Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC11-20

Special Chapter 17

Luensir, who almost said ‘secret,’ came out with an excuse that it was time for Charteron to come.

I thought I had to pay more attention, so I pulled myself together.


Somewhere a butterfly appeared and circled around it.

“Here…. how…..”


Luensir, who tried to reach out to the butterfly, turned back with a familiar voice.

“Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

“Your Highness Princess!”

I saw Martin rushing after her with a slightly wet chaperone and a towel.

“If you’re here, come on in. What are you doing there?”

“Ah, yes… nothing.”

“Why butterfly?”

“You… Cella, do you see this butterfly?”

“You’re asking the obvious. It’s a light purple butterfly.”

As if he had heard all sorts of strange things, Charteron frowned.

“Princess! You’ll catch a cold!”

“Martin too. I’m all…. etch!”

“See? You don’t have a fever, do you?”

Martin, who blew the sneezing Charteron’s nose, said in an upset tone.

“….Let’s go in.Charon, I’ll dry your hair.”

Luensir pushed Charteron’s back inside.

A little later.

“Lure. What the hell’s wrong with you?”


“Look at the mirror.”

Luensir realized that he was braiding Charteron’s hair at random.

“Ah… sorry. I will release it soon.”

“You’re weird today. Did something happen?”


“Should I ask Martin to get you some pudding?”

“No, I’m fine because I’ve already eaten.”

Charteron, who was quite shocked by Luensir’s refusal to eat pudding, could not hear back that he had already eaten it.

“Lure. I can’t.”


“I’ll show you something funny, come with me!”

“All of a sudden, why… Charon, wait!”

“Come on!”

At the urging of Charteron, he was led helplessly to the place none other than the magic lab.

“Why…. are we here?”

Luensir trembled weakly due to a feeling of uneasiness.

Sure enough, Charteron proudly took out the firecrackers.



“You, you….. where did you get such a dangerous thing? Give it to me!”


Charteron, with her mouth pricked at Luensir bruising, fled here and there.

She was quickly caught on the back of her neck because of her short legs, but she growled with the

He was quickly caught on the back of his neck because of his short legs, but he growled with firecrackers in her mouth.

“You’re not dog, you’re a human being.”

“I’m a human.”

Luensir, who had for a moment questioned the identity of Charteron, pointed his head.

“I can’t die of expulsion because of you, really.”

“Yes, it’s not dangerous at all! He said it was for children.”

Luensir sighed briefly and gestured to give it out.

“It’s not dangerous. I put it here because I knew Martin would take it away if it gets caught.”


Understood inside, Charteron grumbled and gave firecrackers calmly.

“It’s definitely for children, so you just need to pull it out here.”


“Still, it can’t be done.”


“Is there only one of these? Anything else? Be honest.”

Luensir stared at Charteron with a suspicious look.

“No, I had to buy cotton candy and fruit skewers, so I didn’t have much silver coins left. Come to think of it, the roasted chicken was good, too! I want to eat again.”

“….. you wouldn’t have bought it if you hadn’t forgotten the brooch.”

“What did you just say?”


“By the way, what’s this smell? It looked really good, but maybe he sold a defective product?”

When Charteron sniffs her nose and doubts.

Firecrackers suddenly burst with gray smoke.

Fortunately, Luensir noticed it in advance and threw it somewhere else.

“Charon! Get out of here!”


In an instant, a fire spread in the magic lab.

* * *

Arensis, who was passing by just in time, heard a loud noise from the magic lab.

As usual, he drew a magic circle, wondering if Charteron had caused another accident.

The closer I got to the magic lab, the more pungent smell hit the tip of his nose.

I opened the door in a hurry and found a fire nearby.

Overlapping with the past when his mother was burned at the stake, Arensis felt very dizzy.

The children who were lying in the middle of the fire as they tried to step back were caught in his sight.

At that moment, his body reacted first. The idea of saving children was ahead of the trauma of being afraid of fire.

Arensis, who approached the children straight away, held them in his arms and ran to Baron Alec.

“Did you say there was a fire?”

“Right. Wh-what’s the condition of the children?”

“They are fine.”

But he was puzzled by Baron Alec’s words that there was nothing wrong after inhaling the smoke.

“They both seem to have fallen asleep for a while.”

Arensis found gold powder on Charteron’s face and Luensir’s hair.

