Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C61-70

Chapter 66

“…Do as you please.”

After thinking for a long time, Lanensia Xavi’s permission was finally granted.

“The Palace of Vadiljes will be closed after this time.”

“Do you mean… we can’t go back right now?”

“Of all the guests, there could be a culprit, so how can I just let them go? Marquis Anasia?

“That’s a little too much!”

The last place they saw Countess Yoseph was at the palace of Princess Casilla, and daughter of Viscount Ameline at Vadiljes Palace.

Upon hearing that, Princess Ioella ordered the closure of the Palace of Vadiljes.

“For the time being, it would be better to stay with each family you’re familiar with.”

That’s how the Vadiles Palace was closed by Princess Ioella.

Those who stayed there chose to stay in the houses of the nobles they are acquainted with or by renting a mansion.

Since Charelize is staying at Princess Casilla’s palace, she doesn’t seem to have move away.

“There was an order from Her Highness Princess Ioella.”

The knights came and surrounded Princess Casilla’s palace and began to investigate each and every one of them.

There is no Proncess Casilla, who was confused while nursing Akan I herself, and the wife of Count Yoseph, one of the prime suspects, belongs to the palace of Lanensia Xavi.

The authority to appoint an investigator was also naturally transferred to Princess Ioella.

Charelize didn’t understand what Princess Ioella is doing right now.

It was an act of turning everyone into enemies to find the criminal, and it was highly likely to antagonize her.

Just because she said this, it doesn’t mean that the criminal will turn their self in.

If the poison had come out immediately after questioning, the criminal would not have even tried in the first place.

In order to poison wine that will be drink by Emperor and the Princess of an Empire, they had to act carefully.

Furthermore, closing the palace by starting torture is not to find the criminal.

She just seemed to be deliberately poking around.

When Lanensia Xavi offered to interrogating by herself, Princess Ioella deliberately mentioned that Countess Yoseph belonged to her palace.

All the authority was handed over to Princess Ioella, and if Lanensia Xavi stepped forward recklessly, it could cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

Lanensia Xavi imposed no sanctions on what the Princess Ioella did.

More and more, Princess Ioella is acting like a collaborator who made a hole for the criminal to escape.

The more she did, the more she was acting as if she were a collaborator who made a hole for the criminal to escape.

“Lady Hailey Jessira Cabe. Where were you right before the wedding started?”

“With the little Duchess….”

“Are you sure? If you’re lying, answer honestly now.”

“…Not really.”

“If you don’t want to run out of your throat, think and spit it out when you talk.”

Seeing Hailey, who looked troubled, Charelize gave a cold glance.

“…I’m sorry, little Duchess.”

“Isn’t your subject of apology wrong?”

“I’m….. sorry, lady Cabe. We have an order from the Second Princess, so I hope you understand.”

Seeing Hailey being interrogated sharply, who had no correlation with the incident, Charelize went to visit Princess Ioella.

“Even though you come to Princess Casilla’s palace every day, I don’t understand the way you drive my exclusive maid who was with me in such away.”

“….I’m sorry, little Duchess. His Majesty collapsed and couldn’t wake up. I am in a hurry. I’ll tell the knights to be extra careful.”


“If it’s too much trouble, why don’t the little Duchess and the Princess come to my palace?”

“….Your Royal Highness. I’m now….”

“Your Highness, Prince Arensis, is here….”

At that moment, the maid of Princess Ioella came in and announced the visit of Arensis.

Even before Princess Ioella could answer anything, Arensis opened the door himself and came in.

“What are you doing, oraboni?”

T/N: Oraboni is the honorific term of oppa.

“I know that you hate to think and you don’t go through your head when making decisions, but what are you doing to the delegation of the Elioter Empire and the little Duchess who has been invited by your sister?”

“That words….. you’re going a little too far, oraboni.”

When she saw it, she clapped her tongue briefly and said, narrowing her forehead.

“The little Duchess said she was uncomfortable with being in unnie palace, so I’m just making a friendly suggestion about moving her to my palace.”


“Did you call me, Princess?”

The maid of Princess Ioella, who was restless to block Arensis from entering, answered her call immediately.

“Right now, will you ask Princess Marsetta to come here?”

Whatever she was thinking, Princess Ioella called Lillian through her maid.

“Yes, Princess.”

