Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C61-70

Chapter 68

Therefore, I liked to spend time alone in a garden where there was no one.

‘Your Majesty Xavi wants to have lunch together, what do you want to do?’

‘…I’m coming.’

‘Okay, then I’ll tell her.’

‘Ah, the garden was a bit noisy…. Do you know why?’

‘It seems that Princess Ioella’s playmates have entered the palace.’

I couldn’t go to the garden right now.

It was my daily life to go and spend time every time, but I got frustrated that I couldn’t go, so I wandered around and got lost.

It was a deserted palace, so I went inside and found a greenhouse garden.

I have to leave right away because I remembered that I had a lunch appointment with Lanensia Xavi.

I walked and walked, but there was no way out.

Trying to go back thinking about how I got in, I arrived at the door I’m looking at.

I only remember opening the door out of curiosity.

After that, what happened. I had no memory of how I got here.

My mind was getting weird for nothing, and I wanted to see if anything else had happened.

Because the door is small enough to reach my shoulder, Charelize bent in.

“Who are you?”


“Don’t you dare say, where is this…”

Perhaps because I was looking down, I could see someone’s shadow first.

From the back of the head with sky blue hair, it seemed to be Arensis.



The eyes of Charelize, who carefully raised her head, and Arensis, who turned behind her, met.

Unlike the greenhouse garden I just saw, in a flower garden that harbors a lot of things.

I think what I’m seeing right now is a fantasy that I created because I couldn’t miss it.

I raised my finger and pinched my cheek. It hurt. I pulled it so hard that it hurt a little bit.

“A… Are you okay, your Highness?”

Also for a moment, Arensis, who found a butterfly hovering around Charelize, quickly approached her and asked.

“What are you… talking about?”

“Did…. that butterfly do anything to you?”

Arensis’ eyes were shaking slightly.

It’s like the moment you answer that something happened. He looked so sad that he collapsed right away.

“The butterfly… it’s not a harmful creature, I’m fine. By the way… I’m sorry to go around freely. I’ll be right out..”

Arensis bowed his head and grabbed the hem of Charelize’s sleeve as she was about to turn her body.

“….Your Highness the Princess?”

“Do you know… where this is?”

“I don’t know. I come as far as my feet can reach, maybe it has something to do with my lost memories?”

“This is the first place I and your Highness met, in this flower garden.”

Immediately after listening to Arensis’s words, my heart, which was gradually returning to pounding at its original speed, started to pounding quickly again.

‘It’s still vivid. In the spring of the 11th year old, she said she didn’t cry…..’

‘Spring of the 11th year old?’

‘Like now…. I gave it to you.’

11 years old at spring. He told he gave me a handkerchief when I was crying. Was it around that time when we first met?

In a foreign Empire with no acquaintance, I spent time crying every night surrounded by strangers.



“In this place, the memories of your Highness… I erased it.”

The first time we met. He erased my memory. Everything is happened at this flower garden.

‘After this moment, you may not remember. I’ll remember instead. The day you were with me at the most beautiful moment. The scent that came when you first hugged me.’

The day we shared the most beautiful moment together. The scent that that came when I first hugged him.

The words that he said he would remember on my behalf crossed my mind.

‘What are you talking about? Please explain it so I can understand.’


‘Goodbye, Lize.’

He had a face that he would never see me again. As he prepares to cry at any moment.

Even when he erased my memories. Even on the day of my previous life when I chose to die first.

Arensis said goodbye like that.

“Why… did you do that?”

It was a situation where I became a bad person who couldn’t remember the memories We had built together.

Charelize said with resentment because she didn’t like what he had done.

“I was the first to say it, but… you were the one who wanted to erase it.”

I can’t believe it was me who asked him to erase my memory.

“I…. Why I….. want to erase it. Why would I say that…..”

However, I couldn’t believe that it was me who asked him to erase my memory.

“For each other… It was an inevitable choice.”


To Charelize who is confused, Arensis seems not to feel guilty.

He said it is an inevitable choice for each other.

As Arensis flicked his thumb and middle finger together, the place where he was stepping on changed in an instant.

Coming to a place with pink flowers on the floor, Charelize still couldn’t say anything.

“Your Highness.”


“…Your Highness.”

