Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC11-20

Special Chapter 18

“Apple Tart… Do you like it?”

“Why are you asking me that all of a sudden?”

“Because my mother used to make it for me when I was young.”

“…sweet things are just disgusting.”

“If you don’t like sweets, why don’t you add salt?”


Cella smirked at Arensis’s pointless joke.

“Bell, that kid always added salt whenever she made something. Really…. it wasn’t tasty. I don’t know why she always get confused with sugar after putting it in.”

After a terrible flashback, Cella shook her head in disgust. Not to be caught missing the moment.

“…but I ate it all though. Because Bell was restless if I didn’t eat it.”

“She added salt to the last birthday cake she made for me. She was very consistent.”

It’s been a long time for both of us to talk openly about Arabella.

Cella, who felt both joyous and bitter feelings at the same time, felt a pain in her chest for nothing.

“If you really want to… You can bring it.”


“Don’t add salt.”

“That’s… I can’t guarantee it.”

“Now that I see it, it’s not your daughter who looks like Bell, it’s you.”

Cella, raised her eyebrows and said it was ridiculous.

“Wait, can I touch you?”

“….Please do.”

Suddenly asking for permission, Cella raised her hand carefully and touched Arensis’ face.

“You… your eyes, your nose, your lips… They all look like Bell. When you smile, how pretty it is to have dimples here.”


At the touch of Cella touching her, Arensis’ eyes bent beautifully.

‘My dear baby. I’ll protect you. Thank you for being wonderful.’

As if touching something precious, Cella’s slowly petting touch reminded me of a missing moment.

“I couldn’t save mother. That day… I went too late… No, maybe because of me, Bell was thrown out of the clan… If it weren’t for me, Bell wouldn’t be dead. I’m sorry I killed Bell.”

Arensis said, looking into the eyes of Cella, who avoided his eyes.

“…It’s not your fault.”


“….I hope to see you next time, Aunt.”

Cella, who didn’t want to be caught in tears, quickly turned into a butterfly and flew away.

Arensis left after watching that for a long time.

It was a pretty light step to go. It seemed to have laid down an old burden.

* * *

A few days later, Elac Palace greenhouse.

Arensis introduced the children to Khan and Riette, who were brought from Edelzie’s home base.

They already knew the identities of Lili and Shishi, so it was fortunate that I didn’t have to explain complicated things.

Charteron loved that she finally has an eagle.

Luensir also laughed, stroking the head of a cat that resembles his eyes.


“Did you just say ‘beep’ now? Shishi gnaws at me all the time, but her small size makes the cry differently. So cute!”

At Charteron’s words comparing Shishi with the baby eagle, Shishi tapped its feet.

“Shishi, are you upset?”


Sissy, who would normally ‘squeak'” and flap its wings, turned its head without saying a word.

“I’m just saying it to the baby.”


Then a pretty thick voice came out of Shishi’s mouth.


There was silence in Shishi’s continuous attempts to imitate the baby eagle.

Not the reaction it wanted, but rather shy, Shishi began to pick its fur.

“Beep, beep…”

The baby eagle, who escaped from Charteron’s arms, patted Shishi.


Shishi, who was hurt by the comfort of the baby eagle, opened the window and turned around.

Shish, who sprinkled tears on the reality that no one was holding on to, was completely blown away.

“Anyway, Shishi. I don’t know why she’s always like that even though it’s old enough.”

“Charon, you made fun of it first. Today…. I think it’ll be back in about two hours. When it come back, give it its favorite raw meat. If you don’t release it, maybe it will gone for a week?”

“Okay, by the way, can my baby eat raw meat?”


“…This scene, why is it so familiar?”

Arensis, who was watching the situation with a smile, suddenly narrowed his forehead.

“What I’ve seen… Ah, now that I see it, it’s just like Pepe.”

“What are you used to, Your Majesty Father?”


Luensir and Charteron asked at the same time.

“Your Grandmother… I mean, father’s mother also raised eagle. The eagle’s name is Pepe.”

After thinking for a while, Arensis, who remembered belatedly, continued.

