Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC11-20

Special Chapter 13

“……No, Sorry for asking. “

“Lure, it’s okay to be a fool. Don’t be so upset.”

“Why? Are you going to feed me?”

Luensir smiled slightly at Charteron’s words.

“Because you’re handsome, I don’t think it’s bad to have one flaw like that.”


“Is it just handsome? You’re the only Prince, and You have a spirit that Your Majesty give it to you last year, and you have nice and cute younger sister. Your wife just needs to be ready to be loved.”


“You’re pretty handsome because you resemble Your Majesty the Empress. Trust me, have confidence in your face. Stretch your shoulders!”

As if to cheer up, Charteron tapped Luensir on the back.

“….Stop talking and please, let’s go to sleep.”

“No, wait. Write your name on my palm before you go to bed. Put your pinky finger on it. It’s important to be certain. It’s no use doing it verbally.”

Luensir washed his face dry as he watched Charteron following him with a grim expression.

“…Shes, where else did you learn to say that?”

“You must be out of your mind to deal with the contract verbally. Why are you wearing your hair? It must have been heavy, so why didn’t you leave it behind.”

“Your Majesty Father?”

Charteron, who followed Arensis’ usual accent, giggled, covering her mouth.

“If you do this, I’m really going to sleep.”

“I always think, don’t you think our names are too long?”

“Name? That’s true. But as an Imperial family, there is nothing I can do about it.”

“Charteron Laressa Astera von Elioter. Phew, I’m out of breath. No. Now, Marsetta goes in the middle. This is a secret, but I’m only telling you, so listen carefully.”


“Actually, I was very worried that lady Tania, might get tongue-tied when she said hello to us with Marsetta.”

Although she had the right of succession to the Duke of Marsetta, she lived without using that as her surname.

Since the new law was enacted last year, the number of children has increased one by one, and the names of children have become enormously long.

“Are you done with your name? It’s not roughly scrawled, is it?”

“Do you think I’m you?”

It wasn’t until I hung my pinky and hit my thumb that we stopped quarreling.

At the same time, Arensis, who had just washed up, dried his hair and thought of the rejection of Charteron he had heard earlier.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt depressed.

If it was a book, he could read it better than Martin.

I really missed Charteron in the past, who would pat the seat next to me and calling for me to come quickly.


“…Ah, Lize.”

Charelize, who was already in bed, looking at documents, was puzzled by Arensis.

Normally, he’d take the documents with a smile on my face, put them on the desk, and kiss her first.

It was strange for him to look blank and barely answer when she called him several times.

“Lize, did you call me?”

There seemed to be a concern. Even though he seemed to be smiling, he definitely looked weak.

It seemed like his eyes were crying and become a little red.

At this time, Arensis had to drink alcohol and get drunk to bring out the story little by little.

Charelize stood up and drank wine and recommended to Arensis.

“Wine…? Charel, you’re allergic, spit, spit it out!”

As soon as he saw the wine, Arensis, who thought of grape allergies, reached out herhand and shouted to spit it out.

Charelize, who swallowed the wine in her mouth, shrugged to show that she was fine.

“It’s okay. It’s made with raspberries, not grapes. Grand Duke Rakiel said it’s a specialty that’s being prepared, and he sent it to me to taste it before it will be distributed.”


Arensis exclaimed briefly, whether it was embarrassing to have made a fuss while sweeping down his chest.

“You drink it too.”

“….I’ll have a little.”

After a long time, Arensis, whose face turned red after emptying the wine bottle, finally opened his mouth.

“You know….”


“Children… puberty… maybe?”


“Just. It’s just the last time I went, actually…. I went to put them sleep earlier…. I got kicked out…. I guess they like Martin better than me….”

“I’m sure they spend a lot of time with Martin….”


Charelize was devastated by the shocked look on Arensis’ face.

“I mean, um, I don’t think so. How old are they and they’re already in puberty? And Lure is a very independent kid.”

“Yes, Lure does, but it’s a serious problem that Charon rejected the cake.”

“Isn’t it because she’s tired from taking swordsmanship classes and learning embroidery? It’s the first time she’s learned something consistently for such a long time.”

“No. Strangely, I feel like she’s avoiding me.”


At Arensis’s reply, Charelize was at a loss for words of consolation.

Come to think of it, Lili’s words flashed through her mind.

‘Your daughter is planning something cute. If the owner complains about it, please keep hiding it and say that must be puberty.’

‘What do you mean planning?’

‘If I tell you, I have to wear a ribbon, so that’s a secret.’

‘What… the hell’s going on?’

‘Anyway, if that the case, please take care of yourself.’

She turned her head for a moment when she laughed at the serious Arensis alone.

“What if… she says that…. she wants to marry someone she like….”

“How old she is and she is and she already want to get married. Don’t worry because under the imperial law, minors can’t do it without their parent’s consent.”

“It’s not about the law….”

“Last year, you stopped Charon from trying to kiss Marquis Raphel on the cheek, and you tell her to do it to you too. Remember?”

“How can I forget that….”

At that moment, Charteron was very angry and shouted at Arensis.

