Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC11-20

Special Chapter 15

“Aha. As expected, you’re smart because you looks like me.”

Charteron, who tilted her head in wonder, replied with a clap of hr hands.

“I was born earlier than you.”

“Hump. It’s only a few minutes. Lure, why are you being so petty?”

Luensir, who was dumbfounded, stretched both sides of Charteron’s cheeks.


“….Draw a magic circle quickly.”

Luensir, who told me that there was not much time left, pointed to the clock.

Charteron, with her arms raised, crouched her knees as she tried to hit Luensir.

Luensir grinned when he noticed that Charteron had forgotten the spell.

“Shakamadia River Imeel. You saw it in a book yesterday.”


Charteron sniffed once and finished drew it.

And she memorized the spell that Luensir told her earlier.

“Shakamadia River Imeel!”

With a little light surrounding them, the children arrived at the wall on the side of the training camp.

“What…. is this?”

“What do you mean, I made it.”

Asked Luensir, who saw a fairly violently broken hole.

Charteron, who did not see his shocked expression, held out her belly in a proud manner.

If Luensir was present at the moment of breaking the wall, he would never have been able to do this.

There was a time when the two who usually slept in the same bedroom were separated.

It was time for Luensir to learn archery and Charteron to learn swordsmanship.

The reason for doing what should be done in the same training ground is that Luensir hated the sword so much that it could be said that it was almost pathological.

He couldn’t touch wooden swords and was reluctant to even look at them.

Since he was born as Imperial family, he must have at least some means for protecting himself, and when Charelize asked how about archery, he accepted it without any hesitation.

It wasn’t that he hate sharp things.

If it was known to the public that he is afraid of the sword, it would soon be Luensir’s weakness.

Even if the words come out, we have different preferences so that we can organize it in that way. Luensir had to hold an arrow and Charteron had to hold a sword.

That’s why we learn different things from different places.

“…How did you do this?”

“Just a little bit. I swung… with a sword. But no one knows yet!”

Anyway, I sent her to learn swordsmanship, but Charteron broke throught the wall in the meantime.

“Let’s go….”

It was crazy, but Luensir, who had a busy way to go, went to the festival street through a hole without expressing it outside.

“Grilled chicken!”

“Charon. Don’t run, you will fall.”

“Hey, what’s that cloud-like thing?”

As soon as I made a promise to meet at the fountain if I broke up due to unexpected anxiety, Charteron, who smelled delicious scent, ran out.


Just in time, people rushed forward and Luensir fell backwards.

So I missed Charteron and came to the fountain to find her again, but no matter how long I waited, I couldn’t even see a shadow of her.

That said, to go around looking for her, Charteron might come after he left, so he couldn’t do this or that, and he just stamped his feet.

I met Arensis with sweat on his forehead when I was losing my mind.

Luensir suddenly burst into tears.

Fortunately, Charteron was back.

I was wondering why she didn’t come to dinner.

Somehow it seemed to be related to the dark-faced Charteron, so Luensir quietly gave the cake away.

But Charteron’s mood still hasn’t improved.

I asked about the brooch with the intention of changing the subject, but I took a deep breath at the unexpected answer that she had completely forgotten.

There was only one way to do this.

It was left as the last resort, so she had to give him a handkerchief because she couldn’t get a brooch even if she didn’t want to take it out.

“Without the brooch, Charon.”

“No…. No…. I’m telling you…”

“What do you mean no? I thought the brooch was better because it was weird for me to help, but I can’t help it.”

“I… I’m hurt….”

“Don’t pretend to cry, bring a needle. I’m not going to fall for it anymore. Bring the light purple and blue thread too.”

Eventually that night. With a blanket wrapped around them, next to Luensir, who worked hard to embroider flowers, Charteron had to memorize magic spells about light.

* * *

Having finished the agreement late at night, Charelize saw that there was no Arensis in the bedroom and looked for him.


Being alone on the balcony, I put a blanket around his shoulder.

The alcohol he drank bottled seemed very strong.

He vaguely approached Luensir, hearing what had happened with Charteron.

Arensis, who thought for a moment when she saw Charelize’s arrival, brought up an old story.

“Lize, do you remember that?”


“When I found out you had Lure and Charon, I didn’t know if I could be a good father.”

There was a reasonable reason for Arensis to say this.

While returning to the palace with Chateron. The figure of Charteron, who kept looking at my face and glancing at me, overlapped with someone.

