Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C11-20

Chapter 11

“May the little Duchess reach the blessing of the Goddess Resina.”

“Little Duchess, have a safe trip.”

I was sent off by the maids of the Duchy.

So I got on the carriage to the Eralpier Academy.

Martin had been off vacation for a few days to her hometown of Viscount Rael.

Lari was also left in the mansion, unable to go together due to a strong fever.

“She was out cleaning the window again….. and her fever is only getting worse, I’m worried about Lari.”

“Even if I command her to take a break from work, She insisted that she would continue… Because her whole body is a hot like fire, it doesn’t matter how much I try to stop her.”

Hailey replied with a sigh. By this time of year, there are no special chronic diseases, but Lari’s body has a risen as much as if she had a cold.

Even though she had a fever, she was overwhelmed, and at one time she lost her mind while working.

‘Overall, it shows symptoms of a cold, but it is difficult to make a confirmation.’

‘Isn’t there a problem with her life? She was usually get cold at this time, but this is the first time she even collapsed.’

‘It’s not that her life is in jeopardy. There is a high possibility that it is a genetic or heart disease inherited from her parents, but it would be better to get the right treatment as soon as possible.’

‘Heart disease?’

‘Yes, that’s right.’

Even when I called the famous physician in the capital for a medical examination, they couldn’t get an accurate diagnosis.

Everyone just said that it was ambiguous, but they couldn’t find the name of the disease.

‘I told you to stay still in the room for a while, but why are you out there?’

‘I’ve had a good night’s rest and I’m all right. I’m all better, Princess.’


‘I feel more frustrated just lying in the bed.’

Even if I told her to rest strictly, she secretly doing her work.

“According to the physician’s words, it’s an inheritance or a heart disease that she received from her parents.’

“In the case of Lari, she was an orphan from birth, so she probably doesn’t know who is her parents.”

“Do you have any idea who is named Lauren?”

“…….I don’t know. Did anything happen?”

“I don’t know the details, but the last time when I was nursing for Lari, She called the name Lauren and asked if it had anything to do with the pain of looking for an ailment of her heart.”

I opened my window slightly, feeling it was stuffy in the running carriage.

Clouds that seemed secluded were slowly passing by.

“By the way……”

“Yes, Princess.”

I reached out to the sky and stirred the formless air.

“Do you have any special schedules after this?”

“Not really. What do you do, Princess?”

“I think I have to stay in the academy for a while. In addition to the sponsorship business, I have someone I need to meet.”

A small piece of pink petals flew in from somewhere and gently fell into my hand.

“What happened to Prince Arensis, who I asked you to find out last time?”

“Ah. I was going to report it to you. That man existence is Arensis Cabel Yuan Ron Peschte, the Second Prince of Peschte’s Empire.”

“Of the four princes of the Peschte Empire, he was the only whom birth not from Empress Sione, right?”

“That’s right. Princess.”

“You mean he is illegitimate son of Akana I?”

“There wasn’t much known about his birth mother. But I only knew that she died when he was young, and she was a maid in the Empress’s Palace.”

When I heard that he was not the child of Empress Sione, Lillian came to my mind.

The two had the something in common: the emperor and the duke’s illegitimate children.

Come to think of it, I could find some suspicious things about Lillian’s birth date.

Although born in the same year, I was born in April, the spring when petals were in full bloom.

On the other hand, Lillian was born in December, when the white snow fall.

Even though I couldn’t fill the month of giving birth and came to the world early, there was something doubful about the disappearance of Lady Luxen.

“If you only look at her appearance, Lillian is definitely Duke daughter. The blue eyes resemble the Duke, even if it’s like that… Don’t she have the silver hair that even I don’t have?”


“…..Don’t look at me with those eyes.”

Hailey knew well what feeling I had for the Duke Marsetta.

She sympathized with me, who looked bitter.

“When I was young, I hated it so much that I wanted to rip it off, but not now.”

I grabbed a handful of my hair that was reflected in the sun and glistened brightly in my hand.

The dark blond, which proves to be Elioter Royal blood, was inherited from my mother.

I had a lot more to benefit from this hair color I had.

I was named Roxana same as Empress Roxana as the second surname, and even have the right to inherit throne.

Not only was I treated as a semi-royal, but I was also praised for my perfect lineage.

Rather, it was enough to say that I was lucky to be born with a blonde hair.

When the royal children of the Imperial Family of Elioter married, it was very rare that even their children were recognized as royal families.

However, it was not long after the bloody tragedy occurred.

‘The carriage of Grand Duke Inovestin and Grand Duchess Penelope were attacked and the two of them died.’

‘It is said that the Marquis of Opert had heart attack, so he couldn’t wake up in the end.’

‘The husband of Marchioness Reidwell, the grandson of Emperor Arche’s, went into the arms of the goddess last night.’

As if at that turn, even the remaining sidelines of Imperial Family were dead, so the number decreased significantly.

The predecessor emperor enacted a new law so that only those who were born with the symbol of the imperial family could be treated as the main royal family.

Harbert IV did not receive the emperor’s seal.

Moreover, he accused his half-sister, Princess Elizabeth, who was the successor of throne ridiculously.

He committed a bloody tragedy, a cruel thing that might be new to history.

Nobles child which have same age as me, were reluctant to hang out with me because they had been educated by their parents who feared Harbert IV.

Furthermore, I am also hated by my father, Duke Marsetta.

As a child, I thought, the reason I was hated for was because of the blonde hair I had.

‘I wasn’t married to you.’

‘Suddenly what is that…’

‘That blonde hair that is given only to the Royal bloodline. I’m sick of it. How will you tie me to the ground with the name of Royal Blood?’

‘Charel is watching. Let’s talk again next time.’


All the time, only the voice came and went. Even that, as time passed, even the conversation disappeared and they kept away from each other.

I was too young to know about the bloody tragedy, and I didn’t even know how the marriage of my parents had come to pass.

As usual, I only thought it was a political marriage for harmony.

‘There’s nothing like me in her’

‘I’m sorry. Father.’

‘I don’t want to see you, so stay out of my sight for a while!’

I was mistaken that he didn’t want to keep me because I inherited my mother hair color.

I thought he didn’t even admit me as his daughter and gave his love.

‘The reason why I can’t be loved by my father is because I’m mother’s daughter.’


‘If you’d only make me listen to these words, why did you give birth to me?’

I turned back and left a dagger in my mother’s heart.

When countless thoughts occurred during that short time, I immediately regretted it.

When I visited her again, my mother had already disappeared.

And after that day, my mother never called me by name again.

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