“It gets sulky really easily, so when I was a kid, I had the same conversation with you guys. I suddenly thought of it.”

“Really? Then, is Shishi a baby born by a grandmother eagle? Then this baby was born from male Shishi…. wouldn’t it be like that dad?”

“What? No. It’s going to be crazy if Shishi hear it.”

Charteron asked with her innocent face, and Arensis answer while smiled sweetly.

“So where’s the mother eagle who gave birth to this baby?”

“Um…. that…”

In order to satisfy Charteron’s curiosity, he had to tell me something about Edelize.

Arensis, who wanted to hide as much as possible, put on an embarrassed expression.

“…Now that you’re a mother, it doesn’t matter.”


Luensir, who noticed it, stepped up.

“Ah, right, Your Majesty Father. Didn’t you say you had some urgent documents to deal with?”


“You must be busy, but we’ll get going now.”

Luensir, who got up from his seat, hugged the kitten.

“I haven’t finished my cake yet. Wait a little longer.”

“You can ask Martin for another cake. Let’s go and name them. You can’t call it a baby forever.”

“Well… Your Majesty Father. See you at dinner later! Guys, let’s go!”

Charteron, who looked at the cake with lingering eyes, was persuaded by Luensir.

“…Be careful, Charon, Lure.”

* * *

As he moved some distance from Elac’s palace, Luensir asked Charteron not to bring up questions just now.

Because Luensir’s expression was unusual, Charteron did not ask any more questions.

After entering the library, Charteron lay on a blanket and shook her feet.

“I like the name Ciel, which means dawn star, and I like the sound of it because it’s cute…… What should I do?”

“How many books have you brought?”

“I’ve just brought everything I see regarding naming… Ah, I’m really worried!”

Luensir sighed, organizing the tall books.

“Baby, what name do you like? Huh?”

“Beep beep!”

Charteron, who pretended to tear her hair, asked the baby eagle for its opinion.

“All good? How about a Pippi?”

“… Beep beep.”

The baby eagle took a backward step and violently refused.

At the sight, Luensir smiled softly.

“I guess it don’t like it. I think Pippi was a little too much.”

“What’s wrong with the Pippi? It’s just cute.”

“……How about Luni?”


“Yes, it means the sea in the sky, I want it to be able to fly freely in the sky as wide as the sea.”

“I love it! Lure, you and it have a similar nickname. Ah, you know what?”


“Your original nickname was Luen, but when I was a baby, I called you Lure and now you’re Lure. Did I say Lure at first? I don’t remember a thing. Hehe.”

“……I don’t remember. Really? Why?”

Holding Charteron’s shoulder, Luensir asked back.

“How long ago we were born? Isn’t that even weirder if you remember? Anyway, you’re Luni now. Do you mind, Luni?”


This time, the baby eagle answered quickly, whether she liked it or not.

In fact, the baby eagle was afraid that Charteron would reverse her decision and call it a Pippi.



Was it because she thought it was danger that her heart would be revealed to Charteron, who stared at her with her eyes narrowed?

The baby eagle’s little heart throbbed.

“When can you fly?”


Fortunately, the baby eagle was relieved because she didn’t seem to have noticed.

“What’s wrong with Luni? Are you sick?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ah, then can named your cat?”

“If Pippi is what you thought, I will decline.”

“Why? Isn’t Pippi okay?”

“I can see why Luni is nervous.”

Perhaps she was really thinking of Pippi, but the sullen Charteron’s shoulders went down.

“And he’s already got a name.”

“What is it?”


“Tel? Why do I think you just made it up abruptly?”

“Abruptly? Yes, it’s better not to know.”

“What are you saying? Well, I’m afraid… I can’t help it if you named it… Luni, we’ve got a name. Let’s go! I’m hungry.”

Charteron, who wrapped her stomach rumbling, said.


“You want to eat it, too? A baby shouldn’t eat anything like that.

Maybe that’s why I named the cat that will be with me for the rest of my life in one short word.

It was because there was another candidate for his nickname, but Charteron, who was busy eating chocolate cake, didn’t notice.

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