He was the one in the past who was so intimidated by the word that he was useless.

It was a great shock to Arensis that he had terrified Charteron.

Before the children were born, Arensis thought he couldn’t be a good father on his own.

I want to be, but I don’t know what that means. I’ve never experienced it before.

I was afraid that I might hurt them.

Even at the moment of death, I tried not to be like this, which I had no conscience, but it ended up being the same.

“……Why are you talking about it all of a sudden?”

“I still can’t say for sure, but at least. I thought it was better than my father.”


“I found Charon today, and I got angry without realizing it. The kid was avoiding my hand. Just like me in the past. Why did I do that? I should have been patient.”


“Lize. I, like I did, thought Charon would be afraid of me… It’s so… scary….”

Arensis poured out the tears he had held back.

“Aren, it’s okay. Charon was surprised for a second, it’s not what you think.”

Knowing that Arensis’ guilt had reached its limit, Charelize held him tight.

At that warm pat, Arensis sobbed loudly.

It was a child who now shook off what he couldn’t spill in his childhood.

“……If it were me, not you, who found Charon today, I would be equally upset on the spot. Even if she was sullen, she would chat first when she had dinner.”


“Who says she’s afraid of you? How much Charon likes you, huh?”

Arensis shuddered, looking down.

I didn’t think saying anything more would help him much.

Eventually, Charelize kept hugging him without saying anything.

* * *

It’s already the day of Arensis’ birthday banquet.

Arensis, who has been avoiding Charteron under various excuses, was very nervous today because he couldn’t bear to do that today.

While being congratulated, he kept looking at the door to see if the children would come.

“The shining stars of the Elioter Empire, First Prince Luensir Rino Astor von Marsetta Elioter and First Princess Charteron Laressa Astera von Marsetta Elioter, are entering!”

Sure enough, soon there was a loud trumpet sound and the children were seen.

“I offer my greetings to the Prince and Princess.”

“May Goddess Resina’s blessing reach you two.”

The children, who accepted the greetings of the aristocrats around them, walked in front of the podium.

As the walk nears, the sound of Arensis’ heartbeat accelerated.

“Happy…. birthday.”

“Your Majesty Father, happy birthday.”

When Charteron handed the box to Arensis without hesitation, Luensir also held out a letter.

It was rather cute that the ribbon was slightly crooked or wrapped directly. The letter paper smelled good.

“…Unfold it.”


“It’s a handkerchief. Getting the line, and next to it… Lure helped me… the flowers were embroidered by myself.”


Arensis was surprised to see the handkerchief sloppy embroidered with his birth flower, statice.


“Again, I won’t sneak out. The handkerchief is so weird… I went out to give father a better present, but I didn’t know you’d be so surprised….”

Arensis slowly raised his head and made eye contact with Charteron.

“Charon, you hated dad…. for being… so terribly angry.”



“You’re my dad. I can’t hate him even if he’s angry at me for a moment. Because I like him very, very much.”

The answer, which seemed to ask why he was asking for the obvious, made Arensis feel like he was hit hard on the back of his head.

“Happy birthday, Dad. Thank you for being wonderful.”

Charteron hugged Arensis and whispered in a small voice to his ear.

Arensis suddenly recalled memories of the past.

Before and after his birthday, there is the anniversary of his mother and the maid who served him, so even if he was forced to attend the birthday banquet, he went back with his face only briefly.

Then there was a day when Arensis thought he was happy for his birthday for the first time.




Arensis, who was lost in contemplation alone at the banquet hall after Charelize had been away for a while, turned his head to the call of the children who had just opened their mouths.


‘Heppy birtday!’

Luensir at the time was still young and pronounced poorly, and Charteron said in two letters.

The next year, Charteron, sitting on the right, poked his shoulder and looked sideways.

‘Happy birthday. Thank you for being born.’

‘I wish you a happy birthday….’

Charteron stood up and bowed her belly, and Luensir also held his hand carefully with a shy face.

Thanks to the children, Arensis was able to spend his birthday smiling for the first time in decades.

“I have babies, so I can spend my birthday with a smile.”

After a long flashback, Arensis slowly moved his lips.

“To…. continue to receive the congratulation, more… I will become a father who works harder.”

“Dad, I love you!”

“I’ll congratulate you for the rest of your life, have a nice day. Your Majesty Father.”

As snow melted, the awkward time disappeared at instant.

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