Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C61-70

Chapter 61

“Li-little Duchess!”

At that moment, the butler rushed over, calling Charelize urgently.

“…what’s going on?”

When Charelize asked a question, he had a hard expression n his face.

Besides Baroness Fionia, quite a few servants were passing by.


Perhaps because he is conscious of the surroundings, he didn’t seem to be able to answer properly.

“You may leave now.”

“I wish you peace at all times, under the protection of Goddess Resina, your Highness.”

Unable to do this or that, and exhaling a difficult breath, Charelize sent away Baroness Fionia.

“In the parlor on the first floor… We have a guest.”


“Once you go… you will know.”

As soon as Baroness Fionia left, the butler opened his mouth as if he had waited.

He says there is guest in the first-floor parlor, and he notices that Charelize wants to go there.

In response to the vague answer, Charelize narrowed her eyebrows, but she matched the rhythm for now.

He isn’t the one who would come and go for nothing.


“Li….ttle Duchess.”

It is Viscount Shmir, an aide to Marquis Radiasa, who butler said is the guest.



“I want you to explain to me what’s going on right now.”

“….I’m sorry.”

All correspondence from Delphir had already been told to burn.

‘The little Duchess says she won’t accept guests for a while.’

‘He hasn’t even been able to get over the water since that day. He’s dying! I don’t know what happened between the little Duchess and Delphir….’

‘Now, please go back.’

The butler is well aware of it, and when Delphir and his brother, Marquis, visited.

Later, he only informed to Charelize, but she didn’t let them in.

But he brought in an aide of Marquis Radiasa without my permission.

“…I’ll ask Viscount. Why did you come all the way here?”

Charelize intuitively recognized that the situation is different than usual.

Rather than blaming the butler, it is urgent to figure out what happened.


“The Marquis…. sent it.”

Viscount Shmir bowed his head and handed over the seal ring of Marquis Radiasa.

When the seal ring of the head family given, there is an unavoidable situation where one must speak diretly.

It was time to prove yourself to the other person in a situation where there was something to say through someone.

Unless those who consider themselves to be their own lives are handed over to their successors.

It was common not to take off the seal ring until death.

“What is the Marquis to tell me, to give me all this?”

“The little Master….”

It was the story of Delphir. Normally, I would have kicked him out without listening to him because I didn’t want to hear him.


However, I waited patiently because I don’t think it’s usual.

“He’s…. gone.”


Charelize hoped that what she had just heard was misheard. So I asked again as if I hadn’t heard.

“Sir Delphir… commited…. suicide.”

The reply that Delphir is dead being said again. The anger that had been dormant in the depths of my heart rose.

I had obviously told him to live in hell for the rest of his life.

I don’t feel the emotion of happiness, while I can’t even smile.

And then as time went by, I forgot everything.

Think about why my child who didn’t see the light of the world died.

If he had been killed by someone, I would have considered it inevitable.

I couldn’t forgive him for choosing to die so that I could be comfortable on my own.

“Let’s go to the Marquis Radiasa right now.”

Having finished thinking, Charelize went straight outside and found the coachamn.

“I-I’m sorry, your Highness. All the wheels of the carriage are broken….”

“…How long do you think it’ll take to fix it?”

“At least half a day….”

I couldn’t afford to wait until the carriage is fixed. Charelize headed for the stable.

“Where’s Maen?”

It’s is the horse brought as engagement gift by Delphir.

“Your Highness!”

“I mean… about… you got it when you’re engage with him, and you didn’t ride much, did you?”

“It can be dangerous to ride a horse yourself!”

Hailey and the butler stopped Charelize at the same time.

It was because there was a risk of falling if the horse burned without enough communication.

Contrary to their concerns, Charelize rode the Maen for about four years in her previous life.

At least I knew where Maen is excited and liked to touch.

Of course it’s not like Maen back then, but this is the only way I can think of it right now.