Looking closely at the golden powder, Arensis came out and looked around.

His light purple eyes glowed brightly, confirming that no one was there.

He entered the garden of light.

At that time, Arensis slowed down.

“I know….. you’re here.”


In one word, the butterfly appeared among the bushes, turning into a figure of a man with sky blue hair and light purple eyes.

“Your face is full of mischief…Your daughter looks a lot like Bell.”


“One time, a human being gave it to me, and Bell’s stuff exploded and burned all her hair, and I spent two hours working on it.”

Her name is Cella, the older sister of Arabella and the ruler of the Edelize clan on behalf of Arensis.

“You asked me last time. Why was Bell thrown out of the clan? Unlike humans, Edelize is a kind of person who is emotionless, so there are some who abandon their children.”


“That’s why my father didn’t say anything when Bell was kicked out. The chief doesn’t stop anything, could there be anything else?”

“Then… do you know…. the reason my mother…. protected me?”

“That’s because your mother isn’t a perfect Edelize. Half human blood mixed in. Other than that… Actually, I don’t know.”


Arensis’ expression grew darker at Cella’s vague reply.

“Didn’t Bell die because of fire…. and you become scared of fire? That’s why I didn’t expect you to come to rescue your children because you couldn’t even light the fireplace in the winter and almost froze to death. I’m really surprised. Well… it’s even more surprising that a child with light purple eyes was born from Bell, who has pink eyes.”

Despite Cella’s sarcasm, Arensis bowed politely.

“Thank you for protecting the children.”

Seeing the golden powder, Arensis knew that Cella had protected the children.

That’s why I came to the garden of light where I could feel the energy of Cella.

“It’s not because I’m worried about your children…… You don’t have to be so grateful, it’s to protect Bell’s grandchildren to ease my guilt and sleep well.”


Cella’s eyes shook very slightly.

“Keep… safe. Don’t regret it after you die again.”

Cella, who answered half a beat slower, touched the dew on the petals.

“More than that, one thing… I have something to tell you.”

“Tell me.”

“The next Khan and Riette have awakened.

“If it’s Khan and… Riette….”

“It is to be born only to Edelize, who will become the chief. You have it too, and I’ve told you about that last time, so you know.”

Edelzie called the cat ‘Khan’ and the eagle ‘Riette’ until its owner named it.

“The next chief is….”

Knowing that Arensis was not welcome, Cella chose the word unfavorably.

“I know. Charon, is the one you talking about right?”

On the day he first encountered Charteron, she had a hair color that resembled him, and Arensis had expected it.

That his daughter may have been destined to become the chief of Edelize.



But at Cella’s denial, Arensis tilted his head.

“It’s both. Khan is Rino…. no, it has the same eyes like your son. Blue and light purple mixed together. But Riette is a female, so your daughter is the owner.”

“Is that possible? Riette and Khan follow their owners’ gender.”

“As you said, here has never been a time when the two of them had different genders. Even if there are two owners. Maybe because your children are twins.. or because… we haven’t found the reason yet.”

Aresis, very embarrassed, lost his words and gave blank expression.

“Don’t worry. I don’t mean to take your children. But you can’t live separately when you open your eyes. You know if they refuse Khan and Riette, they’ll end up dead.”

It was not difficult to understand because Arensis once was in danger of his life because he did not accept Lili and Shishi.

“….I get it. I’ll pick them up myself.”

Perhaps because he had been preparing her mind for a long time, Cella was relieved that Arensis’ response was not as bad as she had thought.

“I have a question, can I ask you?”

“It look like I shouldn’t say no.”

“…I understand that to be the chief of clan, you must have light purple eyes… Even so, why were Riette and Khan born to their pink-eyed mother and my children?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to tell you about it because it’s not a very pleasant topic for me.”


“One thing I can tell you is… Edelze, who has light purple eyes, is not the only one who can be the chief of clan.”

“But… in the book….”

“That’s because stupid people interpreted it at will and spread misinformation about us.”

At Cella’s response by kicking her tongue, Arensis reminded that she hated humans.

“….That’s what it is.”

“Me too…. I thought I’d be the chief of clan. I thought it was me, not Bell.”

Cella sighed and smiled bitterly.

“…I’ll leave you alone. I’m not that glad to see you, and I didn’t have pleasure to see your partner.”

Although cold at first glance, Arensis noticed that Cella felt very sorry for Charelize.

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