No, I won’t, go away, I hate you Dad.’

Arensis had been sad for over a month, even though Charteron immediately apologized when she realized it was too much.

“That was your reaction back then. It was so funny.”


“Because you’re cute.”

As Charelize approached and spoke, Arensis’ face quickly heated up.

“I felt like I had three children.”

“Don’t make fun of me, Lize. This time for real…. strange. As you said, the baby who kissed me every time she said she was sorry, how much…. she didn’t like with me….”

“Are you going to cry then?”

“…I’m not crying.”


At Charelize’s continued mischievous questions, Arensis shed tears.

“I’m not crying, uh…I’m not crying… No. I think I’m going to cry. I’m going to go back now and ask why.”

Charelize hurriedly grabbed Arensis, who was drunk and willing to go to the children.

“How is the Emperor of a country is so childish? Where the hell did the word ‘scary’ come from?”

Smiling, she pointed at the cherry on her desk.

“If you drink only wine, you will be sick.”


“…There’s only one cherry left. Do you want to eat this?”

Then, he picked up a cherry and threw everything in the bowl on the floor and put it in his mouth.

As Charelize shook her head, Arensis gaze was taken by her.

It has been a long time since the idea of children was pushed aside.

“You’ll regret it in the morning.”

“Do you know if it’s going to be a day when a work-crazed Empress goes on strike?”

“Two days ago, you said it was so hard, but you didn’t rest.”

“So, you said you knew. Let’s see if it works out this time, huh?”


It was the moment when Arensis, who had endured the continued provocation of Charelize, passed out.

* * *

One day, Martin is forced to leave after a letter stating that her cousin, daughter of Baron Thebes is ill.

Viscount Blanche’s wife entered the palace and was serving the children for several days.

“Your Highness Prince Luensir and Princess Charteron. It’s time for you to wake up.”


“The flowers in the vase seem to have withered, so I brought a new one… Which one do you prefer?”

After a long nap, Viscountess Blanche, who was about to wake up the children, lowered the flower she was holding by the window and asked.

“Are you still sleeping….?”

No matter how many times she called them, she went into the bedroom to wake them up and rushed out in a hurry.

“B-both of Your Highness disappeared!”

The news came straight to Arensis in the Duke of Marsetta.

The Garden of Light, or the Labern Palace, where Empress Lireet resides.

Once the search began around a place where the children might go.

Even if there were no signs of kidnapping, the possibility could not be ignored.

“Countess Cabe, is the Empress still in a meeting inside?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“When do you think it’ll end?”

“I’m sorry, Grand Duke Calpiso’s demands were too much… she’s taking a break in about an hour, but….”

It was under negotiation over the approval of the independence of the Grand Duke of Calpiso, so it was not possible to enter without permission.

The sudden interruption could have caused damage, but the safety of the children was more important than that.

When Arensis, who finally decided to inform Charelize, was about to go inside.

“….Your Majesty Empress! Your Majesty Empress!”

The shout of the Viscount Blanche, who ran without breathing properly, stopped Arensis.

“I-It looks like Your Highness Prince and Princess have gone to the festival.”

“Festival? Are you sure?”

“Yes, this is… I think Prince left behind.”

Arensis took a note from the hand of Viscount Blanche and quickly opened it.

He said he would come by two o’clock after watching the festival with Charteron.

Arensis checked the clock in a hurry.

It was long past the time they were supposed to come back.

“Where was this?”

“It was in a vase, and luckily a butterfly kept flying around it and I found it.”

Arensis, who apparently looked back at what was written in Luensir’s handwriting, headed to the streets where the festival was held.

As he searched for them, calling the children by name, he found Luensir, standing bruised in the fountain.

Arensis held Luensir in his arms and muttered thank you again and again.

“Y-Your Majesty Father, Charon… Charon….”


“I lost Charon’s hand, so where did she go… I don’t know.”

Luensir, who was shaking his shoulders, burst into tears soon.

“What should I do. It’s all my fault.”

Seeing Luensir crying, which he had never seen before in his life, Arensis’s heart began to burn.

I’m glad I found Luensir, but the situation was complicated because of the preparation for the festival.

It was even more so due to Luensir’s words that he lost his grip and fell apart from Charteron.

“Lure, you part away here?”

“… yes.”

“Okay, go back first.”

“I’m going to go find her too….”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to find Charon.”

After asking where he part away with Charteron, and sending Luensir to Hailey, who came to find them together.

Based on what he heard, Arensis anxiously called Charteron at the point.

The sun was already setting. I wonder if she bumped into something and got hurt.

I worry if she’s shivering led by a bad group.

As I clenched my fist with worries of one kind or another, suddenly the spirit of the sky was extraordinary.

It suddenly got dark and felt like it was going to rain at any moment.

Charteron once had hyperventilation from trauma in similar weather as it is now.

The thought that she might have fainted made Arensis even more anxious.”

“… father?”

At that time, someone called Arensis.

There were only two people who could call Arensis with that word.

What caught the sight of Arensis, who turned behind the familiar voice, was Charteron tilting her head with a fruit skewer in her hands.

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