And this time, I had to cut the string completely.

“What are you standing there so stupidly?”

“I-I’ll get it right now.”

In the fierce push of Charelize, the stablekeeper rushed brought Maen.

When Maen found Charelize, she stamped her front foot a couple of times and shook her whole body.

As Charelize patted the mane on the left, Maen gradually calmed down as if she had never done so.

“No… how…I’ve always had a hard time dealing with it….”


Leaving the surprised servant behind, Charelize lightly mounted Maen’s back, taking advantage of her old memories.

Then calmly, she called Maen’s name and pulled the reins.

“Let’s go.”

Maen took a look at Charelize, spat out it nose, and started running hard.

Marquis Radiasa residence is relatively close.

“Maen, good work.”

It was time for Charelize to tie Maen to the right place.

“Greetings to the little Duchess.”

“The Marquis is waiting for you. I’ll show you right away.”

All the servants of the Marquis Radiasa, who came out to meet her, were dressed in black.

The place she followed them is the office of Marquis Radiasa.

“The little Duchess has come.”

“…little Duchess.”

At the news of Charelize’s arrival, Marquis Radiasa opened the door himself.

“For coming….. thank you.”


“…I lay him in the bed, so I’ll take you to his room.”

Perhaps because he didn’t want to admit his son’s absence, Marquis Radiasa didn’t say anything about death.

When we arrived at Delphir’s room, which was once familiar but now an unfamiliar place, I went inside, just like the servants.

I saw Marchioness Radiasa and little Marquis, both in black robes.


Marchioness Radiasa, who was sobbing silently, eventually collapsed.

There was no mishap as the little Marquis quickly helped her out.

It was the same day. The first day I went to see Delphir after dying myself in Helsen prison.

In his room, where he said let’s be together for the rest of his life, Charelize talked about the breakup.

As I walked slowly toward the bed, Delphir’s body is covered with white cloth.

It was only then that I realized the gesture of Marchioness Radiasa, who had barely removed the cloth with her trembling hands.

Something sharp is embedded in Delphir’s heart.

‘What’s this, Delphir?’

‘I’ve carved a jewel with the same color as my eyes as mine. Please take it with you as if it’s me. You never know when or where you’re in danger.’

It is the dagger. Delphir did the same thing as I did.

“Delphir… held it in his hand.”

Marquis Radiasa opened a drawer next to his bed and took out a letter paper with blood stains.

‘The day I was born, it rained. And, it will rain the day I die.’

‘Rain? What do you mean?’

“When a child is born between us, if it rains that day, I’ll tell you more about my birth mother.’

I remembered what I had heard from Delphir before.

I thought it would be strange to suddenly come after it was sunny for awhile.

The rain that fell at that time, is to inform that Delphir is dead.

“……for now, please read it.”

* * *

Charel. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been anxious about when I’ll be kicked out.

My mother said that there is no one in the world to love me until the moment I died.

Unlike me, I’ve always felt strange seeing you move forward.

Maybe that’s when? I felt a sense of distance, so I lied to you and used honorifics.

Until you were there… I know how much effort you’ve made.

I was afraid that you’d catch me first.

I really…. though you were trying to kill Lillian……

Why didn’t I think about she putting the poison in the tea by herself?

To my child, I always said I wanted to be a good father.

So I want to be sweet and nice. So I tried to be that kind of person….

I didn’t become that kind of person to you.

The dagger I gave you killed you, so you and the baby, when you were told there was no one.

I didn’t want to believe it, but it was raining from the sky.

That’s how I found out. That what I heard wasn’t a lie.

Remember when we said I’d let you know when the baby is born, when it rains?

When a person born with Edelise’s blood is born or dies, it rains all day long.

I mean, my grandmother is a member of Edelise’s family.

The pink jewel on the dagger… It contains all the power of my birth mother.

Like now, I followed you that day as well….

I think the same blood was able to react and come back.

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