Your Regrets Are Late

Your Regrets Are Late SC21-27

Special Chapter 21

Charelize knew intuitively. The child in front of her is her third children.

“That butterfly over there took me here, and I… I’m here to tell you something.”

“I’m sorry.”

It was not enough to keep saying sorry.

“Because I couldn’t give birth to you in good health, because I couldn’t protect you… I’m sorry, baby.”

Frowning her nose at the continued apology, the child opened up her palm and showed it.

“Look at this.”


What was in the child’s hand was a bracelet made of lilac weaving.

“I like this flower the best. When I wear it, I feel like it’s connected the way it used to be.”


“What do you think?”

“What… I think.”

“…You don’t have to be sorry.”

The child wiped the tears of Charelize with her small finger.

“Don’t cry.”

“Yes, mother…. won’t cry.”

The child’s body became blurred.

When asked why, the child who looked at the butterfly once said it was time to go.

Charelize, who wanted to be with her more, held onto the child’s body.


“I really have to go..”

“Wait, baby…”

“…I’ll never see you again in this life, but don’t worry. We had a good enough relationship.”

The child, who escaped from Charelize’s arms, walked behind her. Still, her gaze towards Charelize remained the same.

The body of the waving child was growing. It was blurry because of the light, but it was definitely an adult figure.

“Baby, I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to walk with you.”


“Still, I loved you so much. And even now I still love you. It was only for a short time, but… I was happy to be with you.”

“……don’t tell me.”

“My baby, you have to go now. By those who are waiting for you.”

The moment she heard a voice full of warm concern, Charelize woke up from her dream.



“Your Majesty Empress, are you all right?”

When Charelize opened her eyes, the children snuggled, and Arensis murmured thank you.

Having been absent-minded for a long time, Charelize got out of bed and rushed to Florence Palace.

Then I went to my mother’s grave.

Last spring, Charteron, who heard that it is my mother’s favorite flowers, made a bracelet.

There was no lilac bracelet on my mother’s gravestone, saying it was a gift.

“Was, it mother….”


“Really… my real mother… you came as my daughter..”

My heart pounded when I thought of the saying that I could never meet anyone again.


Charelize, who was in agony, sobbed in front of her for a long time.

* * *

Yekaterina, who sent Charelize herself, held the lilac bracelet dearly.

“I told you it couldn’t be continued again anyway. Why did we go and hurt each other for no reason?”


“If either parents or children take their own lives, they will never meet again in the same relationship as before. In the case of Rino, it was possible because Charon was there.”

“I know. Even though I know everything, I just had hope once.”

“Because of the stupid choice you made this time, you… you can’t even be born again.”

“My daughter, I’ve seen her again, so I’m happy with it.”

“….Don’t you regret it?”



“Because she’s more precious than my life.”

“I don’t understand.”

At Cella’s abrupt reply, Yekaterina burst into a small smile.

“You don’t want to understand, don’t you?”

“….That’s right. I don’t like it. Some women I know hated being called ‘mother’. When I understand Bell and you, I think she hurts the way she left me.”


“Don’t pity me. I hate that more.”

“It’s not that, your hair is tangled here. I’ll let it go. Come here.”

“That’s enough.”

Even though she spoke coyly, Cella quietly received Yekaterina’s touch.

“Thank you for letting me hug her.”

“… How was it?”

“As for the feeling, I was happy, and the feeling…. she’s still a baby…..”

“Hey, your daughter, she’ll be thirty soon. What do you mean baby? She already has two children.”

“In my eyes, even when she become a grandmother, she still look like a little baby.”

Cella was genuinely disgusted.

“….By the way, may I ask why you asked me to make you look like a cub out of so many things?”

“It was my conception dream when I have Charel. I still can’t forget the day I dreamed…. When I was having a hard time, I thought about it, and I wanted my daughter to do the same….. She is, in fact, an excuse that I just didn’t have the confidence to face her.”

“…If your conception dream is a cub, you have already foretold that she will become the Empress from then on. The symbol of the Imperial family of Elioter Empire is the golden tiger.”

Instead of answering, the smiling Yekaterina held Cella’s hand.

“When my figure nearly unraveled, I thought she didn’t want to recognize me, so I rushed to get my figure changed as a child. Why did you show it again?”

“When I almost got out of shape, I thought I didn’t want you to recognize me, so I changed it to when I was young. Why did I show it again?”

“When you say I love you, you want to give it to her in your original form.”

Just a little bit, Cella seemed to be able to understand her mind.

“Living in someone’s dream, I think it’s melancholy.”

“What do you mean?”