“Ioella, you’re….”

“Your Highness the Prince, please wait a moment.”

Wondering what else the Princess Ioella would do, Charelize stopped Arensis from trying to say.

“I understand little Duchess and my brother were in the same academy, but you’re that close.”

Princess Ioella, who saw it, laughed interestingly.

“I send my greetings to Her Highness Princess Ioella.”

“Princess, welcome.”

“I heard you called.”

“Ah, how about moving the princess’ residence to my palace? The little Duchess saying that she doesn’t like it.”

“…I’m honored, your Highness the Princess.

Moments later, when Lillian came inside, Princess Ioella told her what she had said to Charelize.

Lillian took a look at Charelize and smiled shyly as if there is no greater honor than that.

“Lynn, give the princess a room. I’ll pack my things step by step.”

“I’ll take your orders. Your Highness, you can follow me.”

“….I’m going first.”

What the hell is the idea of Princess Ioella calling Lillian and giving her a room?

Unable to comprehend, Charelize bowed her head slightly and walked out.

When She call Arensis as oraboni, at least he was born later.

Even though she’s very young to think, she is good at getting out of situations that are against her.

What she was thinking, she seemed to be a difficult person to grasp at a glance.

“I apologize for that, your Highness.”


“Until Sister Casilla comes to her senses, there is no one who can correct that child at this time. Because she doesn’t listen to me.”


“Come to my palace. Even if she neglects me, she won’t be able to easily touch a guest in my palace.”

Following Charelize, Arensis, who caught her, made a tempting offer.

I had a lot of thoughts, but I felt like I could find my lost memory while staying in his palace.

So I moved to the palace of Arensis, but his palace had only a few knights guarding the front of his palace.

There are no servants to attend or work for him.

“Are you… originally here alone?”

“It’s more comfortable, and I’m used to it, so it’s okay.”

After staying for a few days in the Arensis’s palace, All of the people there I met had their tongues cut off and couldn’t speak.

It was so polite as to be frightening. I didn’t say anything more.

Like someone deliberately created an isolated environment and threw Arensis here.

Under the deliberate circumstances, Charelize felt sorry for Arensis.

He took it for granted and I felt uncomfortable because he was comfortable with it.

Among the four children of Emperor Akan I, he is the only illegitimate child.

His relationship with Princess Casilla seemed pretty close. Furthermore, Prince Edenberg died at a young age.

He must be the only prince, but it was embarrassing to be treated like this.

“Even if you’ve lost your memory, you’re no different than when you were a child.”

“…What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you angry at the little treatment I get here?”

“I didn’t say anything, but how….”

“When you are angry, you will not say anything, just as you are now….. because you press your skin with your fingernails.”

At Arensis’s words, it’s only then that she realizes it. Charelize belatedly loosened the power of her hand.

With her slightly reddened hand, Arensis muttered something in a small voice.

With a bright light, Charelize’s palm returned in a neat shape.

“I can’t say…. that I want to go back…. to the past. If you don’t remember….. it’s okay.”


“…. Becoming a stranger with me…. I don’t want to.”

“…Just that.”

Charelize could not blame Arensis, who speaks his mind, for treating me carelessly again at this time.

If he cried or were annoyed about why I couldn’t remember. I could cool off the relationship and push him away.

However, every corner of my heart ached as I tried to spit out every single word, barely holding back my burst of tears.

I was so confused that I had such an idea that I could sympathize with the pain of others that I put more importance on emotions.

“Your Highness the Prince… Why, do you call me… as Your Highness?”

She wanted to pat him on the back in a shriveled manner, but Charelize didn’t put it into action.

I couldn’t think of anything, so I asked whatever came to mind.

Arensis called Charelize by a title that her subordinates would call her.

Except for the nickname Lize, which sometimes comes out without he knowing it, he is too polite.

“…When I was a student at the Rosielt Academy, I had time to work with the Department of Political Science to present my assignment.”


“If someone else finds out that we know each other, I’m afraid that you will be in trouble. I spoke with honorifics… but you smiled. It’s awkward, but….”


“When I went to a place where I had no choice but to use honorifics, you said that.”


“When I speak with honorifics, it is easy to distinguish from others because of its unique endings….. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.”

It was meant to relieve the awkward atmosphere, but an unexpected answer came back.

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