Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C71-80

Chapter 71

“…Your Highness?”

“I’m sorry, but what is your connection to Countess Yoseph?”

Meanwhile, knights who noticed the unusual atmosphere between the two did not hide their bewilderment.

“I’ll take all the responsibility. I don’t mean to do anything stupid, but wait a minute… Get out of the way.”

Charelize asked the knights to step aside, saying she would take full responsibility.

“With the situation, we need to secure some distance. But if you don’t mind… we’ll do that.”

The knights, who exchanged glances with each other, nodded slightly to show that they understood.

The sound of the knights footsteps grew farther and farther.


Soon after, Lona struggled to open her mouth and call Charelize.

Lona’s face, which was swollen all over the place, looked empty.

“Here…. why did you come here?”

“It’s been a few years since we met…. just saying…. is it just that?”

“We haven’t seen each other in years…” I can only say that… Is that it?”

“Ah yes…. you’re so naive. Do you still believe in me, Princess?”


“I who betrayed the Princess by stealing your belongings and selling the Duke’s information…. so why?”

Lona let out an absurd laugh.

“You… to the end… you disappoint me.”

Charelize erased the tone of a 9-year-old child that she used only to use.

“I’d rather… not know you’re alive..”


“So… it would have been better if we didn’t meet at all.”

At the end of the sentence, Charelize walked slowly out of prison.

Holding onto the bars, Lona stared for a long time at the shadow of Charelize as she moved away.

“Little Duchess.”

“Your Highness the Princess.”

It was none other than Princess Casilla who was waiting for Charelize to return to her rom.

“I heard you’re on your way back from your meeting with Countess Yoseph.”


“May I ask why?”

Princess Casilla asked why she met with Lona as a soft but dagger question.

“She… she was my nanny.”

“Countess Yoseph… you mean she was the nanny of the little Duchess?”

Princess Casilla seemed very surprised at what Charelize said.

“She sold the Duke’s information and nearly put her life at risk, so my mother made a way for her to run away from the public eyes.”

“I can’t believe there was such a story with the little Duchess and Coutess Yoseph…”

“More than that, Your Highness the Prince… he is not the one who will poison someone.”

Charelize thought for a while, remembering Lona, who stopped confession as soon as she saw her.

Arensis has lived a life of tenacity where he has lost all his precious people. He isn’t stupid enough to blow that time away in an instant.

“…I know. Because that’s not what that child wants to do to His Majesty.”


“From what she said to me that day when she incited the nobles to frame Arensis…”

Princess Casilla sighed and continued her words.

“Ioella, I think she did it.”

“Why did you come to such conclusion… if I may ask?”

“Ioella belives that Her Majesty and oraboni died because of Arensis. That’s why she do this to Arensis.”

“On top of that…. there are few who can stop Ioella because the Empress Dowager is so dear to her.”

Just for this moment, Lanensia Xavi will let go of her hand.

“I see.”

Having watched everything that Ioella wanted, Charelize quietly sympathized.

“There’s no poison coming out of Arensis’ palace, and there’s no evidence for it, so he’ll be released soon.”

“…Is that so?”

“But… if you don’t pull out the roots completely, the bad gaze towards Arensis or something like this will always repeat.”

Charelize was relieved to hear that the poison did not come out fortunately because there were no servants to be bribed.

“I was worried that he wouldn’t have anyone around, but that helped me this time.”


“I know to some extent what happened between Arensis and little Duchess.”

“Since Arabella left like that… He didn’t take everything out of his mind. But it’s so funny  to see him pretend to be nice to little Duchess to bring out his feelings too easily and show the little Duchess only the best.”

“…Your Highness.”

“I hope one day that child and little Duchess will be able to laugh comfortably without any worries. And… thank you. For being on my brother’s side, who was always lonely.”

* * *

The next morning.

“Countess Yoseph has passed away.”

“Just now…. what did you say?”

Charelize was told the same news as a bolt from the blue.

“Lona… suicide….”

Hailey, who is next to her, turned her head to hold back tears.

“She was found…. biting her tongue, your Highness.”

“…her body?”

“Under the laws of the Peschte Empire, a person who is suspected of assassination of the Imperial family cannot hold a funeral.”

“All right… please leave me alone.”

“Yes, your Highness.”

The maid of honor, who came under the orders of Princess Casilla, bowed down and go out.

“…It is a murder.”

“Your Highness…?”

Hailey, who had lost strength in her legs and collapsed, wondered and asked.

‘Has Lona been my nanny since you were born?’

‘What? Same as the princess. I was also someone’s daughter when I was born.’

‘I’ve never heard of Lona’s mother.’

‘…She turned her back on the world with her own hands.’

‘With her hands? What do you mean?’

‘Princess is still young, so it’s natural you don’t know.’

‘How do you turn your back on the world with your hands? Does she has big hands? That’s why…’

‘You should never do that, princess. Always… be with me. If you leave me alone, I’ll…’

‘Why… why are you crying, Lona. Don’t cry. I’m not going anywhere. Promise.’

‘Good girl. You’re a good girl. Our princess.’

Charelize hugged her body and recalled Lona, who had burst into tears.

Lona lived to the end, even though she knew her husband is dead and had a baby in her stomach.

She was never going to die on her own like this.

When Lona died, the incident returned to square one.

For now, it has been arranged to investigate whether Count Yoseph and his son are involved.

Charelize hasn’t eaten properly for days, and she hasn’t been able to sleep.

I kept thinking about what I said to Lona.

Of all things, that was the last conversation I had.

“Your Highness.”

“…what’s going on?”

“It said Her Highness Princess Casilla and son of Count Seint have divorce.”

Hailey, who is as thin in the meantime as Charelize, has just informed what she has heard.


“Yes, your Highness.”

“Didn’t the son of Count Seint stand by her when the Princess was passed out? But… divorce?”

“According to rumors, son of Count Seint has another woman.”

Hailey came close and whispered in her ear.

Charelize tilted her head because she didn’t understand the sudden decision to divorce.

‘What about a reply?’

‘Sir Ian, for now let me tell you….’

‘What I gave her last time, until I heard where she is going to use it… I can’t cooperate anymore…. please tell that to your Highness the Princess.’

Charelize recalled what she had neglected back then.

It turned out that the maid is the people of Princess Ioella.

Now it turns out that Princess Ioella spilled evidence all over the place.

“In the near future, find out what happened between Princess Ioella and son of Count Seint.”

“….yes, your Highness.”

* * *

Soon after, Hailey brought the information that Charelize wanted.

“Your Majesty Sione and Countess Saint have known each other since they were young, and your Highness Princess Ioela, also frequently went to the Countess.”

“…As expected.”

“Uh alose… they are all thought it was strange that he is married to Princess Casilla and not Princess Ioella.

Charelize went that way to visit the Countess Seint.

The atmosphere was terrible because the Count Seint had yet to wake up.

“Greetings to the little Duchess of Marsetta.”

It was the son of Count Seint who greeted Charelize.

“I heard you divorce with Princess Casilla.”

“…What do you want to say?”

“Is it because of Your Highness Princess Ioella?”

Son of Count Seint avoided the gaze of Charelize.

“More than this, don’t stand by to commit sins.”


“If someone who was once a lover, if she’s doing something wrong… It makes sense to correct it.”


“She poisoned her father, and she blamed it on her sibling. Don’t yu think she can do anything worse than that?”

Judging from the conversation he had with the maid, it was clear that the poison in the wine was provided by the son of Count Seint.

The life of Count Seint is also at stake.

Charelize deliberately chose a time when he was thinking about it.

There was no mention of poison.

But he just gave me away to figure out what to do next.

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