Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late C91-100

Chapter 91

“It can’t be.”

“Your Highness….”

“What you’re talking about right now… I don’t know.”

Charelize pretended not to hear it because she couldn’t believe what she heard now.

Baron Alec opened his mouth with difficulty.

“…..I’m sorry.”


Even the slightest hope was blown away by his apology.

Charelize kneeled beside the bed and held the nanny’s hand.


No answer returned. My heart sank.

“No….? It won’t be…. please don’t die… yes? At least one person…. you can stay by my side. I’m…. not greedy.”

I’ve already lost three precious people. If the nanny was sent like that, I couldn’t live with my bare mind.

I had never experienced the death of a nanny, but I was afraid because so much has already changed.

Everyone was dead because of the complacent thought that the future I knew would be repeated.

I was so anxious that I even prayed to the goddess Resina. I was so resentful that the God found the person who dear to me again.

‘God, please, don’t take her. Please show mercy and save her. If you do, you can take my life. I…. will never again deny your existence.’

Even though I knew it wouldn’t be reached, I couldn’t help but be desperate. The nanny is the last ‘mother’ left for Charelize.

“Don’t die, nanny. Please don’t die….”

Feeling the emotion of a person who had nowhere to go at the edge of the cliff, Charelize begged and begged.

When Viscount Rael saw Charelize repeatedly telling her not to die, he closed his eyes in agony.

Then he turned around and wiped away his tears.

“Viscount Rael.”

“…what, what’s the matter?”

“I…. that….”

Viscount Rael wrinkled his face as soon as he heard something from the attendant who came in a hurry.

Having sent out his servant, he looked very embarrassed.

“Little Duchess, Princess Lillian… drank poisoned tea and collapsed.”


“Yes, she is wandering through the dead.”

Charelize sighed deeply. Lillian’s poisoned and collapesed meant she had to leave the nanny right now.

“Viscount Rael.”

“Please speak, your Highness.”

“Lillian is not my priority. Even if they hold funeral at the same time with nanny…. this is where I’m supposed to be. Even if you hear the news that she is dead, don’t tell me.”

The agony didn’t take long. Charelize chose not to go. She may have taken it for granted.

Though slightly surprised by her decision, Viscount Rael quickly bowed his head.

He said he would step down to greet Martin. Baron Alec also went out without saying anything more.

In the room, only two people, Nanny and Charelize breathed. The atmosphere of silence ensued.

Charelize knew better than anyone else what would come next.

I felt that I was getting closer to the reality that Viscount Rael, who had finished preparing to send my nanny.

“What on earth have I sinned against… Why… why… why are they all leaving?”

Mother, Lona, Lari. The days of the three deaths passed before Charelize’s eyes.

“Or… this is how I pay for choosing my own death? My baby, a child who didn’t see the light of the world because of me, Am… I resentful?”

Soon after, I recalled the time when I stabbed a dagger into my heart and the baby in my stomach.

I thought back on my life. I’ve been killing my emotions all my life.

I thought I was good. Now that I think about it, I was just pretending to be like that.

In the end, it was all my fault. A tear of sorrow fell on the nanny’s wrinkled cheek.

It took less than a few seconds for another to flow.

My back stung. It was like a burning needle in pain.

Just as I cried like a child while hugging Lari, who was dying, I couldn’t afford to look at her with intense emotions.

“Here, go, my heart aches so much. Nanny. I… What should I do at a time like this? Yes? Teach me. I have no idea. If the nanny goes away… I… really how…. I live?”

My stomach was hot. It was like something came in and got stuck. It was hard to breathe.



“Your Highness. Our your Highness.”

Charelize was dumbfounded by the nanny’s voice she could hear now.

I couldn’t believe it. I slapped both my cheeks in turn, thinking it was a dream.

It really hurt.

This time it was not an illusion created by longing. The nanny is smilling.

Charelize jumped up and called Baron Alec straight outside.

“Y-You’re not dead. Na…..nny is live. Baron Alec, come take a look.”

Baron Alec could not fully believe what Charelize said. Perhaps it was because it was hard to accept the nanny’s death.

Viscount Rael’s servants all fell to their knees, thinking that the nanny had already passed away.

Baren Alec who went inside before tell them about the nanny is dying.

“No….this, what…..”

