Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C101-111

Chapter 101

With her eyes closed, Charelize was listening to everything Arensis said. However, she pretended to be asleep because she didn’t know what to answer.

He said thank you for saving his life, but it was somehow awkward to hear from Arensis.

Then, I gradually became more and more sleepy. My whole body became tired. I wasn’t drunk like last time.

Strangely enough, being next to Arensis seemed to made me loosen up.

When I realized that, I didn’t feel bad. It was good to be honest.

It is fortunate that there is someone who I could show my true feelings. Like my mother said, I met someone who loved me just the way I am.

This time, I didn’t even deceive myself to be loved.

So I enjoyed the comfortable night that came after a long time. It was just a day I wanted to. It was drizzling.

* * *

Charelize who was tossing and turning slightly, slowly opened her eyes as she felt empty space.

It was early in the morning. It was still warm when I rubbed where Arensis was lying. Seeing the warmth left, I felt like he hadn’t been out for long.

I went to the room where he was staying to have a quick meal.

“Your Highness, are you…. here?”


I raised my hand and tapped it several times, but there was no answer.

“Your Highness?”

I hurriedly opened the door to see what was going on.

There is no Arensis. The room is also tidy, so I walked inside.

On the table next to the bed there is a picture I had seen before. When I lifted the frame, I was smiling innocently.

The flower garden seemed quite different, even though it was the same picture I saw in the bedroom that led by Lili. This time, the flowers looked full of color.

“Your Highness, are you up? It’s raining at dawn, so the air is fresh.”

It’s strange that I had been looking at the photos for a while, and Hailey, who was passing by, came in and greeted me.

“Do you know where the Prince has gone?”

“I don’t know because I didn’t hear anything else. Is something wrong?”

“No, that’s not it….”

“Your Highness, wi-window…..”

“Hailey? What’s wrong?”

I was forced to leave the room when Hailey surprised and pointed to the window.

Curious and looking to the same place, the eagle flapped its wings and pecked at the window with its beak.


As soon as I opened the window, Shishi, who sat on the window frame, held out a letter in his mouth.

To Lize

Last night, a letter came in haste from Sister Casilla, saying that the Emperor in dangerous situation. So, I think I will have to go to the Peschte Empire for few days. Ah, the way you sleep was pretty. I wanted to see you until late, but I was sad that I had to go. Still isn’t that to much for pretend to be asleep? But…. It’s okay because I didn’t cry while you’re sleeping yesterday. See you later.


When I was hurt by Lili, I laughed without knowing because it overlapped with the time when he delivered all kinds of polite letters and medicines.

At that moment, I heard a wind falling from somewhere and turned my head to find Shishi with a strange expression on its face.

It was grinning with one wing covering its mouth. When it saw Charelize, who had hardened her face, it immediately held back its laughter. Nevertheless, it leaked little by little.

“Letter, the content… You know what it mean, don’t you?

Shishi shook its head as if it was falsely accused. Its spun so hard that a few feathers fell out of its body.

As I stared tenaciously, it looked away and even made a fuss.

“Maybe you’re right.”

“What do you mean?”

“You told me last time. The eagle, it seem to understand what I’m saying.”

At that time, Hailey’s words were handed over lightly, but it turned out to be credible.

I told Hailey to bring several kinds of raw meat.

“All right, your Highness.”

“Ah, and… This is the parish that I wrote while learning the letters when I was young. Do you know where it is?”

“Are you talking about the wooden one? It’s been a long time, but if I look it up, I’ll find it.”

“Then bring me that, too.”

Thanks to Hailey, who moved quickly, a box of raw meat and parish was placed in front of Shishi.

As soon as it saw the raw meat, Shishi came down from the window frame.

“Do you want to eat?”


Shishi’s mouth was watering. The eyes glistened at the raw meat.

“I didn’t know what you’d like, so I prepared bones, and I hope you like it.”

“Kiiek, Kiiek!”

Charelize stopped Shishi from rushing into a bowl of raw meat. Shishi looked anxiously at the bowl in her hand.


“What do you want to eat first? Can you tell me with this?”

Shishi, who wanted to put raw meat in its mouth right now, raised its feet and moved the parish without hesitation.


“What can you do for me if I give you this?”

[Letter. To the owner. I’ll tell him.]

Shishi, who was not embarrassed, moved the parish again to express its intention.

Considering that it knows how to negotiate, it seemed very smart. I was satisfied with the better response than most vassals.

“I don’t know if you still remember where Ezela is.”

This time, instead of using parish, it nodded. Seeing that, Charelize patted Shishi on the head.

Shishi stamped its feet as if this was not what it wanted.

Charelize brought a letter from her bedroom that she had previously written for Ezela.

“It’ll be complicated for the Prince to deliver this letter, so give this to Ezela. Come back and eat these.”

As soon as it heard that, Shishi lifted one foot and scratched its chest fur and roughly assembling the parish.

[You. Are. Like. Bad guy. Same. With. The owner.]

After wrapping its head for a long time, it left with a letter in its mouth from Charelize.

Shishi’s eyes were filled with tears.

Charelize, who sent Shishi, met Princess Veloche to protect her deal with Harbert IV.

“On the order of His Majesty the Emperor, I was instructed to teach political science to Her Highness the Princess. I’ll do my best, so I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

“Welcome, little Duchess. I’ve heard from His Majesty the Emperor.”

