Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC11-20

Special Chapter 16

The night after Emperor Arensis’ birthday banquet.

Most of the reactions were that they didn’t believe that Emperor Arennsis was crying even after seeing it in person.

Some wondered about the contents of the letter given by Prince Luensir.

In the aftermath, it has been popular in society for some time to give handkerchiefs embroidered with parents’ birth flowers and handwritten letters.

* * *

“Your Highness Prince Luensir is here.”

“….Lure alone?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Come on, let him in.”

Charelize wondered that Luensir had come alone, but she welcomed her without showing any expression.

“Our Lure is here. Welcome.”

“I see Your Majesty the Empress, the glorious sun of the Elioter Empire.”

“Call me Mother at ease.”

Charelize, who smiled at Luensir’s greetings, laid down a quill pen.

“Before you are my mother, you are the Empress of all peoples.”

At some point, Charteron began to call her ‘Your Majesty Empress’ after Luensir.

However, if she couldn’t control her joy, there were often times when she called her ‘Mother’ or ‘om’ in the case of Charteron.

Because of that, I have never gotten used to the honorifics that I receive from Luensir.

“What would you do if I wanted to hear it so badly?”


It was cute to see his speechless because he was embarrassed by the my words.

To the point where I want to make fun of him.

“It was a joke.”

“…Your Majesty Empress.”

She quit with a mischievous smile, as his red face was about to explode.

Even his frown was slightly frowned upon when she called it a joke.

“Now…. it’s time for Charon to be in the training ground. Why did our Lure come here alone because you had something to say to this mother?”

As they usually go around together, she slowly wondered why Luensir left Charteron behind.

“Instead of Baron Rustell, I’d like to learn from a senior graduate from the department History of Eralpier Academy.”

“….Did you know that a senior graduate is a commoner?”


“Why, don’t you like Baron Rustell? He is a good teacher, even though he says a lot of useless words.”

“I heard back then that Baron Rustell compared Charon with me.”

“If she’s tired, she can sleep for a while. It’s obvious. So the last time you heard it, I  just paid attention to it and ended it. But… for Baron Rustell, he may have felt that she didn’t respect him.”

Luensir thought hard about Charelize, who seemed to be siding with him.

Soon he noticed that Charelize wanted persuasion based on valid grounds.

“As Your Majesty Empress said, there are so many ‘useless words’ that it is difficult. I want to spend my time more efficiently.”

“And then?”

“If Charon takes classes from the teacher she wants, naturally, her achievement will be higher than it is now. I’ll be right next to her…..”

“Wa-wait, I’m getting reports of your studies because I want to know you guys a lot… I’m not trying to judge whether you did well or not.”

I didn’t mean to put pressure on you, Charelize said urgently.

“I know.”

Luensir nodded, knowing better than anyone that Charelize did not intend to.

Also, there were a lot of excuses that I had prepared in advance, even if it wasn’t just a reason.

“Why don’t you stop being honest, Lure.”


“That commoner beat Baron Rustell to the top, why are you beating him so hard. You can’t stop me either.”

“…You knew everything from the beginning.”

Luensir judged that it is meaningless to hide more by being seen through his own will at once.

“So, are you going to leave Baron Rustell alone?”

“No way. I tried to stop him from complaining that it was unfair. I was going to change him sooner or later, but… I didn’t know you’d name the next replacement by yourself. Honestly, I was surprised.”

Luensir, who had thought that was not meant to be, put on a sullen expression on his face.

Although I liked that he beat Baron Rustell.

It is not good to be taught without knowing what kind of personality he is, so I looked into the commoner in advance.

As a result, it was amazing that he managed to take the top position in a more difficult environment than others. Since then, he has been strangely bothered, so he felt more sorry for himself.

“Because he’s a commoner…. is that it?”

“I didn’t say that.”


Luensir, who has not yet been properly understood, was puzzled.

“My mother was born as the daughter of Emperor and became a Princess, but it is caution to put talent before status. Still, it was a difficult position, the commoners beating the nobles to win the top…. It means that he is a talented person who worked hard.”

“That means…”

“It is said that the teacher who taught the Imperial grandchildren is not a nobleman…. words will come out. If he won’t be a commoner by giving him a singe title, it’s done. There are more knights from commoners in the Duke of Marsetta.”

With a smile on her face, Charelize gestured to Luensir to come here.

‘I think it will be a good opportunity to organize some families who were against giving the single title to commoners….’

Charelize drew a line saying that it was an opportunity to solve the problem that Luensir had been struggling with while stroking his hair.

“Your Majesty Empress? What’s wrong?”


Soon after, she coughed in vain in front of the child, holding Luensir on her lap, reflecting on her thoughts.

Then she grabbed Luensir’s cheeks and shook it.

“Your Majesty…”

As a result, Luensir, whose pronunciation was crushed, frowned.

