Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC1-10

Special Chapter 1

Having inherited the Duchy of Marsetta at the succession ceremony, Charelize became a true head of family.

The wedding, which was not held at the time, was also blessed by many people.

The people around her also changed one by one.

First, Hailey revived the fallen Countess of Cabe and regained the past glory.

Martin, who had never been interested in a successor position, changed her values after the death of nanny half a year ago and became little Viscountess of Rael.

Although she continued to work as a exclusive maid of Charelize, each of them had its own years.

When Harbert IV died, the Senate recognized the Crown Princess Veloche.

However, she revealed at her coming-of-age ceremony that she would not become the Empress.

Instead, she became independent as Grand Duchess, given the new surname ‘Rakiel’ meaning freedom.

When she completely gave up her authority to succeed to the throne, the next order went to Charelize.

The Senate welcomed Charelize, who is mostly of perfect descent.

Of course, there were a few who hated her business the other day, saying that she was the daughter of a former duke who had done something terrible.

Charelize persuaded a few who were reluctant to do so in just two things.

She signed a trade agreement with the Duke of Zartine, who had always imposed excessive tolls.

She broke the diamond necklace in front of a handful of opposing people for various reasons.

The head of the Senate, who saw the emperor’s seal inside, shed tears.

The few who could not dare to oppose the will of the head who immediately called Charelize ‘Her Majesty the Empress’ and knelt down.

Charelize wanted to become Empress not simply because she wanted to have power.

She liked to see young people laughter. She also enjoyed making people look at the world with a better perspective.

Sometimes I wanted to put it down because it was hard and burdensome, but it was to keep my promise to the Marquis of Pasimelo.

Everyone’s life is peaceful, so I wanted to make it a country where children are not abandoned and can protect the weak.

Her last night as Duchess of Marsetta.

Charelize went to Lari with the Empress’s tiara.

In the glass cabinet where Lari’s remains were kept, there were three Edelweiss, traces of each anniversary.

I asked Arensis to cast a preservation spell and tried to keep it.

The dried-up flower thought that Lari’s time was passing and left it alone.

“Lari, how are you?”

Charelize placed a new Edelweiss next to her.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to come as often as before. Still, I will never forget you… You don’t have to worry.”

I had an awkward conversation with Lari. There were so many things I wanted to say.

“If you were alive, you’d be happier than I am. You always wanted me to be happy. My sister. Today… I want to see more.”

The moon slowly filled up. It’s been a long night.

“I swear by the Empress’s tiara. I will never let a child like you get abandoned again. Lari, so I hope you’ll laugh without worrying about it.”

It was a day when I felt especially grateful for the little consideration.

* * *

Having ascended to the throne as Empress, Charelize has been busy with no fuss.

Arensis had to act as Duke of Marsetta with the help of Count Luwen and Viscount Blanche.

After months of tired day and night, Charelize, who had been tired from the change of day and night, sought her good sleep after a long time.

I was walking on the beach in the cool summer when a pretty strong wave came in.

It looked so cool that I came close and looked around.

The sea water in one hand turned into a mysterious mixture of blue and light purple. It was so mysterious that I put it in my pocket.

I felt at ease when I saw the sea flowing peacefully as the current calmed down. When I awoke to find out it was a dream, I pull on the golden rope.

Arensis, who is talking in his sleep next to me, I shook him slightly because I was worried that he might be sick.


“….Lize, no!”

Awakened with astonishment, Arensis hugged Charelize tightly.

“Are you all right?”



He called her name and wanted her answer back.

“Did you have a nightmare? What’s wrong?”

“In a dream….”


“You, you’re dead again…In front of my eyes, you died…I mean, it’s too… It was vivid… just like then. You’re gone….”

At his gibberish, Charelize looked at the calendar.

It was the day I died myself in my previous life. It was the same until the year.

At this time of year, Arensis’ mood dropped dramatically. It was only when Charelize was around that he calmed down.

Charelize knew that and tried to be with him after a few days.

This time, I missed him because I didn’t see his face properly because there were so many things to do after going to the inspection.

Unlike Charelize, who forgot everything so much that she forgot when she was busy, Arensis still remembered the past.

To be exact, he was extremely afraid of the death of Charelize.

“It’s okay, Aren. I’m fine.”

“….Are you alive? Breath…. You’re breathing right?”

“Of course.”

“Don’t die… I’m scared. I had to live without you… I was so scared.”

Charelize patted Arensis on the back, hanging on his neck.

“I’ll live with you. I won’t die.”

“…Thank you for being alive.”

“Yes, me too. Thank you for letting me live, Aren.”

I calmed him down and came out of the bedroom.

Even if I wanted to be with you, I couldn’t help it because I had work to do.

It was a heavy day for some reason because of Arensis, who saw me off with a smile on his face, saying it was okay.

I sighed because I kept thinking about his tears.

