Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C1-10

Chapter 1

“So the Duke of Marsetta is succeeded by Princess Lilian?”

“I think that’s probably the way it’s going to happen now.”

“I see.”

“The Marquis of Luxen, Princess Lillian’s mother’s family, was all purged for treason. Is that possible?”

“It’s been a while since It was reinstated, so why are you talking about it all over again?”

It was a conversation between the knights in charge of Helsen Prison.

“I’m…. I’m not sure. I wonder if she really trying to poison Princess Lillian. Isn’t there any reason for that?”

“There is no reason. Maybe that’s because she is afraid that her position as a successor might be taken away.”

“Well. His Highness the Duke has often said that she would make a drop.”

What Charelize did was terrible enough to the point where the knight even talked about it.

She was jealous of her half-sister, Lillian, who lived in hiding, and rebuked her case.

She did not hesitate to betray the heavenly beings, with tried to kill Lillian by giving her a tea with poison, and committed all kinds of evil.

Delphir, the second son of the Marquis of Radiasa, who was there with her, was able to quickly show the fallen Lillian to the doctor.

Maybe it was because Lillian barely woke up after wandering around the dead for a few days, but the progress was not good.

As a result, Harbert IV made a decision that overturned everyone’s expectations.

He sided with Lillian, not his nephew, Charelize.

The origin of the poisonous Lipecha was not from the Elioter Empire, but the Luang Kingdom, so it could not be quietly covered.

Eventually, Charelize was detained in Helsen prison.

“Sir Ethan.”

Among the knights who mocked and laughed at me, there is also knight of Duke Marsetta.

I called the knight’s name, remembering that I had an acquaintance I met.

“What….. is it?”

The knight who answered my question looked somewhat quivering.

Narrowing my brows, the way I look at him is contemptuous.

“Please bring my father.”

“Your Highness is very busy taking care of Princess Lillian.”

“I have to tell him, so….. please…”

At the appearance of the knight, who seemed to be distressed for a moment, I had a feeble hope.

“Since you broke down the family dignity, he said his relationship with you is no longer a relationship between a father and daughter.”


“No way… are you not mistaken that his Majesty the Duke will help you?”

But the answer that came back was an obvious disregard, and there was a lot of hatred in it.

My hand, holding the iron fence, fell into the sea without a rush.

‘Did not even one person exist on my side?’

I leaned against the cold wall with a bitter smile.

I was just framed by Lillian. Nevertheless, he is not on my side.

I didn’t even have anyone in my side to express my feelings.

Charelize was born as the daughter of the Duke Marsetta and Princess Yekaterina, the second daughter of the predecessor emperor.

I am the only successor to the Duke of Marsetta, and the most complete lineage, who would become the owner of Marsetta.

I had her dark blonde, a symbol of the imperial family, which allowed me to receive the name of Empress Roxana, the former empress, as the second surname.

I was treated as one of the few semi-royal peoples who were granted succession to the throne.

The Duke could not forget his fiancee, daughter of Marquis Luxen, that make him hated his wife and me.

Because of chronically ill, Princess Yekaterina spent most of her time only in her bed.

They didn’t do the duty that parents had to do.

Nevertheless, I became a little Duchess after hard work. I was also doing the job perfectly.

It certainly was until the illegitimate child, brought by the Duke Marsetta, was enlisted in my family.

Princess Yekaterina passed away from her chronic disease, and the ground where her body buried was still dry.

The Duke Marsetta brought Lillian the very next day.

Blood tests to preserve her lineage were not necessary.

Lillian looked very similar to the Duke Marsetta.

The silver hair of the Duke Marsetta, whom even I couldn’t have, and the blue eyes proving that she was a member of the Duke Marsetta became more convincing than anything else.

To make matters worse, the one known as Lillian’s birth mother is daughter Marquiss of Luxen, who was the fiancée of the Duke of Marsetta.

