Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C31-40

Chapter 31

Madame Lientil, who didn’t know Charelize would say that sentence, was so surprised that she opened her eyes wide.

I couldn’t keep my mouth open for seconds.

The momentary embarrassment was so obvious on my face.

It was a solemn thing that was allowed only to the head of state and their successors.

The writings within the Elioter Empire were one of the representative symbols of each family.

It was strictly permitted only to the head of the family and their successors.

The nobles were not allowed to embroider the crest of other families unless they are in a long-term relationship and built trust.

It has been a long tradition for designers who were allowed to embroider crest on cloaks or handkerchiefs to decorate flowers that represent themselves in harmony with the crest of the family.

“The red cape I wore at the coming of age, as you know, was the last work by Viscountess Rugal.”

“The symbol of Madame Pone… I have heard of it as the end of two mist flowers.”

“For the last time, I’ve never even take it out.”

There is a somewhat lonely expression on Charelize’s face.

“If you don’t mind, may I ask why?”

When the name of Viscountess Rugal, one of the people she had always admired was mentioned, Madame Linetil is instantly curious and asked the reason.

“Do you know why the Viscountess Rugal’s symbol is two mist flowers, and why she meant herself with it?”

“The flower language of mist flower is… I know the success of love and a clean heart. I’m sorry, but I don’t know Madame Pone’s heart.”

“It is said that the two mist flowers refer to her mother, who passed away due to postpartum disease, and her stepmother, who was latter remarried by her father.”

* * *

In the past, a few days before coming of age ceremony.

“Oh, my God… Viscountess Rugal. Did you come all the way here?”

“I see the Princess. May Goddess Resina’s blessing reach you.”

“May Viscountess Rugal have protection, too. Please take a seat.”

“Thank you, princess.”

Charelize had already known from her mother that Viscountess Rugal would make a cape for her coming of age ceremony.

She, who was uncomfortable even walking with one leg injured, brought it to the duchess herself, and at the same time, she felt embarrassed and sorry.

“I could have hired servants to do the job. It’s going to be hard.”

“It wasn’t hard at all, so you don’t have to worry.”


“You don’t know how happy I am while I was embroidering the sentece.”

Viscountess Rugal smiled as pure as a little girl.

Charelize felt absolutely amazing about her look.

“This is Rooibos tea. Please drink it.”

“Oh, it’s from the Lochard estate, right?”

“…how did you know?”

“There is a unique scent that can be distinguished.”

Then, she served the well-know rooibos tea, which she usually preferred.

Viscountess Rugal smiled as she slowly picked up the teacup and took a sip.

“Ah. After all, I forgot. Please wait.”

“Is something happened….?”

Soon after, she clapped her hands and said, wondering if something had been forgotten.

“On your 17th birthday, congratulations on your upcoming coming-of-age ceremony.”

Viscountess Rugal took the box out of her pocket and handed it to Charelize.

“This…. what is this?”

“It’s my little sincerity.”

She gave a glance to Charelize, who received it with a puzzled look one her face.

As Charelize opened the box with a careful touch, a well-folded handkerchief isplaced inside.


“I embroidered Adonis, Princess’s birth flower.”

“But….you must have been busy making a cape at my mother’s request….”

Charelize continued to stroke her birth flower embroidered in a handkerchief.

“It is a beautiful flower with both appearance and the meaning is melted in it.”

“……is that so?”

“Yes, eternal happiness is what everyone wants.”

Eternal happiness.

It is an awkward word for Charelize.

Since then, only heavy air was flowing in the silence.

“I have a question for you.”

“To me… if you have any questions… what is it?”

Charelize, who had been agonizing for a long time, asked with great determination and asked.

“You voluntarily quit your job as an imperial designer….”


“I heard that you refused to accept the contract offered by other nobles, and that you did not even receive a personal request from your acquaintance.”


“Why did you receive my mother’s request?”

Pone de Rugal.

Called Madame Pone, or Viscountess Rugal, she was a commoner.

Perhaps because of that, she was lucky enough to enter the Eralpier Academy with the patronage of a kind-hearted nobleman.

She is still talkative when she passed several tests and became the first imperial designer.

Soon after, with overwhelming skills that others could not follow, the perfect robes were gradually calmed down.

Nevertheless, the inscription ‘from a commoner’ that follows the tag has not been erased.