When Charelize gave her a formal greeting, Princess Veloche sent all her servants who were with her.

“…I’ve been watching them carefully since earlier, but I couldn’t see her. Where did she go?”

I asked, because I didn’t seem to have seen the maid who was rude to me when Princess Veloche brought wine to the Duchy.

“Ah. Sera went to the temple. I told her to get my mother’s letter.”

“I see.”

“It will probably take a while.”

Princess Veloche smiled leisurely with one corner of her mouth up.

It was quite surprising to hear that Harbert IV had eyes and ears at once.

“It’s not that Princess doesn’t know the virtues of the monarch, which is the basis of monarchy and politics, but you just haven’t learned it.”

“…That’s right.”

“When the Emperor asks, you must give the proper answer….. I think you should just memorize this.”

“This…. all?”

Charelize handed the four books she had brought to Princess Velcohe.

“Is there a problem?”

“It’s a little too much.”

Princess Veloche, who picked up one of the books, turned the pages with a trembling expression on her face.

“It’s a lot less than by my standards.”

“I’ve taken a lot out of my standards.”

“….Excuse me, little Duchess… When did you finish it?”

“My first reading was when I was nine years old, and I finished it all in six months. After that, I read the military studies of Tobe and I remember it was interesting. I’ll bring it next time.”

“…Yes, thank you.”

Princess Veloche’s face suddenly darkened.

Not understanding why, Charelize pushed the paper out of her arms.

[In the near future, I’m going to spill a little bit of talk about my poor health.

When you met the emperor later, tell him that I didn’t show any pain, but that you felt a dark complexion on my face, and that I lost my balance by stepping on my feet.

He can’t help but believe it since I’ve already shown that behavior once. When these rumors spread completely, I’m going to chip in to add credibility.]

After reading the contents carefully, Princess Veloche nodded to show that she understands.

Charelize picked up the paper again and burned it on a candle. She engraved in hereyes what had disappeared into ashes.

“It seems like it won’t be enough to stay up all night….. I’ll give it a try.”

“I added additional explanations by organizing the difficult parts in a note. If it’s difficult, you can send me an official letter anytime. It’s not a bad thing if you show a hard-working attitude.”

Princess Veloche organized the books that Charelize brought. Charelize, who gave her a sense of formality, but of course she should know, headed to Helsen Prison after finishing the conversation.

“I see the little Duchess.”

“You’ve been doing a great job. Where is the Duke?”

“You can come this way, your Highness.”

She was guided by the knight to the place where Duke Marsetta is.

It may be a coincidence, but it was the place where she died.

I couldn’t help but recall the past when he left me.

“……Chare, lize?”

“I heard that the trial will be held soon. The murder of the Imperial family is a crime that cannot be escaped even by the Duke. No matter how much you ask for forgiveness, my anger won’t go away. My mother is not coming back alive, isn’t she? Nevertheless, keeping the Duke alive… It’s not because I’m sorry. Live more painfully than die, and pay for what you have done to my mother.”

“…I got it.”

The bitterness spread around the mouth of the Duke Marsetta.

“Lastly… just a word.”

“Go ahead. Today will be the last time I have a conversation with the Duke like this, so I’ll listen.”

“The words… I said sorry for not being a father were sincere. I’ve never been able to protect you….. I’ve never hugged you before….. I hurt you because of my selfishness…. I’m sorry. I don’t ask for forgiveness. You, keep walking your way.”

“….Every time I hear an apology from the Duke to put your minds in ease, always make me feel dirty. To the end….. you’re the worst.”

“…just. I regret it so much. And when I saw it, you… I hope you laugh. I hope it’s a little refreshing. The regrets that come now are funny….. I also laughed the other day at my father’s belated apology….. I know how ridiculous it is to try to hold her when she’s already gone. I know very well…”

“Do you want to be remembered as a good man instead because you were not a good father like the the predecessor Duke?”

I didn’t know what the Duke Marsetta was thinking.

I knew he was just trying to make him feel less guilty, because he wanted me to laugh.

The Duke Marsetta could not be a ‘good man’ since he abandoned Lillian, whom he loved so much.



“Please… like what I did… Don’t die here. Even so, no matter what you do, you’ll save it and get the price… Please stay still so that you don’t go to such trouble. Don’t do anything. You might think it’s hard to sit on the floor after being beaten by your one and only child, but then… As you said, I have never been the daughter of the Duke.”


“I’m saying I’ll deny you the Duke. Don’t be so upset because that what the Duke always did, and that’s what I’ve been receiving it all my life.”

Charelize wanted him to live and feel pain somehow. It was too cowardly to die now.

“It’s not just hard to think of the Duke who killed my mother. Stay here and think and think about what that stupid choice you made in an instant. That what head is used for.”

Duke Marsetta could no longer be a father.

If it wasn’t for him before, now Charelize wouldn’t be refused.

“My head…. hurts….”

“Even if you think so… you may not be able to get out of here.”

“Help, co….me. Charel, please….”

“Don’t call my name with that dirty mouth. It’s a name that my mother gave to me with a lot of thought.”

Duke Marsetta was nothing more than the murderer who killed her mother. His actions, writhing in pain, were the same.

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