He opened his eyes wide when he saw the nanny, who is obviously breathing.

Baron Alec hurriedly grabbed the nanny’s pulse. It was a distinctly different reaction from the last time he checked it.

The running pulse gradually stabilized.

“Herbs, get the herbs!”

He shouted to bring the herbs he had obtained himself in the Kalon Mountains.

A maid who was nearby brought out medicinal herbs.

Baron Alec managed to calm down his trembling body. He tore the herb with a careful gesture.

He mixed the juice from the herbs with the medicine he was taking and fed to the nanny.

Surprisingly, the nanny’s complexion was coming back little by little.

“Rael… your wife is alive. First of all… she has overcome the big crisis.”

Baron Alec continued to say something unbelievable even to himself.

It was the first time he had experienced it in his life as a doctor.

It was difficult for a nanny, who had little power of life because there was not much time left.

Even when he entered the room, he continued to roll the death sentence in his mouth. He thought dozens of times about how to spit it out.

“It seems that the goddess Resina has blessed us. It’s… a miracle.”

Baron Alec, with a very blank look, called it a miracle of God.

Charelize stayed with the nanny until late at night.

It was dawn and the early morning sun was shining, so I got up from my seat.

The nanny, who had just woken up, took Charelize’s hand as she was about to go.

“Your Highness…. When you want to cry… Just cry. Instead… this nanny… will make sure no one sees it.”

Charelize nodded and put nanny’s hand on her forehead.

Charelize who closed her eyes, recited in a small voice, “Thank you.”

* * *

Charelize, who returned to the Duke Marsetta, received a strange glance.

Some of their voices were whispering and gossip about her. When she looked there, they were very embarrassed and hurriedly bowed their heads.

“You’re home, little Duchess.”

“What about Lilian?”

“She is in the Duke’s bedroom.”

Charelize moved slowly to the Duke Marsetta’s bedroom.

“Why she doesn’t open her eyes yet?”

“I’m sorry. To be honest, Princess Lillian is in great danger….”

“You seem to be answering because you really don’t know it!”

The conversation inside showed that Lillian was in a much more dangerous condition than I had thought.

“What poison did she drink?”

“I-I see the little Duchess.”

“That’s greetings. Why are you doing this, just tell me.”

“Even though she took a small amount of poison….”


Duke Marsetta cut off the doctor from answering Charelize’s question.

He sent out the doctor with a firm expression on his face.

“Where have you been?”

His eyes as he looked at Lillian were filled with sorrow. Then there is anger at the sight of Charelize.

“I was at Viscount Rael residence.”

“You think I’m asking because I don’t know? I’m sure you’ve heard from Viscount Rael that Lillian had collapsed…..”

“I heard she drank poisoned tea, what happened?”

The voices of Duke Marsetta blaming Charelize grew higher. She was bothered to arguing with him, so she asked the main point.

“The tea leaves were poisoned. It was a Lipecha in your storage box.”

Charelize was amazed by the Duke Marsetta’s remarks that made her the culprit.

“To Lillian… Is there anything to check if it’s poisoned or not before drinking tea?  We didn’t drink together in the first place, and as the Duke now I’m in the Viscount Rael residence, so how can I poison her?”

Charelize looked at Lillian’s face. She is pale, whether it was a lie that she had poisoned.

I suddenly remembered Iris’s saying that she could drink poison to bring me down.

Although the timing was a little earlier, Lillian still managed to do things the same way.

“Get out of here. Now… I don’t want to see you.”

“…..That’s what I’m going to say. It would be better if I didn’t even see Lillian.”


“There are a few things you need to know Duke. First, I’m not good enough to use poison and send her away comfortably. Second, I’m not even stupid. I know a lot of Lillian’s crimes, so I would rather send her to the trial court than this. Third, Lillian isn’t worth much to me to risk even using this sloppy method.”


“Lillian, she can’t even compete with me.”

“Are you really….”

“I don’t know where to start with the problem. Lillian, who did it recklessly… The Duke’s who is following as expected….. It’s so identical that there’s no need to tell who’s at fault.”

“So… you mean Lillian drank the poison herself? What absurd guess would you make to a child who is at the crossroads between life and death!”

“The speculation I know means what the Duke is doing now. Why would I have to kill Lillian, who would have no effect on my way…. lest it be a threat to my successor position.”

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