity evaluates this sight like this.

The world’s loyalty has fallen to the ground.

The country was corrupted after the emperor conquered each country on the continent and established an empire. Now that the new emperor has ascended, the sprawling system has turned into a magma of desire.

The emerging promising business that emerged from this situation was the human business.

Among them, the largest auction house was, for example, a luxury exchange. Rumors were rampant that expensive wagons rolled every night to buy several “products.”

“Yes, western desert boy, fifteen of the finest goods yet! It was just sold for 2,000 dollars. Congratulations!”

Business is flourishing. Hillarion, the owner of the auction house, was watching the scene in the back seat and could not hide his pride.

He used to live with his natural fist in his prime, but now he’s in his 30s. I’m getting tired of living like a thunderstorm. He started his business on the basis of a fortune he earned by lining up well at the top, which was quite a good punishment.

“The monster whose mother gave birth to the Devil! Look at this hideous face! It’s 800 and over. Is there any more?”

While the host was bidding, Hilaryon was keeping a close eye on guests today.

‘He’s a noble man, even looking at him. It’s definitely the best big word of the day.’

The man who visited for the first time today.

Tall. Wide shoulders. The gender was obvious just by looking at it. From hair to shoes, it was black, simple in color, but valuable in material.

You look great, but above all, you can see the nose and chin underneath the mask.

If you go at that point, you can guess the face below face.

‘It’s a face full of luck. I’m probably over twenty at the most, so I’m sure he’s a noble man after all, grabbing his parents’ money.’

Hillarion’s appearance in its prime has long since declined. So he glared at this guest with a mixture of hostility, jealousy, yearning and envy.

The guest of honor is watching the performance without noticing anything.

He rested his elbows on the table, loosely supporting his head with one hand. The leather shoes at the ends of the slit trousers moved regularly.

It was like waiting for something.

“Let’s take a look at the next product! This product is…… huh?”

The host panicked for a moment and made a dazed voice.

The crowd cheered in an unknowing way. Unlike the previous one, this product was a woman. It was a girl who didn’t even think she was twenty years old.

The dress was colorful to show the guests. Blonde hair, which was long to the back, was bright to the roots. The white skin reflected the stage lighting and shone like ceramics.

The blue prayer green eyes under the dark eyelashes are like peacocks. If I hadn’t blinked and breathed, I would have mistaken it for a luxury doll.

I’m sure he was a desperate man who would never find the whole empire.

The girl lay her eyes still and looked down at the belt that constrained her wrist. Excited by the expression, customers rushed to shout the money.

“Three thousand!””4,500!”


“Well, hold on a second, please! You have to listen to the explanation first! I mean, this product…….”

The host sweated and turned the pages of the manual. His bewildered eyes were hooked on Hilarion in the back seat.

Only then did Hilaryon jump to her feet when she realized the situation.

I was actually a little angry. Because he also saw the girl on stage for the first time now. After the auction, I was going to scold the reporting system for being a mess.

But judging from the host’s reaction, that is a product that is only brought in and the record is missing.

Then today is not the day. First, let’s send the product down and apologize to the customers. If you sell products that are not even recorded and an accident occurs, the handling of the aftermath becomes troublesome.

There was also a murky greed. Have I ever kissed anyone for that product? People who don’t know men can sell them at a high price, but that kind of beauty was insignificant.

“Charlotte, it reminds me of that snooty old thing. I’ll have to bother that one all night instead of her today.’

When I got to that idea, I couldn’t wait to close today’s business.

Five thousand plus three hundred!

“Sorry, the auction hasn’t started yet!”

Hilaryon greeted the stage in a gentlemanly manner.

“Let me explain, this product is not for sale today. It’s a little preview.”

The audience in the front row openly complained. Hilaryon quickly added to pick up the pieces.

“Did you take a good look? This product will be put up at the next auction with an official explanation. Please prepare enough money by next week to have this child! I wish you all the best!”


Hilaryon, who quickly handed over the girl to the host, suddenly saw the crowd.

Among the guests who count how much to prepare, the prince spoke for the first time earlier.

“What do you say to putting it out today? I’ll give you 100,000 dollars.”

Suddenly the hall became dead quiet.

It would have been absurd. There have been all kinds of people coming and going in this auction, but this ridiculous amount has never been mentioned directly.

Hilarion quickly spewed out a mixture of bewilderment and anger.

“Don’t joke, sir. Don’t you know that false bids are against the rules? That’s a lot of money for our auction house.”

“So what?”

The nobleman lifted up his pick, straight lips, and leaned arrogantly.

“A hundred thousand, without a discount. Sell the whole place, including her. Then I’ll reconsider your treatment.”

Hilaryon was mortified by the feeling of being beaten by an unidentified guest with money. On the other hand, there was also a shady relief that the noble man was as active as I was.

Of course, there’s nothing you can do about the noble handsome man. It’s all the same in front of toys overnight.

But the desire to take the girl was already out of control. Hilaryon shook her head firmly.

“I’d appreciate it if you could give it to me next week.”

“How can I guarantee this auction will be held next week?”

“I’m also loyal to my clients, sir. I’m sure I’ll release this child next week…….”

“Loyalty? Loyalty?”

The girl, who had never spoken, suddenly opened her mouth.

At that moment, the audience screamed. One or two jumped to their feet and stepped back. Hilaryon, who didn’t know what was going on, suddenly looked back and shouted as well.

“Sa, host! You’re the host!!”

It was no use calling. He’s already lost his neck. Blood spurted up and fell over the girl’s blonde hair like a summer rainy season.

The girl recited quietly in it.