Arensis kept calling, worried about her like that.

“I know it’s rude. There’s one thing I need to check… can you… show me your forehead?

The fact that there is no sign of receiving the blessing of flowers could be a mistake. I bought it up to check it out properly.

Charelize’s mouth, which had been agonizing for a long time, finally opened.

It was an out of the blue, but Arensis didn’t even ask why. He didn’t even refuse.

He swept his hair straight away and remained as I wanted.

There is nothing on the forehead of Arensis, who tilted his head slightly and wondered.

“I have seen a man who refused the blessing of light, but he became blind.”


“Your Highness the Prince… Don’t tell me, did you refuse it?”

For fear that Arensis would be equally blind, Charelize was anxious.


After understanding the situation, Arensis looked dumbfounded.

“Usually, the sign of the blessing of flowers should appear on the forehead. If you reject the blessing, something will happen to your body.”

He continued, smiling brightly enough to see his dimples.


Frustrated by his sudden action, Charelize narrowed her brow.

“Very rarely, there are people born received two blessings at the same time.”

“Two blessings….”

“Maybe because I received the blessing of light and blessing of flowers at the same time, it is engraved on my back with a mixture of markers.”

Charelize was embarrassed that she asked him as she worried that he might be blinded.

“Even if I die, I won’t refuse.”


“When you’re blind… you will never see the face of a loved one again.”

Arensis smiled and said, “It’s okay to say something shameful.”

Staring straight to her, Charelize knew he was talking about her.

“Baroness Azwell, did you hear what happened in this room from her?”

“…A little bit.”

I remembered that Arensis cut off their tongues in anger at the servants who came in unintentionally and didn’t give them away easily.”

“This is my mother’s room.”

“… Ah.”

I had heard that his mother was a maid of the Empress Sione.

In addition, he lost his mother when he was young.

To Charelize, who was sitting still not knowing what to say, Arensis opened the door of the room himself and went in.

As if she is allowed to come in, Charelize slowly moved on.

The desk in the corner had a framed picture of Arensis, a boy, starting when he was just born.

“The last picture is when I’m just 10 years old. When my birthday was approaching, my mother took pictures for me.”

“Your Highness as a child hated being photographed.”

Charelize said as she looked at the photo, where his cheeks puffed up and turned his head with a look of anguish.

“That day… my mother was playing with my hair.”

Arensis’ face blushed in an instant.

“The last picture, how old were you?”

“I remember it was a week before my 10th birthday.”

“You remember in detail.”

It was a picture of his childhood, but it was amazing to remember it in great detail.

“The day before I turned 10… she died.”

“I’m sorry….”

When she found out that she had made a mistake, she immediately tried to apologize.

“Prince Edenberg and Empress Sione died, and my mother was driven to be a witch by the imperial people.”


“Rather than protecting my mother, my father ordered to burn her at the stake. I couldn’t even bury her properly because she was burned to ashes….. Marquis Dicelon, who adopted my mother, immediately dismissed her.”

Arensis, along with her mother being driven to be a witch.

She was burned to ashes and not even her body was recovered properly.

He explained all the reasons why she had to remain as a maid of Empress Sione because she was dismissed by Marquis Dicelon.

“My mother….”


“Even though she lied because she was afraid I would be upset…. until the moment she die…. She loved me.”

* * *

“Since that day… he has been looking for alcohol and medicine quite often….”

“…that day, are you referring to the time when Her Majesty the Empress passed away.”

“Yes, your Highness. Forgive me for not being able to give you a definite answer that your condition has deteriorated and that you are going to get out of your way.”

He has a lot of chronic diseases because of his bad lifestyle.

It was the opinion of the imperial doctor that he couldn’t be sure when the Emperor would wake up.

Empress Shione died by hanging her neck, and my mother was burned to ashes.

The former also contributed to the cause. The latter was ordedred.

It was all a bust.

However, when everyone died and disappeared, I couldn’t understand the belated regret and longing.

I am not sad to hear that I might never see my father again because he is in critical condition.

Rather, I felt like I had lost my revenge to someone else.

‘How did she meet with His Majesty the Emperor?’

Rumors that my mother seduced father to enter the palace had once circulated within the palace through the mouths of the servants.

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