Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C81-90

Chapter 81

Charelize gently swept Lari’s cheek.

At the same time, she kept her messy hair and repeating apologize to her.

Those who shed tears at the sight turned their heads one by one.

It was because it is unfamiliar to them because for the first time they had seen the collapsed appearance of the little Duchess, whom many people admired and respected.

Charelize suddenly tore the hem of her dress and tied it strongly to Lari’s back.

She seemed to be trying to stop the dark red blood that is still flowing out.

As it was, I got up holding Lari and walked to the door.

“Get out of my way.”

She cut sharply at the knights who blocked her way.

The fact that Iris had a dagger inside the Imperial palace, which is carefully inspected before entering meant that there is a helper who help Iris.

I had to quickly find out who is it.

To do so, it was right to forbid anyone to go out.

“Your Highness.”

“I’m sorry, you can’t leave now.”

As if she had no intention of breaking her will, Charelize remained immovable despite the rejection of the knights.

The knights who saw it were very confused and looked at Emperor Harbert IV without knowing what to do.

Charelize was barely holding back what she wanted to kick out of his seat right now.

Emperor Harber IV recognized this at once.

He couldn’t guarantee what would happen if he stopped her from going further.

He nodded slightly. The knights reluctantly retreated.

When the servant next to her quickly opened the door, Charelize went outside.

Hailey, who was so surprised that she even forgot to breathe, came to her senses and followed her.

Charelize looked straight for the carriage.

“Your Highness came out early….”

The coachman, who wondered she is earlier than he thought, found Lari in her arms.


‘What’s wrong, Lari?’

‘Your Highness gloves… I forgot to deliver it to your Highness.’

‘You too, huh. I’ll wait here.’

‘I’m sorry, Uncle Rick. I’ll be back soon.’

It was a conversation he had with Lari just a while ago.

Lari, who smiled innocently saying she would only give your Highness gloves, looked pale and her arms were drooping.

Furthermore, Charelize’s response is quite strange.

She hugged Lari in the carriage without saying anything with her blank eyes.

Hailey, who came running, sat next to her, breathing hard.

“….Please go to the Duchy.”

“Yes? Ah, all right.”

The coachman hurriedly drove the horses when Hailey told him to depart.


“…yes, your Highness.”

“When we get there… call Baron Alec and all doctors in the Capital right away.”

In a calm atmosphere, Charelize slowly opened her mouth.

“Tell them it doesn’t matter how much the treatment costs… I’ll do everything for thay, so come right away… please….”


“Tell them to… save Lari’s life.”

Hailey, who had been quietly listening to Charelize’s words, finally shook her head.

Although she knew that Lari is already dead, her heart sank at the behavior of Charelize, who somehow tried to deny it.”

Shareliz’s behavior of trying to deny it somehow even though he knew Lari was already dead was heartbreaking.

“Your…. Highness. Lari is….”




Silence passed again. Hailey couldn’t help but answer the question.

When we arrived at the Duke Marsetta, the butler and some of the servants came to meet us.

“Little Duchess… that, that blood…?”

“C-call doctor..”

“First of all, I’ll wipe it off..”

Leaving them in confusion, Charelize moved to Lari’s room.

Then I laid Lari on the bed carefully. I covered her with a blanket and looked into Lari’s face.

Seeing the shade around her eyes, she looked tired.

Not wanting to wake her up, I came out cautiously even closing the door.

“Your Highness, Lari…..”

“She seemed very tired. Don’t go in, she’s sleeping hard.”


“When she wake up, let me know right away…..”

“Your Highness?”

My head felt dizzy for a moment, and my whole body felt heavy. Then, my eyes were blurred.

“……little Duchess!”

Hailey’s voice calling for me sounded increasingly eerie. Soon dark came.

* * *

When she opened her eyes, Charelize noticed she is in her bed.

A cold towel is placed on her forehead.

Seeing that she is dressed comfortably, it seemed like someone had changed her clothes when she fainted.

“…Lari, bring me some water.”

I call Lari because I am thirsty. I pulled the silver rope and waited for a long time, but Lari didn’t come.

She is a child who, as usual, would come before I called and open the window and say that the weather is nice, and she would have talked about this and that.

I pulled up the blanket and got out of bed, wondering if something had happened.


I came out to the hallway and called Lari’s name again.


Only then did I remember. Lari is dead.

I lost my breath by saying all kinds of incomprehensible things.

I forgot about it for a moment because I couldn’t believe it. Lari’s death suddenly came in.

When I understood it only through my brain, I couldn’t accept it. However, I couldn’t even deny it anymore because it touched my heart.

My legs were weak and I collapsed. I couldn’t breathe properly.

“La, ri…”

The answer did not return. My eyes quickly burst into tears. I thought I cried enough, but I still had some left. I couldn’t throw it up completely, so I gave it a throbbing throb.

“Your Highness.”


Charelize looked up and looked to the side where the sound came from. It wasn’t Lari.

Hailey handed the water and medicine in her hand to Charelize.

It is a medicine that sometimes calmed me down when I couldn’t distinguish reality and couldn’t breathe properly.

Few people knew I had this disease. I thought it is a weakness and hid it thoroughly. Even Hailey had seen it only a few times.

Therefore, it was originally Lari’s job to bring medicine when symptoms appeared.

Barely supporting her shaky legs, Charelize entered the room.

I frantically searched the drawer and pulled out a glass bottle of colored candy.

‘…..I think your Highness used it a lot, so I bought some candy to share.’


‘It’s a candy from a very famous store that everyone can buy in line for hours even though it’s the weekend.’

