Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C61-70

Chapter 64

“I have heard of Count Yoseph’s character and know it well.”

“If so? Why did you bring up his story?”

“The person I was talking about… the newly married concubine of the Count, your Highness the Princess.”


“Yes, it turns out that the concubine is in charge of the wine for this wedding. Also, it would be relatively easy to produce evidence, since she belongs to Her Majesty Xavi palace.”

“…I still remember how much she is younger than my mother. It couldn’t have been so funny that she wanted me to treat her as my grandmother on a subject that we didn’t even share the same drop of blood.”

“If it hadn’t been for the will of His Majesty the Emperor, she wouldn’t have been in a situation like this.”

“She was born from the body of second wife, so even if she didn’t learn anything, she shouldn’t have done that to my mother.”

Pincess Ioella said that she is still angry just thinking about it, as if it is ridiculous.

‘’Ioella. It’s not enough to look at me and not say hello… What kind of attitude is that now?’

‘Your Majesty Xavi?’


‘Hurry up, ask Your Majesty Xavi for forgiveness, Ioella.’


‘May I assume you have ignored me, Empress?

‘It’s my fault I didn’t teach my child. Please release your anger.’

‘The Emperor regards me as a mother and treats me with all his heart…’

Empress Sione, who lost Prince Edenberg and took her own life, left a suicide note of the same words over and over again and again.

‘Your father went hunting and came back with a woman full of food. Ever since I knew I had you… It was just over two months ago.’

‘Empress Mama…..’

“Even if he was born a little early and became your brother. Ioella, you shouldn’t forget that he’s your enemy.’

Empress Sione spent her entire life in injustice because of Arensis and her birth mother.

When I was about to forget, I cried blood in the dream of Empress Sione.

Princess Ioella, who went to her palace after longing for her mother, forced her eyes open to the Empress Sione, who had already died hanging her neck.

She repeated it so many times that she couldn’t count, and there is nothing she could do but cry.

“…I’ve been looking at it for a few days, and I think the concubine is the best choice for this one.”

The maid, who knew what Ioella was thinking when she had this face, said as carefully as she could.

“You must have brought it up because she is a completely different character from Count Yoseph. What about his kids?”

“He has one son. It said to be the blood of the deceased ex-wife.”

“Wouldn’t… there’s nothing to threaten?”

“They were pregnant at the same time, and the number of months was similar. Only one of them lived.”

“What you’re saying is… He could have deliberately left his son as his ex-wife’s family name?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

After all, swapping his child wasn’t completely out of the question.

For the sake of the child future, it was better to live as an enemy than an illegitimate child.

“Do you have any conviction?”

“When he was young, she hated him so much to the point of making public comments about it…… Now that he’s an adult, he’s so filial that make her cry.”

“It’s more likely that she thought she is her biological mother when he was growing up……. If you do well, you’ll have a chance, but is it possible to point at someone else?”

“There is no mother who will watch her child throw at a dangerous sight, and there is no mother who doesn’t like to go up to high position.”

“By all means, you’re saying it’s most comfortable to threaten her with her son.”

Princess Ioella raised one corner of her mouth, as if she were satisfied.

“That’s right, your Highness.”

“By the way, I wonder why Count Yoseph remarried the concubine as soon as his wife died. I don’t remember his relationship with his ex-wife looking so bad.”

“Shall we find out?”

“…..It’s done. Her Majesty Empress Dowager also pretended only love Empress Mama….. You changed your mind quickly. If I listened to the reason, it would only make me feel dirty.”

“I’ve already completed the rough investigation, so I’ll figure out what her relationship Her Majesty Xavi and report it.”

“…are you sure you are keeping what Ian gave you?”

“You don’t have to worry.”

“I hope your Majesty the Empress Dowager can feel only half of what Empress Mama experienced. How does it feel to be betrayed by someone you believed in.”

There is a shadow on Princess Ioella’s face, but she didn’t seem feel the permonition of guilt to Akan I.

* * *

Eventually, it is the day of the wedding.

Chareliz hadn’t slept properly for days, thinking of Arensis.

‘…I’ve saying something rude.’

It was also due to the change of bed. However, I kept recalling the situation at the time and the expression that Arensis was making.

I took a deep breath as not to show that I am tired.

Arriving at the Castell Hall, where the ceremony is held, people from all over the wordl are meeting each other.


The person who approached Charel is Ibelin, the sixth princess of the Shische Kingdom, who shared a room with her shortly before graduation.

I’ve already returned to my graduation at one point in time.

I didn’t hear any news about how she was doing in my previous life.



However, it is good to see her again like this.