It was same even when she received title from the previous emperor.

When King Herbert IV ascended the throne, she voluntarily wanted to leave the imperial family and live quietly.

She declined several nobles who offered contracts on unconventional terms.

Even at the request of a close acquaintance, she didn’t budge.

“Honestly, it’s not that I haven’t considered a personal relationship with the Duchess at all.”


“I never did it knowingly, but I have sinned against them that I cannot wash.”


“When She was a princess, It was so annoying to change her dress so many times… If she look at me, she freaked out and was busy avoiding me….”

“…so my mother was like that.”

According to Viscountess Rugal, my mother in her childhood was very lively.

I never imagined it, so I couldn’t believe it.

“You’ve guessed exactly what two mistflowers representing me mean.”


“She said she wanted to be a support to the Princess.”

“What it means… What the hell is it?”

“The day I was born is the anniversary of my biological mother.”


“Thanks to my stepmother’s warm teaching that came from my father’s remarriage, I was able to live with a clear and clean mindset.”

Viscountess Rugal said she could feel the mother’s love for her daughter.

She added that she thought she would have no regrets even if the last two mist flowers, her symbol, were the cape of Charelize.

* * *

“The cape reminds me of my mother who smiled at me at the coming-of-age ceremony.”

“I’m sorry, your Highness. I shouldn’t have….”

“No, I’ve become very blunt. Time has passed, it’s worth forgetting, as long as you don’t see it in person.”

When Madame Lientil was restless, Chrelize quickly changed the subject.

“I’m also saying this because I don’t think I’ll regret allowing Madame Lientil to make a crest.”

“Your Highness…”

Madame Lientil wiped away tears that fell without realizing it.

The hidden stories of the respected have always been heard, but I was moved by Charelize’s words that she would not regret even if she allowed me to make that crest.

Duke of Marsetta is by no means an ordinary aristocratic family.

It is one of the tree great Dukes that the they had been with since Elioter Empire was a kingdom, so its power pierced the sky.

Several of the successive heads of the Duke Marsetta have maintained their noble lineage by marrying foreign royalty, including the children of the imperial family of Elioter.

It has enormous power to rival the Emperor.

The approval of Duke Marsetta’s crest and the experience embroidered in the cape of the little Duchess, who will succeeded as the head of family, is nothing short of a token recognizable anywhere on the continent.

As proof of that, it is not long after I formally signed a contract with Charelize.

Madame Lientil received an apology from the Marquis Limbel, who had been rude to me and who did nothing wrong.

There were quite a few who groveled unlike before.

Nevertheless, I thought the misfortune would be transferred by giving birth to the twins, cursed by the Goddess Resina.

The situation is different if you embroider your symbol with the permission of Duke Marsetta’s

It wasn’t because of her interest, which flew for a moment, that I would be thrown away after helping a little, but because I’m really become little Duchess man.

My husband, who went to war for his country, returned soon thereafter dead.

Instead of being rewarded for it, they talked about him being cursed by Goddess Resina.

In a moment, a strong fence that protected me collapsed and was beyond vain.

Even though my family being accused cursed, I had to raise two talkative children by myself.

If I die too, my children will have to be left alone in this harsh world.

In order to survive, I opened a small dressing room to revive my old hobby, and also did the work of my husband, who is a count, at the same time.

Of course. There were many days that were physically and mentally difficult to endure.

‘Eric, you can’t go up to the desk! It’s dangerous, so come down quickly.’

‘I hate it!’

‘Deron, why are you crying?’

‘Hyung took my toys….’

‘You idiot, can’t you even come up here?’

‘Who are you calling idiot! On a topic that you can’t even write your own name!’

‘This is really, you want to die?’

‘Who wants to die!’


‘Eric, I told you not to use bad words. Hurry up and come down and look at the wall.’

‘I hate mom. Why are you doing this to me?’

‘Because only hyung was wrong.’

‘You’re shorter than me.’

‘You guys… Mom is having a hard time … why aren’t you listening to me….’

But I always had to be fine because I had kids.

I’m not happy at all, but I’ve been hypnotizing myself day by day and survived each day like that.

Even with my eyes closed, I lived with my husband buried in my chest.

Short if short life and long if long in life, I realized that there are people who I should never forget.

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