‘Thank you, Lari.’

‘Hailey doesn’t know this, does she?’


‘Even if your Highness doesn’t eat it often because of other people’s gaze, your Highness like sweets. I know everything, your Highness.’

Long time ago, Lari went to town and bought it for me.

“How long has it been since I fell down?”

“It’s been about a week. On the third day, your Highness woke up briefly, but then lost consciousness again.”

“….I see.”

“Baron Alec came and went for a while, but… he said that the shock and overwork were overlapping, and he said that your Highness should rest.”

“….what about Lari?”

“Lari….. ashes were placed in Rosnia.”

Rosnia, the room used when I was a princess, and It is given to Lillian for a brief stay from Duke Marsetta.

“Have you had her funeral already?”


I knew I couldn’t help it because it was a hot summer day. Nevertheless, various emotions were mixed and asked sharply.

Hailey shook her head without saying a word. Soon, I felt apologetic, as if I had done something wrong.


The flowing air was so awkward that I swallowed the back mywords. Thinking about Lari, who would normally smile brightly changing the atmosphere to a soft atmosphere, made it difficult to breathe.

It’s become something that’s not natural. The emptiness that came from it was heavy.

“Your Highness, Lari was really weird around this time last year.”


“It’s already been a few years since the summer vacation, when your Highness, who had stayed in the villa, didn’t come to the Duchy, and as soon as I woke up one morning, I looked for her and she asked me the date.”

Hailey continued, narrowing her brows.

“She said that she seemed to be with Your Highness, and her hair that used to tie in pigtails every morning was mess…. she doesn’t even play strangely…. and she left behind her favorite strawberry cake…. do you remember the lake you went to as a kid?”

“If it’s a lake…”

“Yes, it is a lake with a superstition that wishes come true because it is made with the tears of Goddess Resina. Lari likes to dip her feet in it, so she took me there quite often.”

“I remember.”

Before entering Rosielt Academy, I took the time to make good memories for Lari, who had never been anywhere to play.

“Anyway, It wasn’t enough to run out into the lake barefoot, so she spent half day in Rosnia saying that she would wait for the fall.”


“It was strange, so I asked her why, and she didn’t hear on the day your Highness left for the first entrance school, so she only remembers the day your Highness comes back, but it’s a big deal if she doesn’t know….. When I first heard it, of course, it was strange. There is no way that she couldn’t know about it, and above all, the child I had no clue about changed overnight. She said that she should stay in Rosnia even if she died.”


“After graduation, your Highness returned to Duchy, so I was concerned that she didn’t saying anything at all… I thought it was because your Highness simply moved your room.”

“Do you remember exactly when it was?”

Hailey folded her fingers a few times when asked by Charelize.

“As soon as your Highness graduated, your Highness had a coming of age ceremony and an engagement ceremony with son of Marquis Radiasa, so it was the day your Highness went to Duchy and arrived at dawn.”

Remembering that it was customary to prepare for the engagement ceremony on the male side and the wedding on the female side, Charelize nodded.

“It was me and Martin that followed, and Lari took a few weeks off and was away the next day, and when she saw your Highness face for the first time in a while, probably from then on. She didn’t go to Rosnia anymore.”

Hailey sighed for a short sigh.

“So I put her in Rosnia. It was weird, but I remembered she couldn’t say goodbye….. I thought that’s why she said she should be in Rosnia…..I don’t know the details because she never told me properly.”

“Didn’t she say anything to you?”

“In fact, Lari isn’t as friendly as your Highness knows. For those who ask about her past, she build more walls than she need to…… it happened to me sometimes too.”

I thought I knew everything, but there were much more I didn’t know.

“Anyway… Lari said goodbye before your Highness come back. I couldn’t stop thinking about her words that she would be waiting in Rosnia.”

Hailey said that Lari would like to say goodbye, and the day Charelize left to study in the Peschte Empire was drawn.


‘… yes.’

‘I’ll be waiting for you in Rosnia. I’m not going anywhere, I’m in Rosnia….. In the princess’s room… I’ll be waiting for you, so you have to come soon.’

The Duke Marsetta, who intervened to prove her worth, did not even give a chance for her to answer Lari’s words.

And when his birthday approached and came up to the Duke, my mother was angry at him for drawing a clear line.

The Duke Marsetta seemed to be bothered by dealing with my mother, so he ordered the servants to load my luggage back into the carriage.

He even left the words that I don’t need to come to his next birthday.

As a result, Ihad no choice but to return to Rosielt Academy without being able to meet him, let alone greet him.

I kept seeing strange things in the hallway to Rosnia.

‘Your Highness, have some sweets. It’s really warm because I just baked it.’

Lari, who smiled innocently saying she baked cookies, approached.

‘I mean, I don’t have a fever anymore, and I remember the stains here.’

Lari, who was caught cleaning the window secretly, mumbled and avoided my gaze.

‘I-It doesn’t hurt at all. I’m all right, your Highness.’

Lari, who fell while running to see me in a hurry, hid the wound.

It must have been in vain. Lari is already dead. So those were illusions created by longing.

Still, I placed my hand on Lari’s head. She disappeared as soon as expected. I couldn’t get my hands on her. I couldn’t catch her.

Arriving in front of Rosnia, Charelize opened the door very slowly and went inside.



“Did…. you wait a long time?”


“I’m…. sorry for coming late. I’m sorry for being too late to tell you….”

Lari’s ashes box by the window were full with the dazzling sunlight.

Charelize picked up the letter next to it.

It was a crooked handwriting with Lari’s usual personality. I could tell that she shed a lot of tears while writing the letter.

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