The Duke of Marsetta struggled to find Lillian, who suffered from genetic disease that has been passed down form the Marquis Luxen generation to generation.

After his efforts, Lillian received her first surname ‘Crose’, the name of the former Duchess of Marsetta.

Lillian officially became the princess of the Duke of Marsetta.

It was a lie if I said I wasn’t jealous of Lilian.

But I wanted to be loved too. I didn’t want to be hated anymore.

I accepted that child and knew that my father would recognize and look at me if I was kind.

I thoroughly concealed my feelings and lived repressing my everything.

If Lillian identity as an illegitimate child meant that she was ridiculed by people, I even came forward to protect her.

Considering that her body was weak, I had once offered to take care of her in a villa in the name of the little Duchess.

And my actions make people think that I was trying to drive Lillian away to the colder northern part.

I heard that someone gossip about me being secretly seeking medicine to cure genetic disease was a trick to grasp and shake weaknesses.

Even though I didn’t expect her to drink poisoned tea by herself, I noticed earlier that she hated me.

However, although our mother different, we have the same father.

I evaluated that the day Lillian like that because she is still immature.

Delphir, holding Lillian, who had fallen out of her blood, said he was really disappointed.

He was once a man I loved enough to even give my life for him.

Excluding the day I first met him, we spent four years together.

But he didn’t believe me until the end.

Rather, he left, leaving only the words that disgraceful to me.

I didn’t have the courage to share the news of my pregnancy, which I learned weeks before imprisonment.

At that moment, I saw a small shadow walking.

“Greeting to the Princess Lillian.”

It is Lillian. The knights immediately bowed their head.

“You’re always working hard. Sir Ethan. Sir Luan. Sir Yuin.”

“Lady remember all of our names…”

“It is an honor to the family. Princess.”

“What are you doing here?”

When asked about the purpose of her visit, tears immediately formed in Lillian’s eyes.

“I was worried about my sister who would be in a cold place, so I couldn’t sleep for a few days….”

“Oh my…….”

“So I mean… can I talk with her with only the two of us?”

Lillian handed a pouch of gold coins to the embarrassed knights.

“If anything happens, scream right away.”

The knights who were worried for a long time, stepped aside

“Yes. Thank you. It only takes a while.”

Only this moment, she raised the corner of her mouth.



“I remember the day I first met unnie. Looking at you now, hasn’t our situation changed surprisingly?”

The day she met the Duke of Marsetta, who even visited Baron Buzz to pick her up. Lillian was wearing the shabby dress she had on purpose.

Lilian’s appearance was enough to stimulate the sympathy of the Duke Marsetta.

And Charelize, who first encountered her on the stairs, looked absolutely noble and elegant.

Charelize had many things from birth.

Lillian felt unfair. The Duke Marsetta’s interests, the status and honor of the little Duchess, and her loving fiancé.

Everything Charelize had was originally her own.

“You’re crazy, Lillian.”

At the words of me, who spit out in a calm manner, Lillian made a sullen expression.

“I am the one who is crazy in the eyes of the world. I who have a week body, is jealous of my half-sister and tries to kill her.”

“Even though I didn’t greet you on the day I first met you, I sincerely cared for you with all my heart. There is nothing wrong with your existence.”

I smiled bitterly. It was sad regrettable that the relationship had to be this catastrophic.

“…..Would you like to hear that? That I and and brother Delphir’s are engaged.”

It should have been wrong to say that Delphir and Lillian, who were mu sister and my lover, were engaged.

“We’re going to put the ceremony on a warm spring….. What do you think of that, Unnie?”

But it wasn’t. Realizing that, the anger I had been holding broke out.

Once the bowl was broken, the cracks continued to flow.

I screamed with all my might, backed by evil.

“The little Duchess position, your fiancee, Brother Deplhir. It’s all mine now.”

I didn’t want to believe. To keep that place, I have lived up to this time.

“Then… what happens to me?”

