Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC11-20

Special Chapter 19

It was a sunny day.

Today, Charteron, who had no energy, was idling around, unwilling to do anything.

Nevertheless, Luensir, who reads books diligently, looked great.

“You know, Lure. Why are you working so hard?”

“To build some achievements that will go down in history.”


A rather serious answer to the joke question returned.

“If it’s recorded in the history book, there’s evidence that I lived in this world.”

“Are you going to show off to your descendants?”

Then Luensir, who did not take his eyes off the book, replied slowly.

“……No. It’s terrible to be forgotten by someone precious.”

At a loss for words due to the unexpected response, Charteron gulped down cold cocoa with ice cubes.

I was sad to see Luensir speaking as if he had already experienced it.

Luensir would often say something incomprehensible like this.

Some people said Luensir must have been cursed because they’re twins.

But that rumor was not Charteron’s business.

In Chartereon’s opinion, Luensir is friendly and intelligent enough to memorize the theory correctly and tell her instead of being bad at magic.

She calls him ‘Oraboni’ only when she has something to ask of him, but Charteron was reassured because she had Luensir.

I hated the idea of being born alone without Luensir.

No matter what other people were talking about Resina’s wrath, Charteron just liked Luensir.

Annoyed by the sudden rise of rumor she had heard last time, Charteron fought back and swallowed the lemon pie.

“Stop eating, pig.”

“What? Pig?”

Saying that, even though she ate a lot of sweets, Charteron hardly gained weight. But that didn’t mean she is weak.

She sprinted back and forth before the things she ate turned into weight, and she has such great physical strength that she didn’t even need break.

Charteron looked at Luensir, who said mean things today.

“Do you want to die?”

At Charteron’s words, Luensir gently took her hand.

After arguing with her like this, Luensir always held her hand and gave her a bitter smile that didn’t know what he meant.

And after that, he always said the same thing.

“At that time, now….”


“Your hands are so ugly.”

As expected, there was an annoying admiration every time I heard it.

Normally, I would have grabbed Luensir’s cheeks and stertched them, but I was scolded when I saw Luencir’s cheeks, which turned red last time, so I thought about what to do.

“Eat this too.”

As soon as I tried to grab his nose without showing, Luensir gave me a portion of lemon pie and I generously forgave him.

“You’re going to have an upset stomach. Here, milk.”

“Yes, thank you.”

He handed over the milk to Charteron, who put in a mouthful of lemon pie, saying that Luensir was suffocating.

Charteron, who need of some water, quietly took it and drank it, and then she asked.

“You know, I always wonder, when are you talking about then?”

“The first day I met you.”

“No. You’re talking as if you’re more than ten years apart with me when we’re only a few seconds apart at most.”


“The first day I met you, you would have been a baby too. You didn’t forget, did you? That we’re twins?”

“….I don’t know.”


“I don’t want to talk about the old days.”

“What the.”

Luensir grinned at Charteron’s words.

“Everybody has a past they want to hide, Charon.”


“Like you ate three plates of cherry cake yesterday without the knowledge of Your Majesty the Empress.”



“You know I like you a lot. I love you. I mean it. Will you accept my love?”

“I like you, too, but I don’t like your confession of love now. Your snoring is so burdensome.”

“W-W-Where are you going?”

Charteron ran after Luensir, who was moving his feet.

“The Palace of Laverne.”

“Why to Grandma?”

“Your Majesty the Empress Dowager told me  that we’re having lunch with her, you idiot.”

“Ah, brother! Come on, you bad guy!”

Charteron stumbled on her foot and fell.

Fortunately, there was no wound, but where the teasing sign went, Luensir quickly ran and raised Charteron.

Luensir carefully examined Charteron’s body.

“There are no injuries, are you okay?”

“No, it hurts.”

“Where? Are you sick?”

“My heart hurts because Lure didn’t accept my confession.”

“….You scared me.”

“But it really hurts. I think I sprained when I fell. I can’t walk.”

“Up. Let’s go to Baron Alec.”

“You’re gonna make fun of me for being heavy!”

“Hurry up.”


“Charon, where are all the snacks you’ve eaten? Why are you so light when you’re eating more than Your Majesty Empress and Emperor?”

“Chi. You said I am a pig earlier.”

Charteron, who buried her face on Luensir’s back, shook her legs.

