Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C61-70

Chapter 63

“Send a letter to Her Majesty Lanensia Xavi, asking if I can visit her.”

“Yes, your Highness.”

Hailey put her necklace in a separate locker and went outside.

Shortly after that, Lanensia Xavi sent her person directly.

“May Goddess Ressina blessing reach you, little Duchess.”


“I’m Countess Roddit, servant of Her Majesty Xavi. Last time, I’m here to answer your letter.”


“At any time, she said that the door of her palace is always open to Rina’s child.”

Rina. It is her mother’s nickname that could only be called by those who have her permission.

‘How….. she call my mother’s nickname….?’

Charelize followed Countess Roddit, thinking about what Lanensia Xavi had said.

Holding a box with a green jeweled necklace that Empress Lireet asked for.

“Charelize Elze Roxana von Marsetta, greetings to Her Majesty Xavi.”

“I didn’t know when I first saw you, but now I see it… I see a lot of Rina on your  face.”

Charelize noticed that her mother and Lanensia Xavi were close.

However, I didn’t hear anything from my mother about Lanensia Xavi.

“With all due respect, my mother… may I ask how you know?”

“Come on, Lina. And Lireet, I had known them even before she got married.”


“I don’t think it’s been long, but it’s been a long time. I and Lireet were chosen as Rina’s playmates and entered the palace, and that relationship began.”

Lanensia Xavi was chosen by Princess Elizabeth as my mother’s playmate with their same age same Empress Lireet.

Empress Lireet was not able to go out often because of her weak body.

Because of the aristocrats who raised complaints about her status as illegitimate children at that time.

Soon after, she was replaced by Ludmila, the daughter Marquis of Radiasa and then become the Countess of Azel.

“Your Majesty Lireet asked me to deliver it.”

Charelize listened quietly to what she had to say, and handed over the little box she had brought.

“…Oh my.”

Lanensia Xavi, who opened the box with a slight tilt of her head and pulled out a necklace with a green jewel, exclaimed.

Suddenly, Lanensia Xavi took the same necklace from the drawer, which is different in color.

“We promised each other when we made this to fit our eyes.”

“If it’s a promise…”

“When we have our own children, we’ll be good mothers and aunts to each other…. My child is dead, but… Now I can keep that promise.”


“I’ll be a good aunt to the little Duchess. Thank you for growing up well.”

Lanensia Xavi held Charelize’s hands.

Charelize felt the warmth of her mother from her.

‘Still… like this…. You’re saying you sent the little princess to here alone?’

‘Because the age to take the entrance exam is lower here than the Rosielt Academy.’

“How can you send your only daughter….’

“Your Majesty Xavi…”

‘…No, it’s nothing. I heard that the princess applied for the Department of Political Science.’

‘Yes, I thought the political science department is the best option to be a little Duchess.’

‘….While you’re in the Peschte Empire, don’t worry about it and play as much as much as you want.’


‘Except for the Adenlabel Palace where the Emperor lives. In my power, there’s no place the princess can’t go.’

‘…Thank you, Your Majesty Xavi.’

‘Baroness Azwell. The princess… You take care of her for the time being.’

‘I will serve you with all my heart, Princess Charelize.’

‘While You’re here, I hope the princess laughs a lot.’

It was no different from the first impression I felt when I first met Lanensia Xavi.

‘Give it to Xavi. Tell her the time has come to keep the promise the three of us made back in those days.’

Charelize understood what Empress Lireet meant.

Charelize, who was walking outside in a daze, ran into Queen Lilze.

Regarding the interpretation of ancient texts, she has something to say.

“May Goddess Resina blessing reach you.

“May there be protection. Does the little Duchess also attend the wedding?”

Charelize approached Queen Lilze and said hello first.

“Yes, I have been invited by Her Highness Princess Casilla.”


“I have no honor to see the Queen. I’m sorry.”

“Ah, you don’t have to do this. You even sent Count Luwen, but we can’t help it.”


“Well, what if it’s not ancient?”

“What do you mean…?”

“I asked my friend, a professor of history at the Rosielt Academy, and he said it doesn’t seem like a new language.”

“I’ll look into it and contact you again.”

“Then, I’ll be waiting.”

Charelize went to the villa where she first discovered it and said she would ask the Count who manages it.

I came back to the room right away.

“I couldn’t do it for my child, but to be a good aunt on my behalf..”

Charelize kept remembering what Lanensia Xavi had said.

“Little Duchess, Your Highness Prince Arensis is waiting for you.”

“…take him inside.”

She just happened to have something to say about him, so Charelize put her complicated mind aside for a moment.

