Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C41-50

Chapter 41

‘In my next life… You want me to be my mother?’

After hearing what’s inside of the precious person that we can’t see again.

I wondered where there would be someone who would not cry.

Charelize wiped away tears that were flowing down fast.

Looking down, she slowly moved toward the centurion on the tombstone.

The two leaves, which never fell over the years, seemed to represent the mother’s heart, who had lived missing her family all her life.

At that moment, the large bell in the spire rang out a couple of times.

Just before the succession ceremony for Grand Duke Innovestin begins.

It was a sound to tell the time to enter.

Charelize loosened her grip on the letter paper so tightly that it crumpled.


I bit my lips, trying to calm the sudden surge of emotion like a wave.

“Remember, if we had a next time, I’d like to be my mother daughter… That’s why we always walked together, told each other that we love each other so much, and said let’s spend our normal lives together.”

Then, she brought up what she had hidden inside all her life.

“You didn’t help me up when I fell, but… Instead, you woke up quickly and taught me how to shake it off.”

I was able to cut some of the twisted mind like a tangled thread.

“Born as a mother’s daughter, really… I am happy.”

In order to get outside, Charelize took a steady step.

The sudden wind gently brushed her cheek.

Come to think of it, it was exceptionally sunny today.

The warm sunlight also followed Charelize throughout the day.

As I looked up at the sky, my eyes were closed reflexively by the dazzling light.


Charelize suddenly thought of this.

I think my mother who was listening to what I said answered me.

The whooping sun in my eyes was not distracted by the wind that had just blown.

Looking at where it is.

A dull pain passed through the corner of the chest.

It was so strange that the world couldn’t describe it.

I managed to escape from the Palace of Florence and head for Erharac Hall, where the succession ceremony will be held.

Across the corridor that followed, a man with light blue hair was walking.

She seemed to met him only when she had the least visible appearance.

Charelize was embarrassed to find traces of tears she shed while reading the letter.

I felt like I was with someone who wasn’t alone, so I couldn’t pass by without looking the other way.

Nevertheless, regardless of my will, my heart beat irregularly fast.

The small beating of my heart made me laugh.

What the hell I was doing before I lost my memory?

Whenever I see Arensis, I don’t know if this reaction comes out automatically.

For the first time, Charelize became curious about him.

“Can’t you solve this? It’s uncomfortable because my neck is constantly being tightened, and I think I’m going to die.”

“Don’t mix things up halfway, fix your tone first. Or she will come back again. And….”


“She still doesn’t fully remember you….”

When Arensis identified the owner of the shadow walking from afar, he suddenly stopped talking to the person next to him.

“I see you, Prince. May Goddess Resina’s blessing reach you.”


“Your Highness?”

“May…. protection be there”

“What’s wrong?”

“What brings you here… No, that’s not what I mean….”

He stammered, visibly embarrassed.

“Isn’t today the day of Grand Duke Innovestin’s succession?”


Charelize wondered such a reaction from Arensis.

Seeing his rapidly blushing face, I wondered if he was ill.

“Greetings to the little Duchess.”

“You are?”

Just as I was about to ask again with a slight tilt of my head.

“I’m Viscount Luche, an aide to Prince Arensis.”

It was Arensis and a man next to him who opened his mouth instead.

The man who identified himself as Viscount Luche drew a soft line.

“…..Somewhere, I think I’ve seen you.”

“D-do you have a problem…?”



Viscount Luche had relatively sharp eyes.

To make matters worse, it was a mysterious appearance with nearly white hair and different colors of both eyes.

Feeling somewhat familiar, Charelize looked closely at Viscount Luche’s face.


I remembered the name of the cat that Arensis was raising.

Viscount Luche, who had his mouth curled down, had a bewildered expression on his face.

“Nice to meet you.”


Charelize, who was greeted belatedly, shook hands with Viscount Luche.

Viscount Luche took her hand reluctantly, with tears in his eyes.

“He’s been looking for you since a while ago.”

Looking disapprovingly at it, Arensis said to Viscount Luche, closing his brows.


“……Sister Casilla.”


“Don’t you remember when you promised to stick around quietly?”

“Is Karen… looking for me?”


Viscount Luche shuddered and loathed when she heard that the Princess Casilla of the Peschte Empire was looking for him.

“First…. I have to go, your Highness.”

“Take care, Viscount Luche.”

Viscount Luche gradually moved away with a face that had given up everything.

“Viscount Luche….”