“…why are you staring at me like that?”

“It’s like a princess, no… I think the look on your face is like seeing someone you haven’t seen in years.”

“You’re mistaken…”

“Just kidding.”

“You can treat me the way you used to.”

Just because Charelize became a little Duchess, it is not necessary for her, the Princess, to use honorific.

“Really? Then.”

Knowing that it was a prank, Ibelin responded as if she had waited when Charelize suggested it first.

“You didn’t reply to my letter, what happened?”

“I couldn’t help it because I am being kicked out of the palace.”

“Kicked out?”

“My father collapsed and Rosaline unnie became acting king. You know, my sister personality.”

Ibelin shrugged and said.

Come to think of it, she wasn’t much liked by her sisters.

‘Rosaline unnie is someone who wouldn’t bat an eye if I fall off a cliff, the only person I can call people….. are Daphne unnie and Tiabel unnie. It’s just those two.’

‘What about the rest of your sisters?’

‘Bonette unnie will wipe off Rosaline’s sweat, and Derrica unnie will bring a handkerchief to wipe off that sweat.’

‘Why does everyone hate you so much?’

‘When I was young… No. If I had to choose one… Because I look like her?’

‘…I can’t believe she doesn’t like you because you look alike her.’

It is natural her to resemble her sister. The expression on Ibelin’s face as she said those words seemed too bitter for a moment, and Charelize at that time pretended not to see it.

‘People who don’t know would think we were born in the same womb.’

Among them, I was told that Princess Rosaline especially hated Ibelin.

“Then, how did you get here?”

“My aunt on my mother’s side is the cousin of Her Majesty Lanensia Xavi. I came instead because her legs were uncomfortable.”


“Ah, right. I will remove the surname Shische from my name.”

In other words, it was like giving up all authority as a Imperial family.

“Are you gonna be all right?”

“It wasn’t okay. At first. But my aunt said, Even if my father wakes up, I will never go back to the palace.”

As usual, Charelize knew Ibelin’s situation roughly.

‘Did you call me by Rosaline unnie name?’

‘Do we look that alike?’

‘No, I’m prettier.’

Her father had no interest in Ibelin to the point that even her name is confusing.

“Now I live in my aunt’s family. They are nice to me. It’s okay.”


“Charel, even though I didn’t become Queen, I think I’m happier now.”


Ibelin smiled brightly, as if she had no regrets anymore.

With that smile, Charelize recalled memories of being close to Ibelin.

That day, I don’t know why, but when I opened my eyes, my heart ached for no reason.

Tears didn’t stop continuously.

I couldn’t remember what happened, so it was even more frustrating.

I had a fever and couldn’t take classes in my right mind, so I stayed in the dormitory with only homework.

Even though I shared a room with Ibelin, I didn’t have much to talk about, so I was covering myself with a blanket in case there were rumors.

‘You said you had a fever. I brought some medicine, so eat and sleep.’

‘Never mind.’

‘This is really… think as much as you can..’


‘…Oh, my God. I’m in trouble. I forgot the professor called you.’

Seeing the corners of Charelize’s shriveled eyes, Ibelin hurried out, saying in an awkward manner that it was obviously a lie.

It was only for a moment that she touched Charelize head.

I tried to follow her out and hold her, but It was too heavy to listen. Then, I fell asleep before I knew it.

‘This…. what….’

When I opened my eyes to the cold touch, a wet handkerchief was placed on my forehead.

‘I’m too lazy to breathe, so I’ll endure it when others take a break and rest next time.’

‘What are you saying now…’

‘I don’t have anyone to talk to, and I don’t bother you… No… I didn’t tell anyone, so don’t worry.’

Where is the dignity of the princess I’ve seen so far, Ibelin said gibberish.

‘And don’t choke on crying under the covers. Tell me if you’re having a hard time. I’m confident in listening.’

Ibelin, is an honest child. That is the strength of this child.


“You woke up early in the morning to become a little Duchess, fell asleep late at night, and studied with a bloody nose to graduate at the top of your class… I used to go to bed at that time and skip classes to play.”


“In fact, I was envious of you for living with a goal, so I decided to become a Queen, but I wasn’t cut out for it.”


“You, back then, were really cool.”


“…Wait, why am I complimenting you?”

Just like back then. Nothing has changed.

Charelize approached Ibelin and hugged her tightly.

“What? It tickles. Get away from me.”

Ibelin, who is unfamiliar with the situation, is not very welcome, but she tried her best to pat Charelize on the back.

“My friend. You haven’t changed a bit.”

“If you change suddenly, I’ll die. I want to live a long life until I’m 80 years old.”

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