“The next day at noon, when the sun is brightest. Unnie will be sentenced to your execution. Brother Deplhir tells your sins aren’t right?”


“Our father also actively agreed. Really… I’m so sorry. Unnie.”

As if she felt a rush from far away, Lillian raised her bent body.

“It looks like knights are coming. I’m sorry, but I’ll go.”


“Unnie, do you still want to live? I don’t want you to be lame when it’s the last time. If I were you, I’ll choose to suicide.”

Lillian left. It was late dawn when only a few knights remained on patrol.

Through the very small windows, I saw the moonlight reflected in pure white.

The day I learned that I had Delphir’s child passed through my head.

Although it was still in its early days, it seemed as if I could hear the sound of my child’s heart.

I repeatedly rubbed the slightly swollen belly.

“Poor little baby. My baby. It is your father who will kill me and you.”

I whispered in a voice that could only be heared from the life in my tummy.

“Baby. As a mother… I think I’ll have to do something that I can’t do to you.”

I continued with difficulty.

“Even if you are lucky enough to survive, life hated by your father is very difficult. Do you understand the feeling that I don’t want to pass on what I have been through?”

I soothed, and I asked for forgiveness. My tears from my cheeks slowly flowed down.

I was quietly listening to the sounds in my ears.

I pulled out a dagger that had been hidden very deeply. It couldn’t be taken away because they didn’t search for my body separately.

As I looked at the pink jewels embedded in the handle, memories of the past suddenly came to mind.

Day and night, I always faced threats of assassination.

Delphir gave me a pink jewel, which was also a memento of my mother, inscribed on a dagger as a gift.

“Where else is there such a funny play?”

Come to think of it, it was a very lonely and miserable life.

‘I have never thought of you as my daughter.’

My father gave me the cold shoulder to the last minute.

‘Get the princess out of the room!’

My weak mother has long passed away.

‘All the time with you is terrible.’

I was betrayed by Delphir, who I loved deeply.

Even though I was just thinking, the feelings I felt at that time were once again engraved in my heart.

One corner of my heart was stuffy. It was so stiff that it did not come loose.

As if proving that I was still alive, my heart still beating.

Without hesitation, I stabbed a dagger near my heart.

My heart tightened right away. I felt a pain that could not be expressed in words.

There was a feeling of twisting of the organs, and irresistible blood came out of the mouth.

I was relieved though. Charelize put a bitter smile on her lips.

“Baby. Just in case, if I go back to before meet you and have another chance….”

My stomach feel ache. I wrapped myself unconsciously and said.

“I’ll be waiting as a mother who can give you all….. love. We can hold hands together and walk.. Let’s live the life that your mother dreamed of.”

I was able to see the last moment.

I saw the miserable memories of my life so far.

My eyelids were heavy. The moment I tried to close my eyes, a bright light turned and a man appeared.

He was a man with light blue hair. He said nothing to me. He just hugged me strongly with me in his arms.

My blood flowing out wasn’t dirty, and his willingness to never miss it was outstanding.

 I felt sorry for him hugging me strongly.

Watching his manly figure made my heart ache, missed it, and felt comfortable.

The front of my eyes was blurred, and his figure could not be recognized. I touched him, putting my hand on the man’s cheek.

The man clasped my hand with his knuckles. I didn’t want to take it out strangely. In fact, I didn’t have the strength to do that.

It seemed that the time of my death was approaching to feel cold and warm.

“It’s all. I want to quit. In the first place…. it would have been better off I wasn’t born… as much as….”

My breath gasped irregularly.

As time passed, I was insanely distressed by the pain in my heart that hurts.

“I’m so late… I’m sorry.”


When I complained of of pain from constant paint, he responded with a crying voice.

“Have a good rest. In the next life, don’t worry, only listen to good words and meet only good relationships.”


“Goodbye, Lize.”

As if the words became the end of my life, it wasn’t long before my eyes met a darkness.

Charelize Elze Roxana von Marsetta, died like that.

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