Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC11-20

Special Chapter 20

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

“….What’s going on?”

“Yo-Your Majesty the Empress….”

At that moment, Hailey, who rushed to run, reported that Charteron had another seizure.

Charelize withdrew the power from her hand.

The sword fell to the floor with a fairly loud sound.

After a while, it was Charelize who kneeled down in the sight of the former Duke, who opened his eyes.

“If I give up the throne…. Can you tell me how to make it?”

“You… this is… What….”

The former duke, who had been agonizing for a while, sighed and suggested.

“….If you make it wrong, her life could be more dangerous. I learned it from my father for years and barely mastered it. Rather, I’ll make it.”

Charelize had no choice.

She took the former Duke back to the Duke of Marsetta.

An hour later, the former duke came out with a blue pill.

Charelize, who was looking closely at the blue pill, ate one to determine if it was poisoned.

Then the former Duke said in stern voice.

“I don’t play with Marsetta’s blood.”

Only after confirming that nothing was wrong did Charelize put the blue pill in Charteron’s mouth.

The fever gradually went down with an even breathing sound that seemed a little more comfortable.


Charelize, who quietly closed the door to avoid disturbing sleep, turned to the call of the former Duke, who had been waiting nearby.

“Luensir and Charteron… It means they are both calm and comfortable.”


It was a name given after discussing with Arensis because she wanted they to live a life different from herself.

It felt strange to hear such a name from the former Duke. I felt like I had to protect the children.

I have no intention of getting help and wiping his mouth.

But I didn’t mean to just have a leisurely conversation.

I didn’t like it because it seemed like a real ‘father and daughter’ relationship to me.

“As promised, I’ll release you, but I can’t give you complete freedom, so go down to the estate.”

“…Is it okay with the reverse decision you have made? Isn’t there something else you want?”

“Because you saved my child.”

There really seemed to be no other reason than that in the face of Charelize, who replied in a clear voice.

“I’ll ask you one thing.”

At the request of the former Duke, Charelize nodded slightly to allow.

He is ‘her mother’s enemy’, but at the same time ‘the benefactor who saved her daughter’. She could tolerate that much.

“You… Why the hell you didn’t kill me?”

“….At that time, I already told you to live and pay for your sins.”

“Your exclusive maid. She became Princess and you cherished her enough to give ‘Isla’ as her first surname. The woman who killed the child was executed with a single sword like that.”

Even after years of imprisonment in Helsen, the feeling seemed to be the same.

Now I didn’t have to hide anymore and I didn’t really care if I got caught.

“….It wasn’t that I didn’t think of killing you at all. Do I want to poison you the way you poisoned my mother, or just slit your throat… I really thought about it countless times. But, the reason I didn’t do that.”

“It’s not that I didn’t think about killing them at all. Do you want me to poison you the way you poisoned your mother, or do you want me to hit you right now? I’ve been thinking about it so many times. But the reason I didn’t do that.”

So, Charelize decided to be honest.

“Because you were still my ‘father’.”


“You never loved me, but I wasn’t. The first time I got hit for taking a handkerchief. Do you remember how many times I apologized after that?”


“You never wondered why I rolled on the stairs and climbed up the tree on purpose.”


“Don’t do that again, or scold me. Or else… Why didn’t you tell me not to do anything stupid?”

Charelize blamed the former Duke for not asking anything until the end.

“….you didn’t like my mother’s hair color, so I accepted the decision to send me to the Pescthe Empire. The day I leave, you don’t know what I wished for.”

A heavy silence sank. The former Duke opened his mouth with difficulty.

“If I ask for your forgiveness, rather than letting me spend the rest of my life in peace… Can you do that?”

“I couldn’t understand my mother who took poison for me and hid it, but now I know. She knew that her child was worth even if she gave up her life.”

When asked if she could forgive him, Charelize smirked.

“I, too… I can do it any number of times if it’s for my children. So… I can’t forgive you anymore. Being a parent, I just can’t understand you for not loving me.”

“…I see.”

“Don’t you dare ask my forgiveness. If you say that again, I’ll kill you with my own hands.”


“You don’t think I can do it? My ‘father’ died a long time ago.”


“…Don’t think that I won’t be able to kill you again this time because you’re ‘father’.”

Passing past the former Duke, Charelize suppressed her rising emotions and swallowed tears.

The former Duke, who had stood still for a long time, imagined hugging young Charelize who ran to him.

He moved slowly, regretting that he should have called her name or acted as her father.

On his way out in the direction Hauley guided, the former Duke encountered Luensir.

“You are….”

The former Duke was in tears as if he were watching Charelize’s childhood in him.

“Thank you for saving my sister.”

The former Duke, who came to his senses at Luensir’s bow politely, bit his lips.

“…Have you ever resented your mother?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, don’t you hate being born as a twin?”

The former Duke, who came to the Duke of Marsetta after a long time, remembered the past.

So he was curious about the child’s thoughts that seemed different from himself.

