Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C21-30

Chapter 21

“I-I see the little Duchess… may Goddess Resina blessing reach you.”

Baron Ite, who was brought by the knights, pretended to be fine but stuttered nervously.

Unable to do this or that, Kanna’s face showed an uneasy expression.

“Baron Ite.”

“Yes, little Duchess.”

“How many years have I been with you?”

“It’s been… seven years.”

After watching his look and he speak out, I laughed.

“I don’t have to ask who order you to do it.”

“Um, I… have no idea what Your Highness talking about.”

“I didn’t call Baron to be idle.”

I pointed sharply at Baron Ite, who was consistent in saying that he didn’t know.

“Tell it to your new Master.”

“Yo-your Highness.”

“If you show too much stupidity as you do now, you’ll lose what you have.”

“That… what do you mean?”

“That means my relationship with you ended today.”

“Your Highness!”

“If you want to live, shut your mouth.”

I laughed again when I saw Baron Ite, who closed his mouth right away.

It was empty to know that he shot an arrow at once, which overshadowed our time together.

“Kanna, when you first greeted me, you said he is the one recommended you.”

“Th-that’s right.”

“Did you try to protect your identity in case I found out that you opened the door to the spy?”

Kanna’s face turned dark. She looked as if she had seen a ghost.

“The emerald earring that you said Jenny took….”


“It didn’t disappear in the first place.”

Kanna hit her head on the floor and begged with her hands together.

“I-I was wrong, Your Highness. I just did what Baron Ite told me to do Your Highness. Please, save me just once.”

“You’re wrong, what Baron ordered you is to open the door. Isn’t it you who said that Jenny took it?”

“Never again, I will never again… I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen….”

“Kanna, I certainly gave you a chance.”


“It is not enough to open the door to the spy, but to frame others for fear of being found guilty. I will cut off your tongue so that you will never make a fool with your mouth again.”

There was not a single hesitation in what Charelize said.

“Your Highness! Please… please forgive me just once Your Highness!”

“For Baron Ite who tried to kill me in connection with others….”


“I order the death penalty.”

“Your Highness! No… No, you can’t… there is a baby in my wife’s belly… I have a child to be born soon!”

“I have already given you great generosity. What the baron has done is tantamount to treason. Originally, who did treason is being punished with their family destroyed in three generations, didn’t I make concessions for the sake of seven years of our friendship?”


“If you don’t understand this, go to the Duke, confess your crimes and stand trial.”

Charelize was right. It was natural for those who tried to kill their owners by sending people to destroy their family for three generations.

Duke of Marsetta will give them what they deserved, but Charelize is not like him.

“Take both of them and put them in jail for now.”

“Your Highness! Please help me! Little Duchess!”

“I must have been crazy for a while. So… So for a while… Your Highness… please give me another punishment!”

“I didn’t expect that Baron Ite is so stupid.”

“Little Duchess….”

“What punishment should I give to a man who betrayed me and wanted me to die?”


Hearing this, Baron Ite made a bewildered face and didn’t struggle any more.

“My wife…. and my child’s life… thank you for saving their life….”

“Baron Ite.”

“I’m….. sorry. Your Highness.”

Having given up everything, Baron Ite apologized to me, saying thank you for saving his wife and child.

“Who did I hold hands with… Why don’t you ask me in detail?”

Baron Ite asked me.

“There are many who put a sword into my throat, but how can I not know who they borrows the hand of others?”

In response to my reply that I already knew the culprit, Baron Ite quietly left the room.

He was a vassal with whom I had been working together for seven years.

The price of affection and giving their heart was astonishingly horrendous.

In my previous life, Baron Ite neither sent a servant to open the door, nor betrayed me.

It was strange and very shocking that he made a different choice than in the past.

Once you see the rotten roots and pass by them, what is next to them is bound to rot.

Charelize said it was a pity, so she didn’t take back the punishment she had inflicted on Baron Ite.

* * *

Marie and Kanna were kicked out, and Baron Ite was executed.

The atmosphere of the Marsetta Duchy became as cold as ice sheet.

The remaining servants worked silently, more nervous than usual.

“Your Highness, the air outside is cold.”

“Baroness Ite gave birth prematurely.”

“…that’s right, Your Highness.”

When asked by Charelize, Hailey agonized and told the truth.

“…I see.”

“Your Highness, don’t worry too much. Rather, you’re being generous.”

“Give my support until that child is graduates from the academy.”

“Little Duchess….”

“Even if I have another chance, I intend to punish Baron Ite the same thing.”

With those words, I fired an arrow at my mind.

As time went by, one shot, two shot, and the arrow ran out, the complicated mind did not go away.

“Even though I have given proper punishment to those who betrayed me.”


“Didn’t I take away that child father?”

I uttered in a nonchalant voice. But the eyes were as deeply hurtful as they were.


I could hear the chirping of a bird that I had heard a lot from somewhere.

When I looked up at the sky with my head up toward the sound, the eagle I saw when I met Arensis was fluttering its wings.

“Your Highness! It’s dangerous!”

“…it’s all right.”


Hailey, who reflexively wrapped Charelize, replied in a quivering voice.


” Kieeek!”

The eagle circled in the sky for a long time and sat on my shoulder.

Then it raised one of its leg. When the curious me looked at it feet, a small pocket was tied to it.

“Did you come to run an errand for your master?”


“I’m proud of you, Hialey, bring me something Shishi can eat.”

“Yes, Your Highness. I’ll….bring it soon.”

I untied it and looked inside. It contained a small pill box and note.

Little Duchess.

This time, I trained it again so that you wouldn’t be surprised, but I apologize if you were surprised by Shishi. Little Duchess don’t have to worry too much because you already make a good move.

I’m sending you the medicine through Shishi because I’m sure you didn’t receive treatment because it’s a small wound. Then I hope you have a peaceful night until we meet again.

– Arensis Cabel Yuan Ron Peschte.

“…I never thought he would send me a pill.”

As Arensis said, I didn’t receive any treatment.

It didn’t hurt, and call doctor for this kind of thing is making me look weak.

As expected, Arensis is well aware of me, whether his expectations so far were correct.

As if we’ve spent a long time together.


The eagle tilted its head when it found me, who had wounds on my palm while shooting arrows one after another.

“Ah, it usually happens. You don’t have to worry too much.”

” Kieeek…”

At that moment, a twinkling light flashed from the eagle’s other foot.

I looked around to see what was going on, and the eagle had a thin silver ring on its foot.

“Did your master do it for you?”

” Kieeek!”


Leaving behind the delighted eagle with a nod, I found something strange.

I was familiar with the silver ring that the eagle was wearing.

Surprisingly, the shape was very similar to what I wore when I was young.

“Wait…. can you show it to me for a second?”

“Kieeek! Kieeek!”

The silver ring was taken out of the eagle’s feet again as if it willing to allow it.

My name is engraved on the inside of the silver ring.

‘You can always come to the Duchy with this.’


‘You said you weren’t going anywhere. Come with me.’

‘I can’t take it. I’m sorry.’

‘First of all….. keep it. Tomorrow… Let’s talk again tomorrow. Yes?’


I hadn’t been seen it since at some point and thought I just lost it, but it wasn’t.

I left it to someone and forgot about it.

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