“Stay still. It’s heavy.”



“You look just like Your Majesty Empress…. There will be a lot of young girls who will dedicate their family to you if you just say nice things. What’s wrong? You said you didn’t want to be forgotten by someone. Then, live a good life. Yes? Live generously like me.”

“Who was the one who pulled out the hair of son of Marquis Shiona?”

“He also said something about the blasphemy of the Imperial Family….”


“An-anyway… Kindly… Let’s say hello first… Huaaam….”

Charteron’s voice was becoming increasingly drowsy. She yawned loudly, tearing her mouth apart.



“….You don’t remember what I said back then, and I don’t know why I’m doing this…. I…. I hate just thinking about it. How to live without being dead or alive…”


“…Cha, ron.”

Luensir, who said something he shouldn’t have said, belatedly realized his mistake.

He paused for a moment called for Chateron, as he heard her even breathing. The sound of Charteron’s heartbeat, gradually beating steadily, could be heard.

Charteron exaggeratedly snores her nose when she pretends to be sleeping, so she must be really sleeping.

Luensir, who was relieved that she didn’t hear it, smiled a little and slowly moved so that Charteron wouldn’t wake up.

A cool breeze followed him.

* * *

One day, I went to the Duke of Marcetta to play in the increasingly hot weather.

Until this morning, Charteron, who had been playing hard with Luensir, collapsed.

At first, I thought it was because she ran around outside so much.

Charelize wiped Charteron’s body with a cold wet towel and fanned her hard.

“Shhh, baby. It’s okay. It’s okay.”


But Charteron continued to groan throughout the night.

She was given fever reducer, but her fever still didn’t go away.

Although Arensiss continued to cast the healing magic, she still complained for dizziness.

“Please, please, breathe… baby….”

Then Charelize, who managed to calm down to the point of panting, shed tears.

Baron Alec, who is usually in charge of children, and many doctors who are inquiring about it, also stamped their feet, saying, they didn’t know what happened with her.

Without seeing politics for days, Charelize continued to stand by Charteron.

I don’t want to think about it, but I didn’t want to leave my daughter alone just in case.

“Your Majesty.”

“……What’s going on?”

The butler, who returned from managing the Duke of Marsetta’s estate, looked at Charteron’s condition for a while and then said.

“Your Majesty suffered from a similar fever when you was at Princess age now.”

“If so, do you know how to cure her?”


“Whatever it is, I will do it, so tell me quickly.”


“If only she could live… I’ll do whatever you want. So… come on… Please, tell me….”

At Charelize’s urgent request, the butler nodded, but did not say it easily.

“You ate the little blue pill… and healed like a miracle. However… that is….”


“Brought to you… by someone in Helsen prison, so I don’t even know what it is….”

Charelize, who told Arensis to take care of Charteron, headed straight for Helsen prison.

There was not an inch of hesitation in her walk.

“Greetings to the glorious sun of the Elioter Empire, Your Majesty the Empress.”

“I see the light of great light.”

Knights who saw the Empress bent over to be polite.

Charelize faced the former Duke for the first time in a long time.

“Empress….. You managed to carry on that selfish position.”


“Why did you come here?”

At the former duke’s question, Charelize bowed her head.

“My child… is sick.”


“As a child, when I almost died, I was cured by the medicine you gave me.”


“I’ll get you out of here. If you want, a villa where you can spend the rest of your life…. I’ll give you a new identity too, please… please save my daughter.”

Perhaps embarrassed by her words, the former Duke’s pupils widened.

The former Duke took a big breath. As if the situation in front of us is real.

“…..In the garden of the annex, there are flowers. Boil it and feed it. The effect will appear a little later, but you can live.”

“All I hear is a blue pill.”

Charelize thought the former Duke was playing tricks on her.

“Don’t you believe me? Yes… I guess so. If you believe me, that’s even weirder..”

The former Duke spoke in a bitter voice.

“That flower, Amaryllis, is a medicine that is made into blue pill. Among those wo inherited Marsetta’s blood, some complained of fever when they were young, so the manufacturing method was passed down only to the heir of the family from generation to generation.”

“How… do you make it?”

“More than the head of Duke Marsetta… I can’t teach it to you who chose the seat of the Emperor.”

Losing her sanity at his resolute refusal, Charelize pulled out the knight’s sword and put it on the neck of the former Duke.

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