“If I had listened to you with money, I would have gone comfortably. If it’s non-negotiable, there’s no need to wait. Human businessmen, you all die here.”Is it an illusion that the prince was flapping as if he were answering the question?

Before I knew it, the girl exhaled deeply and shook her hands once. The energy spewed out of the body and blood droplets bounced off. The sight was cried out by an astonishing customer.

“Aura? You’re an aura user in a place like this?”

“Where’s my horseman?”

The guests ran away to the exit. The guards, who guarded the auction doorstep, ran against the stage. The whole place was all tangled up.

An escort jumped on the girl. The girl stretched out one hand as she stepped back lightly. The sword on the escort’s thigh was pulled out and the fountain rose from his chest.

“You can’t just trust this skill and sell people?”

The girl brandished an unfamiliar sword and stepped on one foot. As the aura spewed out, shock waves spread according to the orbit of the blade. Fifty people flew away without touching it and soon spilled blood all over the hole.

The girl took the sword gracefully like prima donna, who stood solo. Instead of paper flowers in the finale, blooddrops flew and cheered her.

Hilaryon was the only one who had his life now.

“What, what, four years……!”

Hilaryon recoiled from her receding body. I tried to roll down the stage and quickly balanced myself.

When I looked at them from the sidelines, all the guests who were full disappeared.

Except for one prince of mystery.

He was grabbed by the collar before he could even determine what the hell happened. Hilarion’s body was lifted into the air with a wheezing breath.

That’s absurd. Hilaryon was quite a big man, as he had been a sprayer. But the slender girl in front of him casually lifted him up. No matter how much he trained his aura, it was impossible unless he was quite a master.

The girl had a sweet smile to match her beauty.

“Long time no see, Hilaryon. You don’t know who I am yet, do you? Is it too much for your fermented hair?

Hilarion coughed out. The girl’s words did not come in properly because she was dizzy.

The aura wrapped around the girl’s white arm shone blue. The power to press breathing became stronger as if holding grudges.

“It’s been a very bad time. Human trafficking is done in return for begging the emperor. There are many reasons for disqualification for composting. Well, you’ve been such a little bitch for a long time, haven’t you?

Clearly, it is the language of a man of knowledge. Only then did Hilaryon come to his senses. I looked down at the girl again.

No, he’s a total stranger, too. You can’t forget such a beautiful woman.

But…… there was a person who was clearly associated with where.

Hilaryon has witnessed this strength with his eyes before.

“Yes, bitch, no way, shallo……the?”

The girl burst into a clear smile at the stuttering name.

“Do I have to show you around this much to find out?”

“Woo, don’t be ridiculous! You’re Charlotte? She’s the evil girl who died a while ago!

Hilaryon became a rebel and stirred the bridge.

“She’s been stuck in a brain cell for five years! Even if I lived, I’m 27! What kind of relationship are you in……!”

“What if you were born again in hell to crush you!”

The girl who claimed to be Charlotte swung her arm. Hilaryon was thrown down the stage like a pack. The rolling body hurt violently when it hit the table and chair. Lying down in agony, the girl’s heels gently pressed Hilaryon’s chin and neck.

The girl smiled at the sword.

“Last confession. Tell me clearly what you did to Charlotte.”

A cold sweat fell down my spine.The former Hilarion was a salsa, which helped to defeat numerous rivals for the throne.

What’s just around the corner is an overwhelming sense that we didn’t feel at the time.

Death approached the respiratory tract. My voice shook.

“Well, it’s crazy to be the empress, and now it’s instructed me to attack Her Majesty.….”

“I gave false testimony. And what else?”

“Or what! I watched her mash her knee…… Argh!”

The pain of being trampled on by the shoe hit me. Hilaryon doesn’t care who the girl is now. I prayed with my hands together.

“Mi, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m just mad that bitch ignored my mind! I didn’t think it would happen, aaaaaaaaah!”

Hilaryon sought forgiveness only with a survival instinct.

“Stop, stop, Charlotte. For old loyalty’s sake…….”

His vision is already dimly colored. Beyond the darkness, there was a roar of laughter.

“There’s no loyalty to a wicked woman.”

That was the last thing Hilaryon heard in this world.

The girl looked down at her old man, who became a dead body.

When I heard applause from over there, I looked back, and the noble man, who had been sitting and watching, slowly rose up.

The mask finally came off the man’s face. The red eyes, which had been hidden so far, shone beautifully like enamel.

“How does it feel to have your first revenge? Juju.”

The blonde girl named Juju threw her sword to the floor.

“I don’t feel anything like this against this little brat. I can’t even call it revenge until I get rid of the guys who really betrayed me.”

Then he said to the man.

“I’m tired from moving in this body. Ruslan, lift me up and move me.”

“That’s ridiculous. You’re acting like a servant to Earl Keitel?”

“Oh, my God, who said he’s in charge of cleaning up the mess? Which count said he would pretend to be Fiancée even in a contractual relationship?”

Ruslan smiled helplessly and hugged the girl. Only then did the Charloteza Jujuine girl droop in relief.

The body was heated up by the long fight. The memory of the time when I was betrayed burned from the girl’s chest with a flame of grace.

Charlotte’s memory, a body abandoned for today.

Charlotte was certainly not the kind girl the world encouraged. In the past, she assassinated, raided, and destroyed various imperial families.

But it was only to make Albert the emperor who loved him.

It was the emperor and his former colleagues who believed that she was the one who dropped her from meritorious subject to evil. They abandoned her first.

I’m shaking with regret.’

It’s no use crying over it.

‘You all, I’ll pay you back in turn.’

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