Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C61-70

Chapter 70

The moment I came back to four years ago and realized I am alive. A lot has changed.

Duke Marsetta wanted to be a father to me, and Delphir chose to walk in his missing memory.

Every time I engraved in my heart that I would never love or believe in love again.

Because I thought it was the only way to live.

Arensis didn’t give up knocking on the locked room that no one could enter.

No matter how sharply I spoke and hurt him, he waited with his back against the door.

He says he’d rather die than live in a world where I’m dead and gone.

The idiotic man said that he had to protect my smile, which I regained after a long time.

To be by his side for eternity, Charelize once again opened the closed door.

* * *

The next day, when Princess Casilla finally came to her senses, she appointed Count Hivior as an investigator.

She also gathered those who present and listened to everything that had happened.

She took away all the authority of Princess Ioella and apologized to those who had suffered unpleasant things.

Countess Yoseph, who was in charge of wine, the daughter of Viscount Ameline, and the Marquis Theor, who inspected the glass, had already been imprisoned.

However, nothing was clearly revealed. It was also because too much time had passed.

To make matters worse, they couldn’t find out what poison it was, so they couldn’t even get the treatment.

Although she had already been restrained, Princess Ioella, who was in charge of the interrogation, slowly approached someone.

The place where she stopped is the place where Marquis Dicelon, who adopted Arensis’s biological mother as an adopted daughter then abandoned her.

“Marquis Dicelon.”

“…Yes, Your Highness the Princess.”

Princess Ioella still thinks of him as her enemy, because he didn’t support Empress Sione.

As if nervous, Marquis Dicelon barely answered in a trembling voice.

“Do you know how Empress Mama and Edenberg oraboni died?”

“Th… that’s….”

“They were unfairly killed by someone who used special magic spell. I still hear the cries of sorrow at night.”


“I think he may have taken revenge on his Majesty the Emperor, who made the inevitable choice. What do you think, Marquis?”

“I think he may have avenged his father, who made the inevitable choice. What’s the Marquis’ idea?”

“Your Highness, re…venge?”

Princess Ioella spoke of Arensis as if he was the one who poisoned them.

Count Hivior asked on behalf of Marquis Disellon, who had no answer.

“Are you asking because you don’t know? He should be grateful for letting the man comfortable who was originally to have his head cut off and hung on the gate!”

“That words…”

“He doesn’t even know the subject… Don’t you dare to hold grudges against His Majesty the Father?”


“Haven’t you all thought about it at least once?”


“His eyes that look at His Majesty….”

“I’ve heard he’s cruel enough to cut off the tongues of his servants. This is why he doesn’t know how to thank you….”

At the instigation of Princess Ioella, words came from here and there.

I can’t breathe comfortably in this situation.

For those who weary of him, it didn’t matter whether it was true or whether there is evidence to back it up.

One by one, I started to talk about my thoughts.

“No matter how hostile you are, did you not learn from your teacher how to treat your oraboni who was born earlier than you?”

At that moment, Arensis finally opened his mouth.

“If you’re going to deal with this with such a shady conviction… Yes, let’s take work of the predecessor Emperor as an example.”

Since he had pressed all his emotions, he seemed to have cooler impression.

Some aristocrats, who suspected Arensis, realized their mistake and turned their heads carefully.

“Your Majesty the Emperor….”

“……Are you going to say that, really?”

Those who were not swept away by the atmosphere listened carefully to see if Arensis’s words were interesting.

“At that time, when Princess Hilane was poisoned, Princess Sylia was pointed out as the culprit. It said that Queen Shailene killed Empress Eufredia to take revenge on her mother.”


Princess Ioella, who had heard the tragedy of the former Emperor from her teacher, Maquis Garon.

So, I was so angry that I couldn’t do this or that and grind my teeth.

“But… the truth is, it was Prince Rubren, who was born in the same womb, right?”


“Marquis Garon.”

Arensis  smiled and summoned Marquis Garon, the teacher of Princess Ioella.

“…Did you call me, Your Highness the Prince?”

“I thought you were only in charge of the Second Empress’s history class, but she framed his innocent brother without evidence… Did the Marquis teach her?”

“I’ll correct it. It’s the fault of the bad teacher who couldn’t teach properly. Please release your anger, Your Highness.”

Arensis did not intend to blame Marquis Garon, whose hair had turned white over sixty.

“Ioella, bring us the exact evidence that everyone can understand. I didn’t live in the place where my mother died unjustly just to end it with only your heartbreak testimony.”

Instead, he stared at Princess Ioella and sternly warned her.

“….the advice oraboni gave to me, I take it with pleasure.”