“I will hold Charon’s hand again and again.”

“…How come?”

“Because with Charon I could have been born.”

The former Duke smiled slightly when he heard Luensir’s answer.

“Are you two become one?”

“That’s not true, but it’s not entirely wrong.”

The former Duke stared at Luensir, who said something incomprehensible.

“How old are you?”

“I’m six years old.”

“….Don’t talk like an old man, act like your age.”

The former Duke, who stroked Luensir’s head, tried to get into the prepared carriage.

“Do you know….. why my mother named me ‘Rino’?”


“It was to protect me.”

The former Duke had a blank look on his face.

“Your Highness Prince!”


“Princess is looking for you. Shee just woke up.”

“….I’ll be there now.”

Martin called Luensir, saying that Charteron, who had woken up, was looking for him.

Surprised by what had happened, Luensir went inside.

The former duke on the carriage continued to dwell on what Luensir had said.

Having remembered nothing, he couldn’t figure out why he was named after the last Duchess, or why he was protecting someone.

* * *

There was good news in winter.

After seeing a doctor for her sleepiness, Charelize found out that she is having a third child.

Arensis once said he missed their children’s babyhood, and everyone was happy with the gift that came just in time.

In particular, Charteron smiled, saying that she will have a younger sibling.

When her sibling was born, she said she would teach the baby how to shoot arrows by herself, and she came every night to sing a lullaby that she learned from Arensis.

Even Luensir, who is less expressive, confirmed the new life by stroking her stomach.

I was so happy. Unlike the twins, the third was a very gentle child with no morning sickness.

One day, while I was smiling, I heard a bolt out of the blue.

“Now… what did you say…?”

“The baby in the womb is very small and unstable for the number of months.”


“I’m sorry, baby….”

Baron Alec swallowed the advice to give up.

Even though she hadn’t listened to the end, Charelize seemed to know what Baron Alec was trying to say.

“….I’ll save it. Weren’t the children who you thought it would be difficult because they’re twins were born health? You can save it.”

Charelize denied, shaking her head strongly.

“Your Majesty, I urge you to do so. Of course, I also hope that the baby will be born safely. But… based on the baby’s pulse….”

“…..No. It can’t be.”

“I dare to risk my life to say this. There still no successor to the throne, and I will ever put Your Majesty life at risk.”

Despite Baron Alec’s advice, Charelize did not back down.

“For today… go away.”

“…Your Majesty.”

“Didn’t I tell you to go away!”

“I am sorry. Think of Your Majesty the Emperor, Prince and Princess, and the Elioter Empire.”

At Charelize’s roar, Baron Alec was forced to leave with a requst once more.

Of course, Charelize, who wanted to save the child in her womb, tried to ignore it.

But Arensis, and the children. The word ‘think of the Eliotter Empire’ lingered in my mind.

I think I can hear its heart beating when I listen, but I can’t believe I should give up such a child.

Charelize could not choose either.

A few days later, the child in the womb died without a chance to try.

I tried everything I could to protect it, but I miscarried because I couldn’t stand it myself.

Charelize sat down in front of her mother’s tombstone and shed tears.

It was the children’s reaction that broke down more than the third vacancy that is now missing.

At the end of the class, the children who ran to her office and touched her stomach in turn did not bring up anything about their younger sibling.

It must have been that they cared for their heartbroken mother, but it was that they tried so hard to pretend not to know.

So Charelize buried her third child in a corner of her chest and pretended not to care.

If I didn’t do that, I couldn’t stand it.

I forced myself through it.

Winter has come again.

It was a time when I found out that I had a third child.

On that day, there was an awkwardness that could not be expressed in words.

She didn’t like it, so she forced herself to do the work and eventually collapsed.

The voice of Arensis, who was calling out desperately, was getting more and mroe muffled.

“Yo-Your Majesty Empress…?”

“Mother! Mother!”

She was completely knocked out by the children who were glued to both sides and bawling.

* * *

With her last memory clearly remaining, Charelize knew that the place she was walking now was in her dreams.

There was a wide spread of lilacs around.

I bent over and looked at Lilac, and I saw a cub running from afar.

Surprised, Charelize stepped back without realizing it.

It was so fast that the cub who arrived nearby stopped at the sight.

“Come here.”

Charelize caught it who is trying to turn around soon because she felt sorry for it.

Seeing her reach out, the cub hesitated for a moment and hugged her.

The cub who made a pleasant sound rubbed against her.

The cub, who had been doing that for a long time, was surprised to see a light purple butterfly sitting on a lilac.

Now I’m up to see if I have to go.

Charelize, who was regrettable for no reason, stroked its body and hugged it again.

I was closing my eyes because I was sleepy, and I felt small arms wrap around my neck.

Curious, I looked closely and saw where the cub had gone and there is a little girl.

I looked closely wondering where the cub had gone and there was a little girl.

She is a kid with dark blonde hair and green eyes.

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