“Your Majesty, do you happen to have a faint heart?”

Martin tilted her head when she saw it.

“…No, just. I have a headache.”

It was a rough idea, but I really had a headache.

“There’s a tea leaf sent by Grand Duke Rakiel saying it’s helpful to relieve headaches. Shall I bring it?”


I picked up a quill waiting for Martin to go out to prepare the tea.

It was only for a while that I moved my hand a few times. This time, I felt dizzy in front of my eyes.

My heart was stuffy, too. I thought it would get better after some time, so I took out the medicine from the drawer and swallowed it.

I was still in bad shape when I met with Dean Pavel in the afternoon on the issue of sponsorship projects.

“This is a list of students who will graduate at the top of the class this year.”

“Ah, give it to me.”

“…Your Majesty, you don’t look well, are you okay?”

“It’s because I’m tired. It’s not a big deal, so you don’t have to worry.”

Dean Pavel, who had stopped reporting, was worried about her with caution.

As soon as dean Pavel left, Charelize stumbled heavily.

Hailey quickly grabbed Charelize, who almost fell.

“I’ll call Baron Alec right now.”


“I’ve heard from Martin since this morning. Your Majesty, please see a doctor just in case.”

“You too…”

“Your Majesty, please. I’m just so worried.”

Normally I would have refused, but I couldn’t help but lose my mind at Hailey’s persistent recommendation.

“I bow to the Empress, the mother of the Elioter Empire, the glorious sun. May the blessing of the Goddess Resina be upon you.”

“May you have protection too.”

Baron Alec, the new Imperial doctor, arrived.

“Baron Alec.”

“Say, Your Majesty.”

“It seems that I don’t get better even if I take the medicine.”

“It seems that you have developed a tolerance because you have been taking it regularly.”

“Anyway… I want something stronger than that.”

Baron Alec, who was feeling her pulse as usual, frowned.

“Why, isn’t the pulse working?”

Baron Alec’s look got worse at Charelize’s joke.

“Baron Alec, is your Majesty very sick?”

“Ah, even if it’s a bad disease… Did you know…?”

Hailey and Martin, who were next to each other, were also anxious.

“…feel it, I feel it.”

Baron Alec, who had been doing it for a long time, finally opened his mouth.

“What do you mean you can feel?”



“I can feel it, Your Majesty. It seems that you have a baby….. Congratulations.”

There has been quite a long silence. It was Charelize who broke the ice.

“…medicine. Earlier, I took three pills. What if it’s a bad influence on the baby?”

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Looking at the pulse, the baby is doing well. You’d better cut down on your medication gradually, but… I don’t think so because it’s made from controlled ingredients in the first place.”

Charelize, who was worried about the medicine she took earlier, urgently asked.

Relieved when Baron Alec gave a definite answer, she put her hand on her stomach.

“The existence of a baby… Don’t tell anyone yet. I’ll announce it officially in a little while.”

“I’ll accept your order.”

Hailey and Martin, including Baron Alec, bowed in unison.

“What will you do to His Majesty?”

“In a person…. I want to tell him, so don’t tell him.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, congratulations.”

At Shareliz’s response, Martin smiled and nodded.

Leaving the office earlier than usual, Charelize went straight back to her bedroom.

I felt weird. I had a splitting headache, but as soon as I heard that I am pregnant, I felt like I was flying away.

I lay in bed and patted my stomach. It tickled that there was life in my stomach.

Somehow, I felt familiar. So I was even more sorry.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I think mother is the only one who’s happy….. I’m so sorry….”

I remembered the time when I had my first baby, which was as good as killing with my own hands.

After crying for a long time, I didn’t even know Arensis came in.


“Anything… What’s wrong?”


“……Yes, Lize.”

It is clear that Arensis is nervous. Closer, he waited on one knee, trembling.

“I…. have…. baby.”


“What should I do? I’m, I’m going to be a mother. It happened….”

Many emotions were mixed up.

The guilt of the first baby and the anxiety that it might go wrong.

The feeling of not being happy to the fullest caused constant tears.



“Really? Really… the baby… No, a baby… Is here…?”

In disbelief, Charelize took his hand and put it on her stomach.

It’s still too small to feel, but Arensis trembled his hands. And stroked with a very careful touch.

“…Thank you very, very much. Lize.”

Arensis, who burst into tears, kept crying, saying thank you.

“Why are you crying more than I am. Even before it was born… you’re going to be a crybaby.”

Charelize said in a friendly voice, sweeping Arensis eyes.

“……Mom and Dad are crying, so let’s make our baby laugh more.”

“You like it that much?”

“This baby is proof that you’re alive. Of course good.”

Arensis smiled brightly. It was such a warm smile.

“Aren, I love you.”

“I love you too Lize. And… Thank you for loving me.”

This overwhelming feeling I’m feeling now is colored with happiness.

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