“May Goddess Resina blessing reach you, little Duchess.”

“I’ve felt it before, but I don’t know why the Prince is acting so recklessly.”

“What…. do you mean…..”

To Arensis, who was greeting her, Charelize asked straight-forward statement.

“Isn’t it because the Prince did something that I who was poisoned still alive now?”


“Next time, don’t do that.”

“Why are you always so strict with yourself? Why are you just telling me not to do anything? Just say thank you, can’t you do that?”

Although he isn’t angry, Arensis questioned her without nodding his head for the first time at Charelize’s words.

Charelize never tell him that she doesn’t want him to sacrifice his life for her.

“Because I’m a stranger.”


“Honestly, I understand that something happened between Your Highness and me.”

Charelize knew it would hurt him, but she is worried about what would happen if something like this happened again.

Hearing that, Arensis simply put on an expression that couldn’t be expressed by words.

“…I’ve saying something rude.”

Arensis went out without hesitation after saying that.

I could catch him. However, Charelize mind was also not entirely comfortable.

Maybe he’s been avoiding me for a while, but I haven’t seen him since.

“Come to think of it, the little Duchess hasn’t seen Ian yet, right?”


“It’s a nickname for Count Seint son, who will be my husband.”

While drinking tea with Princess Casilla, Shareliz heard the story of Count Seint, who would marry her.

“Now in three days….. I will succeed my uncle as Marchioness Jedwin, and Ian will become Marquis.”

“If it’s Marchioness Jedwin…?”

“It’s mother-in-law of Her Majesty. Her Majesty said it was too early to complete independence, so we decided to follow in the footsteps of my uncle, who is going down to the estate.

Empress Casilla inherits the title of Marchioness Jedwin, the mother-in-law of Empress Sione, and the Count Seint son will be a Marquis.

It was customary for a prince or a woman to be granted a separate title and gain independence when she had a family.

However, Princess Casilla smiled lightly, saying that Akan I strongly objected it.

Even though she became Marchioness Jedwin, she continued to live in the palace, maintaining the title of ‘Princess’.

“Little Duchess, still with Arensis…..”

“Your Highness the Princess! You are not supposed to go in ….”

“How dare you block my way!”

At that time, I heard a few words coming and going outside the door, and Princess Ioella opened the door herself and came in.

“Ioella, didn’t you hear there is a guest who came first? Next time….”

“Unnie why you give the Etian mine to that lowly thing instead of me….”

“Your Highness the Princess, you must leave now.”

“…I’m sorry, little Duchess.”

Apparently there is something to talk about, Charelize tactfully avoided the seat.

“What about a reply?”

“Sir Ian, for now let me tell you….”

“What I gave her last time, until I heard where she is going to use it… I can’t cooperate anymore…. please tell that to your Highness the Princess.”

In the hallway that went out, a man presumed to be the Count Seint was holding a maid of honor by the wrist.

They seemed to get along very well. How could he do that to Princess Casilla’s maidservant? What does he mean he won’t cooperate…..?

I heard that they are in love with each other, not political marriage.

So, Princess Casilla said that she is going to marry the second son of the Count Seint, who had no influence.

Embarrased by some accidental eavesdropping behind the pillar, Charelize waited for them to go.

I don’t know what’s going on, but this seems to be their personal life, so Charelize took interest.

“You look better than I thought?”


“I’m just glad you look healthy.”

The next day, Princess Ioella, who she met again in the hallway, threw meaningful words at Charelize.

And next to her, there is a maid who was talking to the son of Count Seint.

* * *

“Isn’t she… the little Duchess of Marsetta?”

“That’s right. She’s close to that bastard, Arensis… By the way, why… her eyes still alright?”

“What do you mean?”

“I told Valerie… to leave a little scar around her eyes.”

“Maybe she’s gotten better?”

Princess Ioella bit her lips as if in anger.

“How much time has passed and she doesn’t even have a slight scar?”



“……shall we send Valerie back?”

“That’s enough. Now something else is more important than that. By the way, did you choose the right person to do the job?”

“8 years ago… do you remember Count Yoseph, who, upon his wife’s death, remarried to a concubine from another country whom he didn’t even know her identity, and then fell in love?”

“…What if it’s Count Yoseph?”

Who the lady is talking about, Princess Ioella seemed to think of a moment.

“Isn’t he the chief servant appointed by Empress?”

“He is loyal… to her Majesty the Empress, even when she passed away, he resigned himself.”

Soon, I remembered that he was the chief servant who served my mother from a distance.

“In the past, no one would even accept bribes. I doubt he’ll attend this wedding, and even if he come… he wouldn’t do anything against my beliefs.”

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