At the end of the situation where Princess Ioella chose to step back and her waves are raging.

“Count Hivior.”


“I just… “

The knight who rushed up to Count Hivior whispered to him.

“Your Highness Princess Casilla.”

“…What’s going on?”

“It is said that the Countess Yoseph, who was in charge of wine, confessed.”

Count Hivior, who had become increasingly serious, informed Princess Casilla of what he had just heard.

Not curling up as she normaly would, Princess Casilla sat in her chair, watching her younger siblings’ conversations.

“Right now… drag her here.”

She spoke in a quiet but daunting voice. She also stopped using honorifics as a habit.

Countess Yoseoh, who was immediately brought in, had been beaten so badly that she could hardly recognize her face.


“What the hell… no matter how….”

Some aristocrats who saw it turned their heads, pointing their heads.

“If your Highness Princess Cassilla had woken up a little later, she would have placed the order in Her Highness’s hand.”

“She who hasn’t even had her coming-of-age ceremony yet can be so cruel.”

Among them, there are those who kicked their tongues and sarcastically.

“…I don’t think anything is clear yet.”

“She was in charge of wine directly, and I think she couldn’t help it because of the situation.”

Charelize immediately frowned at what the Princess Ioella did.

“For the wine for His Majesty and Count Seint….. I was instructed to put poison in it….”

Kneeled down forced by the knights, Countess Yoseph is as person she miss so much that she will never forget.


However, she sounded like the voice of a person she had never been looking for.

“A… Aren… sis… your Highness the Prince.”

“I’ll leave the possibility that it could be a false confession that Countess Yoseph was threatened with. Therefore, there is no clear evidence that Prince Arensis is the culprit.”

After hearing that Arensis was the culprit, Princess Casilla agonized for a long time and that.

“But… just in case… I’ll decide to detain him at the palace.”

Originally, it was natural to protest.

However, the reason why no one objected was that Countess Yoseph’s condition was insane at first sight.

“Do you know the evidence that the Prince gave the instructions or what kind of poison it is?”

“Do you know the evidence or the poison that your Highness ordered?”

Count Hivior asked if she knew the evidence or what poison it was.

“Sorry… I’m sorry. I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”

Countess Yoseph did not give an exact answer.

“Countess Yoseph. Do you know what date it is today?”

“….1509… January 6th ….”

Countess Yoseph, who had just repeatedly apologized, answered completely out of the blue when asked what date it was.

“Since it cannot be seen intact, Countess Yoseph will be put back in prison and subsequently dealt with accordingly.”

Countess Yoseph was led by knights.

At that moment, Charelize clearly saw that Countess Yoseph had been avoiding her eyes when she met her.

When Arensis was detained, Charelize once again moved her residence to the palace of Princess Casilla.

On the third day. Charelize’s patience has reached its limit.

She could get into gossip or get involved in bad things.

However, Charelize, who had more important work to do, headed to the prison.

“I see the little Duchess of Marsetta.”

“It is an honor to be able to offer greetings to the little Duchess of Marsetta.”

As soon as Charelize had her coming of age ceremony, she was recognized as a formal successor to the Duke of Marsetta.

In addition, the Department of Political Science is the only one out of seven to graduate only after passing the exam.

Charelize’s reputation as a senior graduate was enough to respect even for those unrelated knights.

“I’d like to see Countess Yoseph right now.”

“Your highness, if this is the case right now… You may be caught up in bad rumors.”

“Can you think about it in second thought?”

“If I’m going to back down on rumors, I wouldn’t have come in the first place.”

As the knights hurriedly stopped, Charelize spoke in a stern voice.

“Instead, your Highness should be accompanied by two or more knights.”

“…That’s right.”

The knights, who were exchanging glances, sighed quietly.

Charelize, who was guided inside, stood in front of Countess Yoseph.



Countess Yoseph who was as lifeless as a dead man. No, Rona’s eyes opened wide.


“I know why you suddenly pretended to be in trouble, while you were talking just fine until you pointed out Your Highness the Prince.”


“You’ve always told me that lying is a bad thing, and I shouldn’t hang out with people who use it.”


“Eight years ago… you also wanted me to notice when the day you left me.”

Charelize spoke in a childlike way of speech.

‘Did you hurt your hand? I’ll do it for you.’

‘Thank you, Rona. I’ll cherish it forever.’

‘Let’s eat together, Rona. I’m bored eating alone.’

Just like when I was nine years old, I used to be childish to only one person.

Reunion with the person I’ve been trying to bury her whole life in my chest.

Without realizing it, I went back in time.

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