“You can only see it if the other person falls asleep. Actually, I didn’t want to let her go….. I couldn’t help it because there were people calling her.”

Unlike before, Yekaterina, who confessed her feelings, said in a lonelyly.

“Was my younger sister also lonely?”


“My clan, Edelize, each have their own unique abilities. Bell gave me the ability to handle dreams.”

“I also have a younger sister I lost when I was young. It’s amazing. We have so many similarities.”


For the first time, Cella called Yekaterina by name.

“I told you before that I almost killed your daughter. But why are you so sweet? Don’t you hate me?”

“I hate you.”


“But, Even if my Unnie hates sin….. she says she doesn’t hate people.”

“…and so did Bell.”


“No matter how many times I was betrayed by humans, I didn’t hate them like you think. I don’t usually bring up Bell, but I can see why she want to do it just by looking at Yekaterina.”


“Like Bell.”

Cella, who suddenly stopped walking, lay back. Yekaterina sat next to her without saying a word.

“What does your younger sister look like?”

“Her eyes and hair are all brown. She doesn’t look much like me. Well, what should I say… Ah, I think she looked like a rabbit!”

“It’s so common, I don’t think it’ll be easy to find… Is there anything else?”

“I was so young that I couldn’t remember her face very well…”

Yekaterina was upset that she became faint when she thought of her younger sister.

“But I’ll still look for her anyway. Right. There’s one thing I’ve always wondered about, that your daughter died once… How did you know? Do you know anything about my clan?”

Cella asked, who clapped her hands and got up.

“… I heard from my younger sister’s daughter that Charelize came back and remembered everything. Well, I didn’t believe her at first.”

“How did you know she is your younger sister’s daughter?”

“When my younger sister close her left eye, I see a hidden dot. Lari, she had a dot in the same place as my younger sister. Most of all, she had a necklace that I gave to my younger sister.”

Only then did Chella nod, as if convinced.

“Most of all… the smiling face looks alike.”

“The way…. they smile?”

“Yes, like this.”

Yekaterina smiled brightly.

Cella laughed awkwardly following Yekaterina like that.

* * *

A few months later, early in the morning when the sun just came up.

When the clock hit six, Charteron, who was procrastinating in bed, sprang up.

It was impossible considering the usual wake-up time. Besides, if she overslept, it would be later than that, so there is a reason why Charteron woke up so early.


“…Are you up already?”

“Did you forget what day it is today?”

“No way. You’ve been doing this for a month….. You marked it on your calendar.”

Luensir, who replied with yawn, showed his drowsiness.

“Happy birthday, Lure. I like Lure because you’re my oraboni.”

“I like you too. Charon, happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.”

“We were born twins, so we have to die together. You know, we’ll be together forever.”

“That’s a little… “

“How dare you think about it? It’s my birthday, so I’ll let it slide. Go over it again. I’ll be waiting for your positive reply.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Charteron raised Luensir, who made a soulless reply and lay down again.

“Wake up!”

“Let’s sleep a little longer. I’m so sleepy.”

Charteron shouted, pulling the quilt.

“It’s too late to be ready now!”

“….It’s annoying. Just do it half-heartedly.”

Charteron glared at Luensir, who still seemed unwilling to get up.

“You already forgot? What we always have to do together, whether we die or not.”

“… how about we live alone for one day?”

“Martin! Are you out there?”

Refreshingly ignored, Charteron called Martin and dragged Luensir out of the bedroom.

The children, who had finished their preparations, attended a birthday banquet and were greeted while sitting at the chair.

“B-Both of… Your Highness, I would like to congratulate you on the eight birtday.”

“Thank you, lady Tania. Have a good time.”

“I’ve seen you since you were five, and you still tremble every time you say congratulations.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Huh? I didn’t mean it that way. You don’t have to bow down.”

“I’ll be le-leaving.”

Daughter of Count Tania, who blushed as if she was ashamed of her mistake, ran away.

“This time, she memorized what the Count of Tania wrote and recited.”

Luensir whispered as he saw the back of lady Tania running.

“I didn’t expect lady to go already. Well, isn’t there anyone who’s thrilled, new, yet has the best response when teased…?”

“Oh my God. My sister is a pervert.”

Charteron looked around for her prey, and Luensir touched her head.

“What do you mean pervert, Lure. I’m really upset when you talk like that.”

“Charon, you’re smiling now.”

Charteron, who had been pretending to cry, rising the corner of lips, and then stood up sudenlly.

Charteron, who was pretending to cry straight down the corners of his mouth, suddenly rose from his seat.


“What’s wrong?”

Luensir, with a curious look on his face, turned to the same side.

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