“Is that the cat I saw at the mansion that day?”

“….that, how….?”

Charelize shrugged her shoulders, and asked as she looked at the back of Viscount Luche.

“Your memory… they’re back….”

Arensis wondered if her memory had returned.

So, she asked with a lot of nervousness.

“You always treat your superiors comfortably all the time, even calling me by my pet name…..”


“I found out by seeing that his appearance hasn’t changed much either.”


“I’ve looked at the data, but it really have the ability to turn into people.”

Charelize was surprised to think of the woman’s story on the day she met Professor Hail and the contents of the books she had read separately.

She is the owner lover.

In other words, she knows that one pupil changes with the color of the eyes of their owner partner.

I didn’t bother to say it. I don’t remember anything.

It was because Lili’s blue eye, proving that he still love me, made Charelize, who was watching fell guilt.

“…I see.”

“And… even if it isn’t.”


“At that time, Lili’s eyes that led me to the Prince’s bedroom…..”

Charelize looked at himself, in the face of Viscount Luche, bewildered.

“So, it’s the same.”

I recalled that there was a longing that I couldn’t figure out why.

Arensis, who was listening quietly to her, smiled bitterly.

“That guy, he was smiling outwardly, but… he cried a lot at that time.”

“You mean Lili?”

“Yes, it was strange that he followed you to the Imperial Palace, not to mention that he turned into a human being after a long time..”


“Probably, he did it to meet Her Highness.”

At first glance, it looked like he was crying, with confused expression on his face.

“When I… died… Your Highness the Prince… were you crying?”


The thing that kept my mouth shut until just now.

Charelize, it was her.

“Again, let me ask you.”


However, the turn was quickly reversed by one question.

“On that day, why….. were you crying?”

There was silence. There was a breathtaking calm atmosphere.

“Before I die… the last person I saw… was crying so sadly.”

Charelize was stabbed by dagger, but it more hurt right now.

It hurt more to see Arensis cry, who I had no memory of him.

“How far… do you remember?”

“I can’t be specific, so I don’t know yet….. I don’t know.”

Charelize shook her head because there was nothing certain about it.

“….Are you okay?”

“What…. do you mean?”

“Your eyes are red… I’m worried.”

“You’ve got it wrong. I just can’t sleep….”

She relexively said no.

“It’s still vivid. In the spring of the 11th year old, she said she didn’t cry…..”

“Spring of the 11th year old?”

“Like now…. I gave it to you.”

Arensis took out a handkerchief from his arms.

“Why did I cry… You asked, didn’t you?”

“Now what is this….”

He confirmed that there was still water around Charelize’s eyes.

“That’s what you said.”




“….Because you were the first.”

He wiped with a careful touch, recited quietly.

Tears seemed to form, but he slightly raised the corners of his mouth to hide it.

“There’s something I have to do, so I’ll go first, your Highness.”

In conclusion, Arensis left first, saying he had other business to attend to.

Charelize felt a sense of alienation from Arensis, who called herself Your Highness.

It’s a very natural title that’s no different than usual, but I didn’t know why I felt this way.

‘I’ll be go first. I’ll see you later, Lize.’

Again, memories that seemed to be seen for the first time crossed my mind.

It didn’t hurt as much as before.

However, spring has definitely passed, but I could smell the sweetness somewhere.

“First….was it?”

What the hell does that mean when he say it’s his first time.

Did he force himself to smile even though he looked like he was about to cry?

It was strange, but I didn’t hate it.

Charelize is building up her feelings for Arensis again.

She arrives at the entrance of Erharak Hall, where the succession ceremony will be held.

“Here comes the little Duchess of Marsetta, Charelize Elze Roxana von Marsetta!”

The servant in front of her announced her arriving.

After all, those who saw Charelize entering alone without her partner.

“Once again… Your Highness little Duchess of Marsetta….”

“How can she do that?”

“She break up her engagement with the second son of Marquis Radiasa…..”

“It hasn’t been long since she’s been break up her engagement… What the hell happened?”

Each of them was busy talking to each other.

“You’re here, your Highness.”

“Don’t worry about what you hear….”

Hailey and Martin, who were waiting for her, approached.

Nevertheless, there were still people who were wondering what to find out what to do.

“How bored must their mouth be, for they dare not come before me.”

“Your Highness?”

“By the time they’re talking behind my back, it’s already been anticipated.”

As Martin worried with restless look, Charelize answered with a leisurely smile.

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