“Can you stop worrying about Baron Rustell and play with your mother?”

Luensir also wanted to spend time with her but was about to refuse because he thought it would interfere with her work.

“Your Majesty Empress, the tea is cold, so I brought it back.”

“Thank you, Hailey.”

“Have some pudding, Prince. I also added cherries, your favorite.”

Hailey brought hot tea with pudding.

Only then did Charelize burst into laughter when she saw Luensir, whose eyes twinkled like his own age.

“These days, before going to bed, the Emperor reads the letter you gave to him every day. He always carry the handkerchief with him. It’s the first time I’ve seen he enjoy his birthday.”

“…Ah, right. I’ve also made for Your Majesty Empress.”


Luensir, who was eating pudding fightingly, came to his senses and pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket.

“Oh my. It’s not even my birthday, I’m so happy.”

Charelize kissed Luensir’s forehead with affection, and examined the handkerchief closely.

“I heard form Madame Lientil that you’re very good at embroidering…. I didn’t know it would be like this. I’ll always carry it with me.”

Charelize touched the engravings of symbol of Duke Marsetta and Adonis.

It was fortunate that Luensir did not resemble her embroidery skills.

“I liked symbol of Marsetta. The fact that you’re embroidering it with a brief glimpse.”

There were several times when I took my children to the Duke of Marsetta, including Lari’s death anniversary.

When I looked closely at the symbol engraved on the handkerchief, I was proud of the embroidery on the handkerchief.

“Your Majesty Empress likes it, so I like it too. You don’t have to show it, but I know you miss the Duchy. It’s where you was born and raised.”


“So… I’ll grow up to protect Marsetta that Your Majesty like.”

Sometimes Luensir acted and said things that seemed too mature for his age.

When I was young, I lived like being chased.

My mother looked at me with sad eyes, while she insisted that I had to be perfect because the only thing she could protect me was her status as a Princess.

“There are hardships that others don’t know about…. The only thing that cannot be said in the position of the Empress.”

“That’s what you were thinking.”

I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I knew it when I was talking to Luensir.

When I looked in the mirror, I had a similar face to my mother.

“I think I can see why Aunt Veloche didn’t succeed to the throne. However…. the reason Your Majesty Empress didn’t refuse….. I honestly don’t know. To become Duchess of Marsetta…. ah…. no.”

“Well, I did it because I wanted to fulfill my personal wish.”

“Personal… wish?”

If I keep my promise that I don’t want people to suffer like Lari and Lauren, and if I have a good intention to change the world of more people.

The rest was a desire to make my mother feel at home.

The first thing Charelize did when she became the Empress was to turn her mother back into Princess.

I wanted to lighten her heavy burden of being the ‘Duchess of Marsetta’, who had tormented my mother for so long.

“No pain to my people, no pain to my children…. I wanted to make you want to live in a world that is better than me.”

She hugged Luensir tightly and carefully continued.

“Thank you for growing up the way your mother wanted you to. But… Lure.”


“I’m upset what makes you so impatient when you’re still young.”


“….By any chance, did you want to protect Charon?”

Just in case, Luensir’s eyes went down to see if she was right.

First of all, I never pressured him to be mature, but I wanted to recall whether he said something secretly.

“Why… did you think of that?”

“If I hadn’t… I… could… have gotten more.”

Luensir, who mumbled something, wrapped his hand around Charelize’s neck and hugged her.

He didn’t seem to want to talk more, so she quietly patted his back without saying anything.

“It’s time for Charon to come, so I’ll be on my way. See you in the evening.”

“All right.”

Hailey, who came in to clean up the plate, said hello and muttered as she looked at Luensir.

“Your Highness Luensir… Really, he look just like the Your Majesty the Empress….”


Charelize asked with a bitter expression that she was not just talking about appearance.

“Your Majesty used to look like that for 360 days out of 365 days. Still, I am glad that the Princess is the opposite.”

“…Well, how was I for the other 5 days?”

“It was like sunshine. On a clear day, it’s very rare….”


She looked up and stared straight at Hailey, wondering why she thought it was sunshine.

Hailey’s face, which had been indifferent, heated up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your Majesty… first, um… The day we met….”

“First meeting? Suddenly?”



She continued to tease the unusually surprised Hailey, and turning her eyes to the papers.


“There still a lot of people who been talking about how the Emperor cried at his birthday banquet, but everyone would faint if they knew that you, who is famous for being a strict maidservant in everything, had a face like this.”

“Actually, I didn’t expect His Majesty the Emperor to cry. Well… I’m glad his relationship with the Princess back to the old days.”

“Really? Would you believe it if I said the Emperor is the second most tearful person after Lari?”

“It’s really unbelievable.”

As if she had been ashamed, Hailey, with a straight face, responded quickly.

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